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I have just adopted a 26 year old arabian mare from a rescue here in Canada. Looking at the names in her pedigree I am not familiar with any (no she is not egyptian) but when I saw this gal on the rescue site I knew I could give her a forever home, to this wonderful "matriarch". Are any of you familiar with anything that appears below in her pedigree? Thank you in advance if you can shed any light at all.


BUDJAR EL SHARIFA (AHR #168599 & CAHR #9740))

Foaled: 1/01/1978

SIRE: Budjar El Kalif
(El Kair Potentate [Kisil {Amasa x Khenifra} x Konu {Nusi x Kokab}] x Kari Moun [Mounlis {Mounri x Muhlis} x Mounval {Mounlis x All-Ma}])

DAM: Sharana
(Sharix [Ranix {Rissalix x Iorana} x Shareine {Shahim x Josepha}] x Silvanity [Silver Vanity {Oran x Silver Gilt} x Silfina {Indian Gold x Sharfina}])

Here is a pic of the "matriarch" taken in September 2004

She is not very typey but I don't care, I just want her to live out her live knowing she is loved!
Thats one good looking mare for 26 yrs. old....Do you have the cd bookshelf? Her sire Budjar decendants ,seema a lot come from egypt or desert....Dam Sharana is Crabbet , these horses seem to have a long shelf life..I commend you for rescuing her...Gari who posts on here will know more.Maybe she will see this thread......
She is one lucky lady to have found you, I wish you both a lot of happiness together. My old gelding died at almost 31 and my other oldie is 28 next April so I hope you have a lot of years together.

Good luck.

She was to arrive here yesterday but unfortunately the shipper thought she had 2 other horses to pick-up in the area here but was unable to contact that person so now I expect her to arrive here some time next week or weekend. I am anxious to get her "home" biggrin.gif . She is still at the rescue at this point and being pastured with another arabian mare (Mia) who is 30+ years of age (their vet told them) but who is not doing well these days and will be put to sleep as soon as Sharifa is shipped to me. I was told that Sharifa knows that her friend is not well and is starting to "fret". Sharifa's overall health, I have been told is "good" with some minor arthritis. As soon as she gets here I will be putting her on glucosamine/msm to see if that helps her. She will only be ridden by my 2 1/2 year old grandaughter for leadline. I am told this mare, in her younger day, was ridden english, western and was a child's mount. I hope I can give her all the love she deserves and quality of life for the years that she has remaining here on earth. She will be perfect to introduce my grandaughter to the joys of equines and the arabian breed!
Sorry Barbara, I didn't answer your question. No I do not have the cd. I asked about the mare on another forum and a person by the name of Carol (could be the same person maybe who commented on this thread) was so nice in looking up her pedigree for me. I only had her sire and dam as the papers are coming with her when she arrives here. It would be great if "Gari" did see this thread! At this point I know her breeder was a Dr. A. Doenne from Priceville, Ontario (Canada). Hansi, does that name ring a bell at all for you?
I also just found out, with the help of the information that Carol supplied me, that Sharifa had 1 foal only. His name is Budjar El Shalom and I found out that Dr. Anne Marie Doenne still owns him. He was born in 1982.

[/QUOTE]Shalom is a 1982 grey Shawod (Dawod XShah-Anna) son out of the half Crabbet mare Budjar El Sharifa (Budjar El Kalif X Sharana). He is an elegant horse with a lot of energy and spunk for an older stallion. He has tons of presense with a great attitude.[QUOTE]

Since I have her address I am going to write to her and let her know that Sharifa is with me now and try and find out more about her and her life.
Congratulations on taking care of this 26 year old mare, I have a 26.5 year old gelding--I hope that both your mare and my gelding live out long, full, happy, and healthy lives...I've had my baby for about 22 years now...he deserves only THE BEST wink.gif
I am happy to announce that I have found the breeder of this mare and spoke with her on the phone today. She was thrilled to hear about Sharifa and she offered to sent me her "extended pedigree" and some "pictures of her in her younger day". We have exchange phone numbers and addresses and plan to keep in touch. biggrin.gif
Hi Danielle,

On the dam's side there are a lot of Crabbet horses who are the same as in my Crabbet stallion's pedigree. His name is Imperial Magic Fahd. You can have a look at his pedigree on

I don't know any names on the sire's side, sorry.

See you,

Hans. wink.gif
Hi Danielle,

First and foremost may I add my regards to you, for your wonderful gesture to this most wonderful Arabian mare?

Budjar el Sharifa carries the blood of so many famous horses, on her damís side, it is true to say that she is Crabbet, she is more than that she is also G.S.B.

On the Top line (Sire) it may surprise you to know she also carries the blood of Crabbet Park and is also G.S.B, this time through the blood of Kokab.

One horse stands out in this glittering show of fantastic Arabian blood. The name of this horse is. MESAOUD, itís all over her pedigree, from top to bottom, sadly too many famous names to print here, finally you say she is not Egyptian, that may be, but most of her blood goes straight back to the desert.

She is a pure princess and now she has found her PALACE.

God will bless you for this.


cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif
Thank you Hans for that information, I enjoyed visiting your site! Bob, thank you for that wonderful information. As I am not familiar with "crabbet" and "GSB" this mare has alot to teach me biggrin.gif , I am thankful that I have been the one chosen at this stage in her life to be adopted by her! These arabian horses never cease to amaze me and I truly stand in awe of the history of this magnificient breed. Wether they are young or whether they are old, or whether they have passed on from this life, their legacy is truly amazing and fascinating. I hope to spend many years having this mare educate me. I hope she enjoys her "palace" as much as I am going to enjoy being her "forever friend".
Hi, I am not Gari but maybe I can help anyway. Your new rescue mare (and it is a wonderful thing you did) is highly concentrated Hearst on the sire line and pure Crabbet bottom.

Preston Dyer JR. was General George Patton's manager and trainer of thoroughbred hunters jumpers and polo ponies for 9 years. In 1945 he became manager of San Simeon Stables, CA. Los Angeles Examiner May 16, 1948. July 1947 Hearst imported 14 Arabian horses from Syria and Lebonon. From Horse Lover Magazine Feb-Mar. 1948 issue. They are registered with AHR #4205-4218.

The following from Arieana Arabians tells their story:

William Randolph Hearst is the grandfather of Patty Hearst who was kidnapped some years ago. W.R. ran a newspaper empire. It is interesting that Homer Davenport, famed for his own importation from the desert, worked for Hearst.

and your horse has lines to two stallions of that group, *Hamrah and *Euphrates (both full brothers) and their dam was also imported this was *Urfah.

These Heart imports were crossed on the ranch mares that descend from those horses now termed CMK. (the Hearst Syrian imports are also termed CMK).

These horses are about as far from today's airy fairy Saddlebred types as you can get. Back then, Arabian horses were ridden. They were used as working horses, won endurance rides, utilized to improve horses for the Army. I believe your mare qualifies for CMK preservation breeding, as her sireline is *Nimr (imported by Randolph Huntington) and she is at least 75% descended from horses of Crabbet, Maynesboro, and W.K. Kellogg (the cereal king). In fact, I think your horse is 100% CMK.

The sireline of your horse includes Nejal who is out of Larkspur, she out of Onrust, who is out of Nonliker. Nonliker is by the first Egyptian import to America, *Shahwan and out of *Nejdme who was brought to America by the Hamidie Society for the World's Fair of 1893.. *Nejdme was desert bred, and the ONLY reason she was allowed to leave the desert is because she was considered barren. The Hamidie Society's story is like none you have ever read, and a longtime breeder of Davenport horses has written about it as follows:

In this article, A. G. Asdikian described their arrival:
"Early one bright may morning in the year of our Lord 1893 the neighborhood of Thirtieth Street and Michigan Avenue was shaken up as if by a terrible earthquake. The much heralded 'Hamid Hippodrome Co.' had at last arrived in Chicago, and before going to their resting place they had come to serenade the Turkish Commissioners. After tramping over a poor newsboy, upsetting three milk wagons and driving hotel employees into hysterics, there they were with their prancing steeds and flashing scimitars, men dressed in all the colors of the rainbow, directors sitting in open carriages with elegantly uniformed valets perched up with the drivers, donkeys braying, women screeching and the music the most deafening ever heard in any part of the globe. When 120 well trained throats commenced yelling "Long Live the sultan," we thought the big Lakota Hotel, like the walls of Jericho, would fall down. Thus the $3,000,000 Syrian show had landed in Chicago penniless."

In the end, the Chicago loan sharks got ahold of them, and the horses were seized to pay their bills. *Nejdme was a true desert mare, and truly loved her rider. She would come after strangers with bared teeth, but she was loving only to Hadji Hassan

Among those visiting the Chicago World's Fair - Homer Davenport (Imported Arabian desert bred horses from the same tribes as did the Blunts), Henry Babson (imported Arabians from Egypt and Poland), Randolph Huntington (breeder of Anazeh), Ramsdell (imported *Shahwan who was the only Ali Pasha Sherif stallion ever to come to America), F.F. Vidal (from England, and a judge at the exhibition for Arabian horses, exported *Naomi to Huntington) and the Duke of Veragua: Direct descendant of Christopher Columbus, the Duke of Veragua was naturally the Guest of Honor at the Columbian Exposition, and was present to open the Fair with President Grover Cleveland. His family, including his fourteen-year-old son, also attended as honored guests of Chicago. This boy, Don Cristobal Colon Aguilera, later inherited the title of Duke of Veragua and is remembered for importing 5 daughters of Skowronek to Spain, including a full sister to *Rifala, dam of *Raffles. Also imported was a 3/4 brother to Skowronek. It is said the Duke was killed while trying to shield his horses from the army that was using his herd for target practice.

Your new horse traces to the Arabians of Huntington:

These were tough horses, able to be ridden. The second part of this article describes the amazing stamina of *Naomi:

Wilfrid Blunt, who with his wife Lady Anne imported Arabians to their Crabbet Park in England, thought very highly of *Naomi. Wilfrid offered Vidal his choice of any of three mares in exchange. But Vidal felt none of them equaled *Naomi and the deal never came about.

This link to the story of *Kismet tells of how Spencer Borden was so impressed with the *Kismet son *Nimr that he offered Huntington his entire herd of 200 horses just for *Nimr's dam *Nazli, who was *Naomi. (All these horses are in your mare's pedigree.)

And here is *Kismet's story:
*Nazli's sire was Maiden who was used for twelve years in campaigns through the mountainous regions of India and Afghanistan until Brownlow was killed in the fight at Kandahar at the end of the famous 300 mile forced march of Lord Roberts's Army from Kabul.

The following link has the most wonderful articles on CMK horses, and includes many of the ancestors of your horse.:
And here are more very useful links, including references to ancestors of your horse:

We are not even finished with the top line of your mare, but before leaving must include the French import *Kola, who had many foals for Brown. Other than that, the rest of the pedigree is overwhelmingly Crabbet. This is the "GSB" which is the General Stud Book of England. The Blunt's daughter Lady Wentworth carried on the breeding of the Arabian horses and exported all over the world. Your mare has two crosses to Indian Gold by *Raswan, son of Skowronek. There is another line to Skowronek through Rangoon. Indian Gold was sold to Russia in a group of Arabians when a collection that was taken up by the public could not meet the Russian's price to keep these horses in England. Lady Wentworth had difficulty meeting the very high taxes on Crabbet Park, otherwise she would not have sold so many good horses. So when the Russians came, she hid her best colt so they would not see him as they were tough negotiators.

The Blunts, Wilfried and Lady Anne originally started out to import thoroughbred type Arabian horses. And their first imports were rather plain. But then they thought it would be useful to start breeding the Arabians for themselves rather than to improve on the Thoroughbreds. It was at this time, many priceless mares were stolen and ridden in haste through the desert to be sold to the Blunts. Then, one day they came across the Egyptian horses. They were so impressed, that they concentrated on getting as many superior Arabians as they could from the Pashas of Egypt. Mesaoud was one of those, and his good blood can be found literally all over the world - Poland, England, Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, England, Spain, Egypt. Wherever you find Arabian horses, you will find the blood of Mesaoud.

Your horse's pedigree is on Allbreed: use the following link or just put her name in the search and it will load.

You can view photos of her ancestors, click on reports then on photos.
There is a wealth of information on the web about the horses and people involved with your horse's ancestors. Using just enter the name of a horse or person, then put Arabian after it. I hope this answers some of your questions, and proves useful to you. The history of the Arabian horse is fascinating and well worth learning.
Correction: Indian Gold is by Ferhan a son of *Raswan and is not by *Raswan himself. The link to Allbreeds did not make it to the message:

Hope this one will, if not you will have to enter the name.
As my favorite all time horses is Skowronek , Thankyou for all that work you put into that thread
, a person never stops learning .
Haven't even gotten to him yet smile.gif Skowronek was purchased almost by chance. A sculptor, Walter Winans heard that an Auroch was going to be killed on the Antonoiny game park. This was an animal that had gone extinct everywhere else. But the old bull was killing his sons, and the young count was mad for hunting and begged to do the deed. But they got a wire asking if Mr. Winans could shoot the bull. This was granted, and after the shoot, he was invited to look at the horses. He was particularly enamored of a coach team, but when his offer of getting the driver too failed, it was suggested he look at the other horses. Suddenly he stopped in front of Skowronek. "I want that one." So Skowronek was off to England just before the Bolsheik Revolution. After being used as a model for sculpting, Mr. Winans sold Skowronek to his friend Mr. Clark, who brought Skowronek to a horse show where the eagle eye of Lady Wentworth saw him. And the rest is history.
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