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Hey Gang,

I'm going to work on work on posting some horse photos from the Egyptian Fair this past weekend in Fort Worth. IT was a very fun weekend with lots of education and the opportunity to talk with some of the worlds most well respected historical breeders. The evening presentation of Stallions was amazing - Stallions came running out of the mysterious fog into a dark area right in front of the tables where a spectacular dinner was served - it was like something out of a fantasy! Biana Tamimi - star of Disney's "Young Black Stallion" was on hand the next day to meet all the children and to present "The Black" to the audience. Can't wait till next year's Egyptian Fair!!!

Here is the first photo of Kehilan Arabian's Makhnificent KA...


And here are my two wonderful buddies - Nancy Pierce and Allison Peacock who worked their tails off on this fair. Here we are enjoying the spectacular Dinner party!!!

And here is Biana Tamimi - Star of the Movie "Young Black Stallion" posing with The Black and Jean Rogers of Kehilan Arabians....

Here is a foto of an Ansata Malik Shah being presented at the Dinner Party by Steve Diamond who did a phenominal job at the fair. Many thanks to Steve for all the hard work!

Here is a photo of the wonderful Laura Graves who also worked tirelessly to make the Egyptian Fair a success. Laura is on the right and appears with Becky Rogers of Kehilan Arabians on the left and Biana Tamimi and The Black (centered).

Here's some more pictures...Unfortunately I didn't get a good one of Steve Diamond and his dancing hamsters sad.gif
Of course it wouldn't be complete without Bellydancers...
Another...these guys were too good!!
And another...
Nancy P
Thanks Carol and Marsina for such great photos! It was great fun! I would be ready to do it all over again - WITHOUT all the work!! HA HA HA - but it was worth it.

I am ST ILL laughing over those trained hamsters and the bellydancers!! That was certainly a side of John Fox (of Equinox Arabians) that I had never seen before!! laugh.gif And how Steve could "train" those hamsters with a straight face is beyond me!! I can't stop laughing, even now, just thinking about that slave auction! lol Where can you find hamsters that well trained?? I would love to have some! biggrin.gif Of course, worth mentioning too, was Judi F's turban tying lesson - she was all wrapped up in what she was doing! lol

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the HUGE debt we all owe to the Rogers family of Kehilan Arabians for all the work they did to make the Fair happen - LOTS of people put blood,sweat and tears into this project, but they went above and beyond!

Here's to NEXT YEAR!

Nancy P.
Who else has photos? More! More!!!
Well, I have a few more photos of the horses...let's see...
Hmm...will have to wait until acting up sad.gif
Liz Salmon
I was so devastated to miss this, please, please don't let it clash next year with the Sport Horse Nationals, which are being held on September 21st to 25th. Several SE's are scheduled to compete then, including First Knight KA. Liz Salmon
Makhnificent KA looks phantastic. any more horse photos to share?
Carol Maginn
Here is the cutest little girl in the world meeting Biana Tamimi at the Egyptian Fair...

Carol Maginn
A lovely youngster being exhibited at the fair...

Carol Maginn
I believe this bay stallion was a Simeon Shai son...

This is a bit off topic but, Carol could you please give me your e-mail? I love your photos and would like to discuss getting some done with you.
Dear ALF,

Thanks for the kindness - I am honored you like my photos.

My email addresses are and Drop me a note any time...

Kind regards,

Thank you for the lovely pictures of the workers, and I know that they worked hard, but where is the audience and other attendees? It looks painfully sparse in these photo's. We are waiting to hear the details such as how many attended, what were the favorite activities, how many Region Nine brochures were distributed, and do you consider it a success (in attendance and financially)?

Who is the gray filly and her breeding? She looks nice.
Dearest Guest,

I don't have any info on finances or brochures, you can check with Laura Graves and perhaps she can tell you more on that. Her email is on the website if you do not have it.

Because of the way the classes were run (or rather expostions) everyone pretty much sat on one side of the arena. Being that you could see better from the one side (where all the people were) I took the photos from that perspective as well so the other side of the arena looks sparce.

Favorite activities.... hmmm, well I think that one of the favorite activities was the opportunity to talk with some of the world's most well known breeders during their session. To hear about Eileen Verdieck as a young girl showing up every day at a barn and working so hard for free to get a break, or about how the Trapps got started with Nabiel and his warning to not let the trainers run the breed, or listening to David Gardner and Judi Forbis talk about some of their most fond memories was for me that best part of the fair. And because of the smaller size of this first fair - it was a much more intimate gathering which I will not soon forget. I also captured the entire session on video tape and will offer it to anyone who would like to get a copy when it is edited.

Also, the judging clinic with Judi Forbis and Lisa Lacy was extremely beneficial and enjoyable for many of the newer breeders who appreciated knowing the judges perspective.

Of course the dinner was really fun watching a spectacular show of Arabian Stallion with fog and spotlights and music and movies was pretty great.

Watching Judi Forbis and Biana Tamimi talk about Judi's life when Judi was racing in the middle east as a young woman was very touching. It was kind of ironic to see an actress playing a young girl racing in the desert speaking to a legend such as Judi Forbis who basically lived the life that the actress played was very neat.

For me personally, having David Gardner introduce himself to me and others thanking us for working to promote the SE was just mind blowing.

I am not sure about who the Gray filly is - she is very cute though. I will ask Kehilan Arabians if it is one of theirs as I see that the handler is from Kehilan - will get back with you on that question.

Next year will be even better than this first year, and those who worked to get the ball rolling can be proud of their contribution to preserving our great breed.

Have a wonderful day!

Nancy P
Well, "Guest," it is touching that you are concerned about the success or failure of the Fair, and it's such a shame you couldn't have been there to support it yourself (weekend business or maybe a "family day" or some such kept you away, perhaps). I am sure I am misreading the "tone" of your questions; unfortunately, your wording (UNINTENTIALLY, I'm sure) smacks of negativity - almost like someone with an ax to grind. And the fact that you've taken steps to cloak yourself in anonymity compounds that feeling, so maybe next time you might use your own name to avoid those kinds of misunderstandings. smile.gif

Of course, if you're just curious about numbers, you'll probably have to call Becky Rogers or maybe Judi Forbis. I don't know anyone else who has access to those figures - Ohhhh...maybe our good friend Laura Graves has the numbers! If you can tell me who the "we" are that have been awaiting these numerical and financial details, I'll personally ask Becky or Laura to email each one of you privately.

As for the Fair itself, from what I observed, there were fewer people than we would have liked to have seen there - hopefully, with this first Fair under our belt, those numbers can be raised next year. I would guess that there were probably about 150-200 people for the opening barbecue and Slave Auction. After that, I really couldn't tell you because I was constantly on the go, taking care of horses and getting horses ready, etc. - and didn't get to participate in all the activities provided.

What I DID see was amazing - the fogged entrance of the stallions (exactly like what you see at the Nationals, except CLOSE UP) was just unbelievable. And when Kehilan's Marquis I bumped into one side of the rope pathway, coming out of the fog into the dark arena and scared himself half to death, we got to see a wonderful example of the powerful, trusting bond between that horse and Becky Rogers, as she was able to calm him down and continue down the runway to the presentation area to cheers and thunderous applause. Makes me tear up, even now. Oh, and during the stallion presentation, we had a lady sitting with us who didn't even own Arabian horses - we were trying to convert her! And I'm sure she wasn't the only Arabian horse newbie there. )

We've already mentioned the slave auction which was a real hoot. Of course, I also want to mention the unbelievable rendition of the Start Spangled Banner that was sung each morning by my 15 year old niece, Autumn Guthrie. I was soooooo proud of her.

Because I was involved in the presentation of the horses, again, I can't tell you about numbers in the audience during that. But I sure had a great time!! It was fun - no pressure - and everyone presenting seemed to be having a great time - I just felt a real cameraderie with my fellow presenters that was just FUN. I really enjoyed getting to see so many horse "family members" though - very educational. The judging seminar conducted by Lisa Lacy and Judi Forbis was educational and fun with audience members being encouraged to enter the arena to examine the horses close up.

Another highlight was the historical breeders panel (the room was filled) - especially interesting because audience participants not only learned about specific horses and breeding programs from the past, but they were also able to learn more about some of these historic "Treasures" - the PEOPLE themselves,who are the foundation of our Straight Egyptian family. I found out that those people sitting at the front of the room had many of the exact same dreams and stories as I did. we were also able to ask the panel members questions - it was exciting!

The Scott Trees/Jerry Sparagowski photography seminar was educational and entertaining, and so was the Marketing seminar by Eileen V. and Janice Bush. I'm really glad I got to see most of that - before again dashing off to prepare horses for presentation. All in all, it was a lot of fun and lots of connections were made, and new people introduced to the Egyptian Arabian horse.

I honestly don't know if Carol has photos of the audience since most of what she was told to shoot was NOT the audience, but rather the activities, and I don't think EVEN she knows yet because she's been so busy with making videos and photo shoots every single weekend, that I don't think she's had time to even SEE all the photos she has! Allison borrowed Carol's camera for awhile though, after Mike Albertini asked Carol to videotape the Historical Breeders Seminar, and I think she may have gotten some photos of the crowd during that activity. I'll ask!.

Anyway, don't know about the numbers, but from where I stood, the Fair was a lot of fun and definitely worth repeating! I believe there are already plans to do it again next year in California.

Oh wait! I just got an IM from Carol as I'm writing this, saying yes, she does have crowd pics! I'm going to upload them and post them in a separate post. Stay tuned! And I hope you will be lucky enough to be able to attend the next Egyptian Horse Fair! biggrin.gif

Here's a preview pic! This was on the first evening, during Karen Kasper's seminar about the Arabian horse in Art. Very educational - my daughter even saw things mentioned that she's been studying in her world history class!

Oh, and I believe that grey filly IS Arabella KA, a Makhnificent KA filly who was Top Ten in the EBC and in the Futurity class at the EE this year.

Best regards,
Nancy Pierce
Nancy P
Here are some photos of the crowd, etc.

Nancy P.
Carol Maginn

Thanks for posting all those photos of the fair!!! It was a wonderful weekend, and I can't wait for next year's!!!!

Heres to positive thoughts and great friends!

boo hoo!! I had a new horse arriving that weekend and couldn't make the event and then the mare got delayed and didn't get here until Mondday afternoon after all!! Poo!!
The light grey filly is one of Ansata's and the darker grey filly is out of Kehilan.
Nancy did I miss meeting you at the show...I don't remember meeting you!! sad.gif
Nancy P.

I don't believe we met. sad.gif You might have seen me in the arena with Carol Maginn's bay mare, Makhnifique KA or later, the last day of the show, when Judi Forbis gave out the "energizer bunnies" little packages to us down in the arena. If you walked by the Fotos by Carol/Pierce Graphic Design booth, I was there quite a bit. I also ran the video camera for Carol for a brief time during the Historical Breeders seminar. During the stallion presentation, I was in yellow, sitting at the table with John and Susan Fox, Dennis Berry, Carol Maginn, Jerry and Annette Boles, and another very nice lady whom we were trying to convert from quarter horses to Arabians. biggrin.gif

Where would I have seen you? Did you bring horses? If so, what are your horses' names? Were you one of those hard working people behind the scenes?? I wish we had met! biggrin.gif

Best regards,
Thank you very much for sharing the photos and impressions of this fair. The beautiful bay stallion looks like "Ibn Shai" (S. Shai x Bint Romanaa).
Nancy P.
Yes, Ben, that WAS Ibn Shai.

Marsina, I'm writing an article about the Fair for the web site, and I was wondering if you would allow me to use one of your "slave auction" photos - with a photo credit, of course...?

Let me know - thanks!

Best regards,
Nancy P.
Sure Nancy!! E-mail me at and let me know what your e-mail is and I'll try to send you all the pictures I took (I was able to load the CD drive back on my computer--thank goodness!) Let me know how many pictures you want me to send...I got some of the horses as well that I haven't been able to post here...yet.
Nancy P.
Thanks, Marsina! I just sent you an e-mail! I appreciate you!

Nancy P.
Guest Nancy Pierce
Just bumping this thread up so our good, hardworking friend, Laura Graves, can see some of these photos! biggrin.gif

Enjoy! There will soon be even more photos, courtesy of Carol Maginn and Sara Nesta up at

Best regards,

Nancy P.
I have to ask about this fair..Why do I get the impression this is a mini egyptian event... The tables set up ritzy cocktail style . Big name stallions ..Bigger name elit owners,the movers and shakers as it were.. Where are the grassroots people ? Where are the lesser known people and breeders , ownners who make up 90% of the breed...They are conspicuous by their absence.
Carol Maginn
Dear Carol,

I saw lots of small breeders there and I'd say they outnumbered the larger breeders by about 10 to 1.

My name is Carol Maginn and I am a small breeder who was there with 2 of my horses.

Do you know Nancy Pierce? Nancy was there too - she has had SE's for about 2 years now and now has a budding farm called Journey's End Arabians.

In fact there were many people there new to Straight Egyptians. Jeff Jorgenson was also there. He has has SE's for less than 5 years I believe and I think he has oh - between 20 - 40 horses.

Joel and Cathi Kuenen were there. They are small breeders from Kansas who flew in for the Egyptian Day.

Did you meet Jennifer Keller and Jane and Jerry Harry? Small breeders from Alma, Arkansas? They were all there with 3 horses.

I also saw Philip and Fawn Walker there- lovely people who were there with their "Treasures of the Nile".

Hmmm - gee lets see who else was there who was a small breeder... Well how about Doug Carberry and his wife. I think they have 3 SE's now and are growing...

Laura Graves isn't really famous or "Big" and she was there with her husband Gene.

Its hard for me to remember all the smaller breeders that were there as there were quite a few.

As far as "Bigger" breeders are concerned Kehilan was there and Deshazers where there - they worked their tails off in addition to paying for the bar b que dinner and many of the expenses. I am so grateful to them for this. Oh - The Metz's were there to help out with the educational classes.

I wonder who the smaller breeders who are newer are supposed to learn from if the older generation had not have shown up at this fair.
Nancy as Guest

Why DO you get that impression? Based on what? A few photographs? Do you consider yourself a "grassroots" person? Were you there? If not, WHY NOT? I was there, and I'm certainly neither well known, nor am I an "elite" owner. I am one of those grassroots people (part time web designer, full-time public school teacher - IN ARKANSAS, mind you!) you mentioned, who, rather than sit back on my haunches and complain about what the Fair was or wasn't, actually just about worked myself to death to try to make a contribution of some kind to it. It wasn't perfect, but I thought it went extremely well for a first-time event.

I'm also wondering, if you WEREN'T there, how would you KNOW if the "grassroots people" were "conspicuous in their absence" or not? Are you really making that assumption based on the photos on this thread?? Just because you don't see my house right now doesn't mean it isn't here. If YOU were here, you would SEE it. I saw plenty of people there who were neither rich nor famous (and some who WERE). I even saw people who didn't even own Arabians - YET.

As for "big name stallions" - it's always exciting to me, as one of the "little people" to be able to see those horses in the flesh. Truth be told, I also saw several stallions at the Fair that I had NEVER seen before or even heard of, and I don't exactly keep my head buried under a rock.

As for the "ritzy cocktail style" tables, that was for ONE event that helped raise money to pay for the Fair and for the Pyramid Society, I am guessing. The rest of the Fair was nothing close to ritzy - there was a VERY relaxed atmosphere, no pressure during the presentations, just lots of fun for the people, many of whom, LIKE ME, had NEVER been inside a show ring before!

Here's something I "have to ask" - what did you do to help with the Fair? How many people did you tell about the Fair? Did you contribute your time, your thoughts, or your efforts? Or are you one of those "sour grapes" people who never does anything to help make something better, but never fails to complain about it, nonetheless? I hope not.

I suggest that if you don't LIKE the way things are done in the Egyptian horse community, get yourself INVOLVED in helping to make it better. The more people who are willing to put in their time, thoughts, and effort, the better the outcome for our beloved horses and the industry.

Best regards,
Nancy Pierce
Hello again, I was,nt complainting about the fair .I was only asking questions as they struck me per your pictures...Perhaps some of the grass roots people that where there could comment..I think my other comment went to cyber space, but if not.. I got the impression this fair was for egyptians and i really thought it was for all arabian horses in general.. The round tables in center ring etc. only sent me back to another time when the sand was blue and the foggers where in full blast..
Evening All,
This is Melissa Raulerson from Gainesville, Georgia. I usually just read and keep going, but tonight I thought was a good time to jump in!

To answer one of your questions- "The First Annual Egyptian Arabian Horse Fair", which was put on by the Region 9 Pyramid Society members, was to help promote the Egyptian Arabian Horse.

Next, my husband and I own 1 SE Arabian. We board him at a farm across town. We are about as "grassroots" as you get. We are newcomers. This was an event we planned all year to attend. We flew out of Atlanta in the middle of Hurricane Ivan to go to this Fair.

We have attended the Event for 3 years and there is no way we could get to know the people we met unless it was in this Fair type setting. The Event is a "business" trip for the big farms. This Fair gave us a chance to mingle and laugh with,(and at times laugh at), some of the legends in Egyptian Arabians.

A week before I had asked myself if I had missed the "Hay Day" of the SE. This Fair showed me that the next generation is just getting started! We had a great time. At no time did I feel like I was over-whelmed or out of place. I think everything was "just right"!

I would like to thank Region 9 for all the work that you put into this and look forward to seeing everyone again!!! Mrs. Carol, I think it will be hard to forget you coming into the ladies room asking if I could stand up a horse!!!! smile.gif We had sooooo much fun! Thank you all again!

Melissa Raulerson
Dear carolguest:
I want to clarify that I personally was "regrettably " unable to attend the Fair put on by Region 9, but I have spoken to many newcomers and old timers that had attended since their return.

The concensus is:

That this event was beautiful. Newcomers were excited by several of the opportunities that were provided in this venue. And each has expressed a "great hope and prayer" that this grand event will become an "annual" happening. Newcomers from states across the country attended, from no horse to less than 6 horse farms.

From the educational seminars and roundtables, where they were treated with respect and class by each breeder.

To the "Older more Mature Matriarchs" of the breed being brought in, such as Antigua Dance and PH Safina. I have to say that this section of the Fair was a shining favorite smile.gif

The relaxed atmosphere, gave newcomers a great deal of time to get to know each other, and the older breeders. There was little to no pressure on those people who were showcasing their horses, as it was a non-competitive atmosphere with much time to answer questions on each particular horse that participated in the showcases.

It was a time to ask personal questions about breeding programs, horses, history, breeding theories, horse keeping practices, concerns, successes and failures. There were questions being asked and answered from the arena to the bathrooms, from the concourse to the parking lot biggrin.gif

Kudos to Region 9 for bringing back the atmosphere we all long for when we think of events involving horses. It was an atmosphere of sharing and caring. This truely was an Event for the "Horse". smile.gif

Tuscani/Niles MI
Liz Salmon
In my opinion the Pyramid Society and their Regional Reps. are second to none in promoting the breed, and for stamping on abusive practices. I just hope that next year I can come to the Fair, and that it doesn't clash with Sport Horse Nationals again, which will be held on September 21st-25th 2005. Liz Salmon
Dear Melissa,

I cannot thank you enough for showing my 3 year old bay mare Nikki for me especially on such short notice!!! Seriously though - you certainly are quite a good handler and I am so grateful to you for helping out a fellow newcomer. I figure if we could always be so great about helping each other out - our SE world would surely be stronger than ever. It really is a great community isn't it? I hope I get to somehow return the favor sometime. Thanks for coming in from the big hurricane - I will always have Georgia on my mind!

And you are right - You just never know what can go on in the ladies room!!! biggrin.gif


Evening Mrs. Carol,
We really had a wonderful time! If you decide to make a video of the weekend please let me know. I would love to buy one.

If your ever in our neck of the woods, come on by for peach cobbler! We are just north of the airport! Thank you all again for the memories!
Hey Melissa!!!

You are so sweet - would love to come on over for some cobbler. I would like to come on out to Georgia sometime soon - you have a great bunch of folks out there. We need to have a Georgia PS party with you and Suellen Taylor and the folks at Talaria. We would really have a blast!!! Course it is a big state I guess - wonder where a good central location wouljd be...

I am going to make a video and will send one. I don't think I will charge for anything other than postage and materials generally speaking... Will let you know as soon as I get it finished. We can play the video at our party!!!

Looking forward to more memories!!!

See you soon!!!

I am a small breeder (grassroots). We have 2SE mares, and one growing SE stallion. We have had Arabians since 1997. We are just now starting to breed. I really, really, enjoy and learn so much at the Fair. The Strains class with all the beautiful horses showing thier strain. Seeing the most outstanding older mares and stallions was a high light. Getting to talk to the Forbes,David Gardner, and Trapps and hear what they said to us small breeders is something I will treasure for a longtime. I felt that this SE State Fair has help us immersely. And will go to the next one.

I do have to said this small breeder, would have like to bought some of my horses there. But the cost of a small breeder/grassroots person going to this, for me a working person would never happen. And I do think that SE Arabian Comuinity should lower the prices for person's that are on a lower income. I think some of the Big Breeders need to look at the backyard breeders. The backyard breeders have Arabians that look Arabian and go for the Old Arabian Look. The Big Breeders/farms are missing some very outstanding arabians. Now this is just me talking. Don't hit me to hard. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

I have work very hard to get the best SE mares I could get. It was good to see that they look at good and better then some that were at the SE State Fair.
Here is a pic of Makhnificent KA.
I am a small breeder (grassroots). We have 2SE mares, and one growing SE stallion. We have had Arabians since 1997. We are just now starting to breed. I really, really, enjoy and learn so much at the Fair. The Strains class with all the beautiful horses showing thier strain. Seeing the most outstanding older mares and stallions was a high light. Getting to talk to the Forbes,David Gardner, and Trapps and hear what they said to us small breeders is something I will treasure for a longtime. I felt that this SE State Fair has help us immersely. And will go to the next one.

I do have to say this small breeder, would have like to bought some of my horses there. But the cost of a small breeder/grassroots person going to this, for me a working person would never happen. And I do think that SE Arabian Comuinity should lower the prices for person's that are on a lower income. I think some of the Big Breeders need to look at the backyard breeders. The backyard breeders have Arabians that look Arabian and go for the Old Arabian Look. The Big Breeders/farms are missing some very outstanding arabians. Now this is just me talking. Don't hit me to hard. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

I have work very hard to get the best SE mares I could get. It was good to see that they look as good and better then some that were at the SE State Fair.
Here is a pic of Makhnificent KA. biggrin.gif

Honest feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for doing a wonderful job in being part of the SE community. So I guess that you are referring to the $200 entry fee for the "Treasures of the Nile". What price would have been doable - or will be doable at next year's Fair? I will be happy to take this info back. If you would feel more comfortable emailing me in private that is fine too. My email is or

Thanks again!

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