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There are always talk about Straight Egyptians around the world

Who has the best straight egyptians in Australia?

Pictures and opinions please

A tough question that could lead to some irritation. wink.gif Why not ask: Where are the sE horses in Australia - who breeds them, which bloodlines are maintained, which horses are "hot", which horses are your personal favourites and why, how many sE horses and breeders of sEs are "down under", do they have recently imports, which horses won chmapionships, are they used in performance........ biggrin.gif smile.gif
Jonas S.
In australia the best straight egyptians are at the SIMEON STUD , mrs Richmond but an other great farm is Redwoodlodge where a lot of international champions were born like RL Romantic , RL Antiguaa.........
greetings JONAS
I agree with the second poster, there are a great many more se breeding programs in Australia than 'simeon', breeding several different types and all valuable.

The 'pioneers' of SE breeding in Australia were people like Paul James of Arabian Park (Sydney) and Peter Pond (Maitland) without these two and their foresight a great many fabulous horses wouldn't have been bought into the country. Then studs such as Dunwingeri (home of Sirhalima and Imperial Maakir), Tarong (Serreefa) and Bostocks (Al Karim Jabal Ibn Moniet) just to name a few, from there it has blossomed and so many great studs with so many great breeding programs breeding Straight Egyptians and combining the Egyptian horses with the domestic english line horses.

There are dozens of studs around the country breeding with straight egyptian and egyptian related horses, and the competition is fierce, so to say, this is the best is a little narrow minded.
My personal fave SE's come from Simeon, Pearsons View, Sabtah and the Shareefa family from the late Tarong Stud.

I think all the above mentioned have been breeding quality SE horses true to arabian type and despite being pretty they are functional as well.

Most of the older SE imports to Oz have done great things for the breed and time will tell if the newies can contribute to our programs in a positive way.
Yes, there is more than Simeon. But Simeon woul dprobably be the best known.
As far as I know Redwood Lodge never bred any straights, they concentrate on golden crosses, as they are very much into the blood of Estopa.
They have a lot of very good Arabians, but our now in Europe.

What about Joda near Sydney, they have been breeding straights for a while and have an imported stallion who is a paternal half brother to Anazah Bay Shahh. His name is Desert Shaikh.
And they have the very succesful Joda Aly Dahr (x The Fugitve imp & DEC xThee Desperado). They also have some lovely mares, some of which are from the USA.

Saba have a small group of high quality straights and Egyptian related.
Including Thaqib Al Naaser (impQatar) (x Ansata Halim Shah), they also have several imported mares too like Halima's Tiara and a black daughter of Imperial Madheen.

Chaswyck in QLD have Simeon Sochain and several Simeon mares, and they have just imported a black colt from Germany.

Rick Cummins has several straight egyptians and leased Aki Geshan for a few seasons from the USA. His colt will be arriving soon from Kehilan Inc.

And Janharm in QLD are standing MB Mayal (imp) for the first half of the season.

Eastwinds bred some straights, but don't not sure if they are still around.

Hawley arabians in VIC have an excellent xcollection however they aren't straaight but are diamond crosses.


Thanks for that wonderful story Liz

There might be a lot of straight Egyptians around But I think I agree with Dennis
Maybe I should have asked what he said

""Where are the sE horses in Australia - who breeds them, which bloodlines are maintained, which horses are "hot", which horses are your personal favourites and why, how many sE horses and breeders of sEs are "down under", do they have recently imports, which horses won chmapionships, are they used in performance........ ""

I often think about horses, where they are, what are they doing, what ones are being wasted. If some of these people with the big studs and successful horses, Who are the most recognised and successful stallions and mares. Who has been influential?

Sometimes people dont appreciate what they have in their paddocks and are always threatened by others. Maybe some just need a better stallion selection then using one that just is not working on that mare.

I dont know, we all like different stuff which is good but maybe we need to look out more then just a little circle.

Hope we get some of the people from their studs in Australia commenting.

I would love to hear more about new studs and what they want to acheive


Hiya Daz - this question has been asked before, a couple of times. The first time I answered listing most of the studs/bloodlines I could remember I got a few emails from "locals" saying I hadn't listed their stud or horses! My invite is for all to name what bloodlines they are breeding in sE to answer your question.

My stud is Agecroft and my sE bloodlines are Talika based ie their base mare lines are the imported in utero Janidah (Ibn Moniet El Nefous x Al Nahr Janie) (dec'd) and Shahmira (Ansata El Shahwan x Omayma) (dec'd). These mares bred to imported stallions in the first instance. Please refer to the website for further details.

My stallion, Talika Farad, is by Talika Fazir Ibn Shahmira (dec'd) (Arabian Prk Faraz x Shahmira) from Talika Siridah (dec'd) (AK Sirhalima x Janidah). Later purchasing a sE mare - Talika Neshinah by Neshan imp/exp Germ from Talika Fazarah (Arabian Prk Faraz x Talika Siridah), and with greatest of regret she was euthanaised well before her time. However, the bonus was her only foal - Talika Sirina bint Sirdahn (x Talika Sirdahn Halima (dec'd) (AK Sirhalima x Janidah)), Neshinah was bred to Sirdahn at Agecroft's request during purchase. Sirina is shortly due to foal to Farad smile.gif

Farad is working under saddle nicely and having the winter off, we're just coming back into light work ~ it'll get purposeful after he's moulted his "winter coat". Harness is a possibility - I like driving the viceroy rather than a sulky though we need to start slowly first, after training, with the sulky.

Sirina? I'm happy to await her foal by Farad and savour the time I have with her and their foal smile.gif her dam is greatly missed.

What I like about these lines - they are compact, balanced, sound, have good temperaments and can move a treat and still have ooodles in reserve biggrin.gif A mare line I would love to see mated with Farad and/or introduced to the stud is Shareefa's (imp Germ) deceased (Kaisoon x Sahla) - with my ER bloodlines having the Shareefa link and seeing what Farad is producing with the ERs of this bloodline, a sE mating would be interesting. Shareefa's influential females have the AK Sirhalima connection. Shareefa along with other Tarong sE Arabians - Mashour imp Austria, Tarong Bint Shareefa (her daughter by AK Sirhalima), Tarong Mahrus (her son by AK Jabal Ibn Moniet), Tarong Sugaa (her daughter by Mashour) before she left for the US, Sugaa's full brother - Tarong Ramsar (dec'd, leaving no sE stock), Tarong Sharaf (bint's full sister) and Tarong Shahgar (bint's full brother) were my first introduction to AK, sE Arabian Horses. This family, Shareefa's is becoming a dynasty of its own smile.gif Judy would be so proud of. Tarong is now no more, with the death of Judy and Herman Vink, the stud more or less folded. Shareefa being sold to Dunwingeri where she had a number of colts and a filly by AK Sirhalima (Sylvia's stallion at the time) and Imperial Maakir).

Time - it all takes time and patience.

I like to breed a sound, balanced individual with a pleasant temperament plus attitude who has movement to spare within the frame set by the nomadic Bedouin of the deserts of Arabia via their pedigree.

only the tip of the iceberg, in queensland, Talika, Kai Hai (stood Ansata el Shahwan for a while), there's the Mosry son, Meadow Magic imp USA standing at Moondarra?, there are quite a few people who may only own one or two straight egyptian mares and are happily breeding them to outside stallions,

bloodlines include Ansata el Hakim, Ansata el Shahwan, Omamya, Kirrong Park in New South Wales had a good collection but have recently been dispersing, and many breeders who have been breeding egyptian related horses have now acquired mares to start their own SE programs.

SE breeding in Australia is quite large and diverse, with new exciting stallions and mares coming into the country quite regularly.

A better way to go may be to contact the Australian Arabian Society directly and ask about studs that are breeding se lines, or to join a couple of the australian arabian yahoo groups and ask there.

Just a few of the smaller breeders in southern parts of Oz (in Victoria)are myself "Tiawarra Arabians" . I have owned, bred or leased almost 20 SE's so perhaps I'm not as small as some may think.

My cousin Kathy Taylor of "Taywoona Arabians" & owner of the 22 year old Black son of AK Sirhalima imp, Dynasty Qatama.

Meg Moyle of "Dowling Park", who owned Tarong Shagig.

Gai Johnstone of "Nurelee Arabians", owner of the mare "Onara imp", & several others.

Barbara Vogler of "Sweetmeadows" owner of "Simeon Sandek".

Donna Sadler formerly of "Wildon Park" & now of "Jamuna", owner of "PVA Sonbali impusa"

Belinda Sharples of "Ellesmere Park", with her fledgling herd of 3 SE & a number of Egyptian related.

One of the largest in numbers is "Rothlynne" owned by Lynne Matthews with a large herd of SE mares & owner of "WH Kadeen impusa".

There are many others in Victoria but can't remember everyone just off the top of my head, sorry everyone!!

In South Australia.

There is Dawn Brown with her little group of SE's.

Peta Dickson owner of the black "Taywoona Qariim", who's grandsire was the mighty "AK Sirhalima". This beautiful young black stallion is breeding black progeny with excellent quality.

Now long gone was "Maricol Arabians" who owned the milk white fairy tale stallion "Ibn Mahran", who will never die while I am still alive, as I will always remember his beauty.

I know there are other's in SA who have SE's but can't remember names.

Just some of the SE owners & breeders in Australia.

All the best from Down Under
Debbie Comini
Tiawarra Arabians
I hear that PVA Sonbali now calls Saba Arabians home.

Ruth Newman in Vic stands Simeon Solomon and also now has two SE Asfour daughters and Undurra Stud also in Vic stand Simeon Shoah and now own a Simeon Sadik daughter. Greg Egan who sometimes posts here has Myth Haven In NSW and owns 3 SE colts and one pure egyptian... all are gorgeous boys and will no doubt breed well with his SE mares.

I think generally SE's have a better reputation now than they used to have which is a great thing!!
Al Shama
QUOTE (Daz @ Sep 2 2004, 05:19 AM)

There are always talk about Straight Egyptians around the world

Who has the best straight egyptians in Australia?

Pictures and opinions please


Hi Daz,

Without a doubt.........Pearsons View Arabians in Queensland........take a look at Pearsons View Arabians and you'll be able to see for yourself.
oooh, another 'pioneer' of SE breeding in Australia would have to be Lady Massey-Greene of Belbowrie Arabians - she bought the lovely El Moongi into the country, and still is running a SE program today.
HI Kirsty

What about your own horses? I see you own a few too, what do you do with them, where are your photos? Do you breed many foals? Would love to see them
Or are they not worth mentioning.
Pearsons horses on their web site are beautiful, real arabians


Al Shama
Hi Daz,

We've bred a few foals, nothing SE yet though. Our first SE filly is only a yearling so it will be a little while yet. We have an SE stallion Stavs Kin Shahsa that we bought from Pearsons View Arabians. One of the "famous three" full siblings by Simeon Stav out of Simeon Shaina, the others being his older brother Stavs Kru Sayd and the hauntingly beautiful mare Stavs Sorsha.

Why don't you take a little holiday to sunny Queensland and visit a few of the local studs?

Oh and by the way, everyone has been nice enough to use their real names, so how about yours?
Hi Kirty

I will be heading to QLD in the next few months, I can say it would more then likely be warmer up there then in Tassie at the moment. I dont own any horses at the moment but love looking and appreciating them.

You say "The famous Three" how are these horses famous, I know they are extreme beautiful and full bothers and sister, have they been shown or bred much? I would love a ride on one, I can see they can move. Stunning these horses are but it takes more then that to be famous

Daz(oh Kirsty, my name is Darren Adrian Zenn, maybe you can see that makes Daz, hope that makes a differnce for you)
Ps , if ever you are in crispy Tassie, enjoy some studs here
Al Shama

Yes, like any other horse owner and/or breeder we definitely feel our horses are worth mentioning!!!!!! We are happy to talk about them all day, everyday.

As you would have seen from the Pearsons View website, most, indeed all of our horses are pictured (yes, some photos are a bit dated) on one page or another, courtesy of Don and Carmel Rowley. We are waiting for some warmer weather and the loss of winter woolies to take photos which will be used on our soon to be constructed website.

What do we do with them?? For the last year – not much! Kirsty suffered a horrific knee injury in October last year, just as she was finishing off Stavs Kin Shahsa’s breaking in.

After a second round of surgery in May this year, Kirsty is now looking at whether she can ride again having arranged to borrow a school master (17.3h thoroughbred blink.gif ) to start riding whilst Stavs Kin Shahsa is away being re-broken. He will then be bred to our senior mare, Simeon Smadar (Imperial Madaar x Damirah) and commence a riding career with Kirsty in the saddle under the guidance of a good friend of ours who is an FEI dressage rider.

We are also looking at preparing our SE filly Ahaanah (Simeon Stav X Abiebi) for a few shows.
I agree with Nathan & Kirsty, Pearson's View have a wonderful breeding program going. They don't have a huge number, but what they have is QUALITY. I guess they prefer (like me) to have quality rather than quantity.
I visited their stud in May, and was very impressed with all of their horses.
They were all very typey, with good natures, and well looked after happy horses.
I have also seen pictures in older Auzzie arab mags of Carmel Riding Simeon Stav. Stav is a wonderful horse, and even at 15 (or is it 16) lloks wonderful more like an 8 yo, and he had the presence that a stallion should have.
They do not show their horses, and why should they have to? Knowledgable horse people don't need to look at show wins to know if they are a good horse.
However too many people base too much emphasise on show wins. Many of the winners in the ring may have been beautiful, but not ridable, due to poor feet and/or legs.
Simeon definitely has the best straights. You can buy nice fillys and colts for $10,000.00 or less. They have imported parents and most of them are show champions.
Its worth noting to i guess that the Pearsons View program is strongly based on Simeon lines, like Sabtah, Pearsons view have been able to use the SImeon lines to create their own breeding programs with much success.

You have chosen a wonderful breed to study Daz and i hope one day you will be sharing your own arabian with us!!
Greg Egan
Hi Guys

There are many beautiful SE in Australia but like any where there are the good and the bad, the beauties and uglies, they are every where.

I feel very lucky to have my small group of SE and S-related.

I had a certain type in mind that not only moved amazingly but were built correctly and looked like ARABIANS. Most are Simeon related, these ones blew my socks off as many others do. I found this in Simeon Safsal(Asfour x Simeon Sigalit) and then the other horses that I have now

I had always admired in Books and magazines many beauiful horses in Australia and overseas but consistantly I saw Pearsons View with the mighty Simeon Stav. After getting to know Carmel and Don and their amazing family of horses I purchased Stavs Syrican(Simeon Stav x Simeon Sima) He is growing into a very beautiful stallion and his first foal is due this season. He is a credit to his wonderful breeders

Sabtah I saw as well, and after searching for a special filly or mare for a couple of years I come across Sabtah Shura(Durra Shahh x Simeon Sadira) and she was so lovely in the paddock and I had to have her, 2 years later I bought her full sister Sabtah Sphinx and their grandmother Simeon Sucie(Raadin Royal Star x Fayrooz)

These are just the horses I really admire for me, they are functional and beautiful with pedigrees that have horses in them that I just love.

Attached is a photo of Stavs Syrican
Greg Egan
Hi Again

Sabtah Shura by Durra Shahh(Anaza Bay Shahh x Simeon Seona(Sadik)) and from Simeon Sadira(Asfour x Simeon Sucie)

All the best
QUOTE (Liz @ Sep 6 2004, 03:04 AM)
I have also seen pictures in older Auzzie arab mags of Carmel Riding Simeon Stav.  Stav is a wonderful horse, and even at 15 (or is it 16) lloks wonderful more like an 8 yo, and he had the presence that a stallion should have.

For clarity ....... I am curious about this - maybe Carmel could clarify for us ... the photo you refer to is of Simeon Stav being ridden and has the photo caption as Carmel as rider .... is this correct? I just can't remember the lady's name who used to ride for Carmel ie help with training undersaddle. Kelly Hoey??

This is not to suggesting Carmel hasn't ridden Simeon Stav, I do believe she has. Also, in an earlier magazine, there is a photo of Carmel riding her old Bremervale stallion - Bremervale Tartuffe?
Basically, it has been mentioned in every post... There are so many Breeders of the Straight Egyptian Arabain horse in this Country...
Who has the best?? Who is the Best?? I believe it is all Petty to carry on with the way you all have... There are breeders out there to cover every Possable Type of Arabian you can imagine...
I believe whoever would like to find the best Egyptian Breeding Program in this country... Good Luck to you..

All the above and more non mentioned farms all deserve the Credit... They all strive to achieve the Arabian Standard... Maybe each one differs, but hey... The Established the almost Established and the up and coming breeders of the Future...
Just because a farm can breed and Win at the highest of levels does not mean it is the best, like Kirsty has said People dont have to show and win with there horses to know howGood they are..
Just if more people made the effort to Travel and View more Farms in this country, the Quality of the Arabian HOrses out there is amazing... You have to find them... They do not jump out at you.. IF you want the best you will make the Effort to find it...

At the end of the day, it is Personal Choice... Ten people in a room, how many are going to agree?????
Just open your eyes and look for yourself, the best staright maybe just down the road...

Good Luck.
QUOTE (DianaGuest @ Sep 6 2004, 03:58 AM)
Simeon definitely has the best straights. You can buy nice fillys and colts for $10,000.00 or less. They have imported parents and most of them are show champions.

I think it's more like $10,000 minimum! Unless it is a gelding! When I was there most of the filly were $25K and more, and they are all worth it, as they sell and are in demand.
Does anyone know the average price of a straight egyptian filly at smaller studs out of interest? I think alot of people couldn't afford to pay $25K, as what if the horse drops dead soon after the purchase? Yes there is insurance, but it costs a bomb too!
QUOTE (Liz @ Sep 8 2004, 12:56 AM)
QUOTE (DianaGuest @ Sep 6 2004, 03:58 AM)
Simeon definitely has the best straights. You can buy nice fillys and colts for $10,000.00 or less. They have imported parents and most of them are show champions.

I think it's more like $10,000 minimum! Unless it is a gelding! When I was there most of the filly were $25K and more, and they are all worth it, as they sell and are in demand.
Does anyone know the average price of a straight egyptian filly at smaller studs out of interest? I think alot of people couldn't afford to pay $25K, as what if the horse drops dead soon after the purchase? Yes there is insurance, but it costs a bomb too!

Liz - perhaps think of it this way .... a horse will only sell for what a buyer is willing to pay for said horse and perhaps what the seller is willing to accept. For whatever the reason "in demand" individuals can hold their prices ~ for the right or wrong reasons - that's up to the buyer and potential buyer.

This is not to say any other horse is any less valued, or indeed greater valued.


The tag of "Imported parents" should not be an inspiration nor aspiration when breeding for conformational attributes.

Show champions should not be an inspiration nor aspiration when breeding for the variety conformational attributes that the Breed holds. To advocate 'show achiever' alone or inconjunction with "imported parents" as being superior could be false when trying to find the best mate for a horse as breeding stock.
Greg Egan
HI guys

I have to say about another stud where there are amazing straight egyptians.

Forest Hill Stud owned by Peter and Jenny Pond.

Their stallion Royal Jamill is an amazing young stallion with awesome presence and type, he just gives you goosebumps, he is a real fairytale stallion as are the mares, there are lovely mares by Prince Fa Moniet, Ansata Sinan, Ansata Hejazi, Ansata El Sharaf, lovely lovely mares that are producing so beautifully to the gorgeous Royal Jamill. I am lucky to have a colt by him and he is very exciting too.

This stud has some of the most beautiful arabians in Australia that are not only show winners but amazing breeding horses with some also proven undersaddle and endurance.

I saw a filly there at the start of the year, eight generations of Jenny and Peters breeding and very beautiful, from such a lovely family of horses, I think that is just wonderful

All the best

Photo(by G. Egan) is Joda Desert Temptation(Desert Shaikh x Tarong Sharaf)
Greg Egan
Another photo

Halimas Desert Jamill(Royal Jamill(imp) x Joda Desert Temptation) owned by us
congratulations, Greg - what wonderful inclusions to your stud biggrin.gif
Yes ofcourse, Forest Hill, I knew I was forgetting another stud in NSW.
Peter Pond is also an international judge. Yes they have bred a lot of good horses, I have never been there before, I plan to especially when I am looking for another filly or if they have an open day.
I met Jenny at the Arabian Affair in Canberra, she is a lovely lady. She had 3 lovely horses there, however the one that really intrigued me was her bay yearling filly. This filly also went supreme under Judi Forbis at the QLD challenge this year.
I have only seen a couple of photos of Royal Jamill, but he looks nice.
Congratulations on your purchase Greg, I think I read that in either the Arabian Horse Express or the AHN. You have quite a few straight egyptian males now, with Simeon Safsal, Stavs Syrician and this new colt. I am curious thought you would be buying more females to breed to Safsal and Syrician?

Diane you are right in what you say. I just haven't heard of any females from Simeon going for less than $10K these days thats all. And I would be surprised to see one go for under $10k. But at least there is a price on them, as I asked one breeder who had fillies for sale how much they wanted, and one of them wouldn't give me a price, just wanted me to decide what i was willing to pay for it. I had no idea what sort of money they wanted, but I knew it was at least 5K.
Some people also say that everything is for sale, just depends on the price that is offered whether the buyer will accept. Fr me this is true with my mare, someone would have to offer me well over 10K for me to sell her, as I have no need to sell her, and I'm very happy with her, however this doesn't mean she is worth over 10K. Goodness knows what she is worth!
Greg Egan
Thanks Diane
I too think they are good addictions and I have to say, they are just so much fun to be around.

Thanks for your congrats too, I have no idea why people do things at times and that goes for all of us, now why would I not buy mare mares, dont have room for a start and only intend on breeding a few mares a year for a few foals and I dont see the point in having mares and seeing them going to waste in the paddock,
I have 3 straight egyptian males - Stavs Syrican, Halimas Desert Jamill and Simeon Sohar.
Simeon Safsal is pure egyptian, I actually got a new mare for him a few months ago, a mare called El Corozone by Amir El Shaklan.
I just love the colts and stallions and I did not mean to end up with 4 but it happens, I am breeding 2 mares out this year to hopefully have fillies for the colts. And I love breaking in my horses and soon I will be able to go riding the stallions again as will the colts when they are old enough.

All the best
Thanks Greg for replying. That makes sense to me about the mares, I knew there would be some reason for it.
Safsal is not straight? to be honest I thought he was. But then I haven't look at his dams pedigree. Must do so some time.
Good luck with these horses you have very good taste. I myself don't intend having a stallion for a while, as I don't have a property, and most agistment centres do not allow stallions.
And then one spoilt mare is enough for now, as campaigning her in the show ring and spoiling her costs enough for me ;a niave 23 year old learning the value of money! One day I buy myself the best straight egyptian mare I can afford, but it doesn't hurt for me to wait and save and learn more buy reading and visiting studs here in Oz and overseas.
Oh and the drought doesn't help things as you would know even more so than me. We've had some rain in the last fornight which is very exciting, keep it coming! Then my mare can discover grass again!
I saw our stud mentioned, Kai Hai, from the time we stood *Ansata El Shahwan at stud. At the time we only bred egyptian related.

Our next stallion was Windsor Park Hamid (*Arabian Prk Faraz x Arabian Park Bentina), and still only bred egyptian related.

Since then we have purchased the SE filly, now mare, Kyang Shahmel (Tarong Shahgar x Jaytee Melika [*The Fugitive]) and she has since produced a bay filly, Kai Hai Shaai Angel by Maf-Ue Shaienne (Simeon Seren x Arabian Park Classic). Kyang Shahmel is in foal again to Maf-Ue Shaienne for a December 2004 foal.

So we now have a very small SE breeding programme based on the old Arabian Park/Tarong lines with a dash of Simeon.

*Meadow Magic is owned by Midu Arabians.

Kai Hai Arabians.
Westbury Park Arabians
Hi everyone,

As a relatively new Australian stud (Westbury Park) that has spent the past few years in search of straight and non straight arabians from around Australia we listened with great interest to the recent topic of - who has the "best "straight egyptians in Australia. Our perception is that a number of studs have the best straight egyptians in Australia.

We tried to visit as many large and small stud farms around the country and certainly each has it' s memorable outstanding horses. When it came to finding a foundation colt/stallion that we felt would be the most influential and complimentary to the diversity of mares and fillies we have we were most taken with Marion Richmond's East Coast Champion colt Simeon Sadran (who arrived here in Perth, Western Australia from Simeon yesterday). Simeon Sadran is by Asfour (imp) and out of Simeon Simona (x Asfour).

With mares we found a mixture of straight egyptian, Spanish, Russian bloodline mares and fillies, each with their strengths from various studs - large and small.

For example from Fairview we have an amazing bodied Amir El Shaklan daughter, from a small but quality breeder in Perth - an exquisite Imperial Maakir grand daughter, from Forrest Hill perhaps the most beautiful balanced filly we have seen in our travels (combination El Shaklan / Estopa / Padron Psyche bloodlines) and again from Simeon, Simeon Sa'afa - a stretchy big moving straight by Imperial Madaar out of a Simeon Sadik daughter.

Simeon's bredth, quality and shear quantity of world class straight egyptian blood we found very hard to beat from all that we saw - but not to say that other studs don't have world class SE in their breeding programs. As Wade said, it's often about going out and looking for them. But with the bigger studs in particular they are "big business" and serious marketing is a justified expense that is key to their exposure. As with any studs though the "amazing ones" are often not for sale unless you are prepared to pay what in other circumstances might be considered an inflated amount - good old supply and demand. Key to Simeon perhaps is that each year there are a significant number of excellent foals bred for sale that make some outstanding horses and bloodlines accessable to those who choose them as "one of the best in their opinion".

A few Sadran photo's can be seen on our web page -

All the best,
Paul & Bianca
Westbury Park Arabians
Perth, Western Australia
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