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What is the best way (or ways) to treat rain rot or rain scald? I have one mare up here who has it quite badly and several other horse owners are now dealing with it. We hardly ever have this problem in our area (Minnesota).

Our local vet said to gently curry the horse and use either their expensive medication, betadine solution, or a mix of listerine and baby oil.

My mare hates to be indoors but she is now in overnight and whenever it is a little wet outside. We have had so much rain in the past while I guess I am lucky they have not swam away! Better than snow any day!

Our vet recommends Desitin powder. One of our horses had an outbreak especially bad on his lower legs late this summer--rubbing some powder on the sores cleared them up very nearly overnight. Good luck!
The best thing I ever used for rainscald was extra virgin olive oil. Rub it well in to the affected area. Then next day, gently brush it out, then apply more. Do this each day until clear. You will find that every day you brush, small scabs will be removed.

Its a totally natural product, no chemicals to irritate the skin, and the oil creates a waterproof barrier again the rain.

Give it a go. Worked brilliantly on a thoroughbred mare I bought that was covered in it.

Good luck.
A good handful of copper sulphate (bluestone) in a bucket of water, mix until the bluestone is disolved, thoroughly sponge the areas affected in a curry comb motion (be prepared to throw the sponge away afterwards). Bluestone will kill the fungus. If soaked enough, then use a comb - I have used a dog's flea comb on its side - remove the scabs ~ very, very gently and in small areas as the horse tends to be sensitive in these areas. Exposing the fungus helps to clear it up. It does depend on how badly the individual is affected - small patches isn't problem; though a full back can take time as the bug has manifested itself and removal of the scabs tends to be easier from the edges (where the bluestone wash can penetrate).

Copper sulphate will stain blue and it does wash/wear out/off. It doesn't worry the horses but it may tingle as it penetrates the scabs - it tingles when it enters any cuts on your hands etc. recommend wearing gloves for these reasons otherwise you end up with blue tinged fingernails for a couple of days.

The worse case I've treated took a week to resolve - a new mare to the property from a different part of the country. She never had trouble with it again with the above treatment.
Rain Rot's a shampoo you can get from most equine stores, online, etc. SUPERB
When I got my younger mare, she was literally covered in it. I put listerine (or a generic listerine) into a spray bottle, sprayed the affected areas and gently rubbed it in. Thorough daily currying helped to remove the small scabs, and don't be surprised if you see some balding when the scabs come off. Because of what I used, I was also bathing her once a week at the time too (she got foamy from all the listerine blink.gif ). The bathing also helped in speeding up the healing of it.
Lots of things fix rain rot smile.gif We've used the listerine with great results, as well as bathing with betadine or a medicated shampoo.

I have to add though, the bacteria that causes this lives in th dirt and can live in the dirt for quite some time so is prone to come back. We've had some really bad cases of it before but found when we upped the fat in the diet it seemed to help and if we get any at all now it's very small spots of it and they don't last long. Perhaps the extra oil in the coat that lets the water run off easier? I have no idea but whatever it is .. it works smile.gif

Also keep in mind that rainrot tends to come up in the spots where water has run off the coat and caused rivulets that split the hair.. the moisture gets trapped between the hair and the skin and it will bring it on that way too... now I take a curry or brush out to the pasture with the mares that live outside 24/7 and after it rains just brush their coats so they don't have this matt of hair on top, but instead they have the soft fluff that nature intended to shed water naturally. I believe this has helped loads with keeping the rain rot away as well. Just some thoughts to keep in mind this winter smile.gif
Thank you for all the suggestions! Somaia has a huge bare back but was good about getting cleaned up and brushed. And the more I brushed, the more fur that kept falling out. What a mess.

I will try the extra oil. That would be an easy way to get a bit of fat on her too since she is now bald in some areas.

How soon will it be safe to blanket her? We are supposed to get snow by the weekend although it will not stay on the ground yet. I think in a couple more days all the scabs will be gone. She is inside but I do worry that she may get chilled. I guess I am such a freeze baby I just assume my horses are too!

Thanks again,

I blanketed Semmi right away, as it was mid-December when I got her to begin with. What COL said about the extra fat in the diet seemed to help her a great deal as well.
MTG. is a SUPER product, smells yucky (like burnt leaves) but boy does it work! We have used it also to grow longer manes & tails! Try it everyone! Sincerely, Lisa & Family Point-O-View Farm Arabians , SE, Polish, Russian & Domestic Bloodlines.
Love MTG... I have an appaloosa friend that swears by it to grow manes and tails and hey .. yanno.. if it works for an Appaloosa .. rolleyes.gif

Blanketing shouldn't be a problem, but keep in mind that if you use that blanket on another horse you are running the risk of passing it around unless you wash it first. It can live in brushes and blankets just like in the dirt if you dont wash or sterilize them. The key is keeping the area dry or at least the moisture off of it which is why the oil on the coat works as well. Get it cleaned up and then keep it dry.. but remember to pull the blanket and let her coat air some too.. and I think you'll start seeing alot of improvement quickly smile.gif
Panalog ointment is really good for it as well.
Can anybody please tell me what "MTG" is?

Jutta, search the web and you'll find this:

Shapley's Original M-T-G
The ULTIMATE Mane & Tail Conditioner/Skin Treatment/Hair Growth Producer. A MUST FOR EVERY HORSE OWNER!

Shapley's Original M-T-G (mane-tail-groom) has proven results after just one application! Use as a leave-in conditioner/detangler and for promoting mane and tail hair growth. Use on damaged, chewed-off tails to rapidly grow length. Use on long tails to enhance fullness, condition and retain length. Can produce tail growth over two inches in a month! M-T-G will also eliminate grass and urine stains.

Original M-T-G is also a dermatitis treatment recommended by veterinarians for a variety of skin problems including: fungus, rain rot, girth itch, scratches, dandruff and tail rubbing. It offers quick relief and visible hair growth that can be seen in 3-5 days!
Thanks bterlaan for the quick reply!

I searched on the internet an found some informations and think it´s worth trying. But- as I´m living in Germany, can I order it somewhere in Europe or only in the US?

I live in Germany as well, and I have no idea where to order it. I'd think only USA, which may be expensive because of taxes to pay at import.

SInce it resembles so much the working of the mane and tail lotions here in Europe (eg from Leovet, which is extremely good at disentangling; I think itis called Rider's Magic or something), you might try that to begin with. Who knows which other effects it has besides disentangling the mane and tail ? It certainly conditions the hair. You might try it. Or try another of their products. I think they have a bio skin oil as well. I consider their products to be very good. No, I am not invol^ved with them cool.gif
You know what I use to prevent mud fever (mok; Mauke). I mean the crusts above the hooves, at the pasterns. Penaten diaper ointment for babies! (Penaten Wundschutzsalbe). Being white, it looks awfukl on cloloured feet, but for white feet it is just great. It keeps the hair silky and greasy, protecting from water. Any mud crusts there are will soften up and be easily removed. The white will protect aginst sunlight. And you knoiw what I used when once a horse of mine had his foot wounded? A paper diaper! smile.gif It works great for applying it to the foot directly, and then you can bandage the foot and apply tapeto make a sole so the horse can move around in spite o fits injury.
Penaten-PoPo-Creme, that´s great stuff, I use this too.

What I find interesting on that MTG is the growth of the mane/tail hair since my gelding srubbed his mane an now the mane there is shorter and I would like to have it egal. Maybe MTG helps to grow faster as their Homepage promised. But, if there is no chance to get it here, maybe I have to ask friends in the US to buy it and send to me. I wrote an E-Mail to Shapley´s and asked maybe there is a chance to get it somewhere in Europe.
Interesting! Could youi keep me informed about the answer ? Thank you!

I found the MTG here; maybe they may help:

or here:

You'll probasbly find more if you google. I searched for :mtg ointment and got many results. .
bterlaan, I sure will keep you informed.

I searched in google too and found the homepage from Shapley´s and sent my question directly.
As I don´t have a Computer at home (right now I´m at work) I can give you informations (if I´ll get some) not before Monday, but I´ll keep in my mind.
To bterlaan,

I received a E-Mail today from Shapley´s. They are busy with someone in Europe who wants to distribute their products in Europe. So, they will keep me informed and I hope it will work out soon.

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