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This is from Barbara Lewis of Baraka Farms in Arkansas: Sent this a.m.


Since so many of my friends know my side kick, Alexis, I wanted to let you all know that we've had a bit of bad luck.

Alexis was injured in a horse accident last Saturday, which resulted in great damage to her skull. She was TG, wearing a helmet, which literally saved her life, but nonetheless, great damage was done.

She was airlifted to the Arkansas Childrens Hospital. one of the countries best, and the moment she arrived she was rushed into surgery. Three metal plates are now a permanent part of her skull, and we are yet to know the extent of damage to her left eye.

I'm optimistic about it however, as she has continued to do well. She never lost consciousness, and was even able to use her cell phone to alert me that she was hurt... all this with bone, hair and dirt shoved into her brain. Her vitals have been reasonably good, and her progress is continuous. We will be moving to a rehab wing soon.

Please send your prayers her way, as she's been a very brave girl throughout all this. For those of you who don't know Alexis, she is a petite 13 year old, and is my biological granddaughter, and our adopted daughter. She has been with us all her life, and with me n most of my travels, be it shows here or abroad. She's also the little girl you occasionally see on the Pyramid Arabians site...... right now on the main page taking the halter off one of her geldings.

I spoke with Tyrone, Barbara's husband this a.m.- Barbara has been staying close to the hospital.

The next few days will tell how things will go. Keep Alexis in your prayers, she's one of our little future Arabian Horsewomen.
Oh my!

Best wishes and prayers to Barbara and her family...
Dr Daniel Wigger
Dear Barbara,

if you happen to read this, please send Alexis my best wishes for a speedy and - hopefully - complete recovery like so many people did in my case. I think she is on the video you sent last year, so her suffering has a face to me.

My deepest sympathy to you, too.

Daniel Wigger from Germany
Dear All,
Barbara called me with the bad news.
For you whom do not know Barbara she is a lady of a kind .
A lover of the Arabian horsesand a breeder of the Egyptians .
A first class Arabian horse expert .
A great painter and an artist.
A super lady at home caring for her family and in treating her friends.
A person that can make new friends as she walks and charms everyone with her lasting smile and kindness.

I heard a great deal about Alexis until I met her in Paris few months ago during the the WC. This young lady is charming, intelligent and beautiful . She loves her horses and her Barbara..
Please join us in praying for both of these two ladies .
May God bring us back Alexis as the girl we knew and help Barbara and the family to pull through this anguish and agony.


I feel so helpless in such a situation.
Let us all DO something for Alexis and Barbara.
Both of them need the care and help of our
"Arabian family" NOW.
Let's join together - everyone of us should
take the time, sit down for a minute in silence
and should ask the guiding force he/she believes in
to save this girl.
One of the youngest members of this ever-growing
world-wide family needs our mental support - and
I am sure she will feel it.
Alexis, we are with you at this very moment,
we think of you, we are praying for you.
Oh Barbara - my thoughts are with you and I truely hope that all the prayers you receive will will Alexis on to a speedy and full recovery. She is indeed a very special young lady.
Love to you all.
all my best wishes for a quick and complete recovery of alexis, my thougts and prayers are with you!!
kind regards
To Barbara and Alexis,

I'm stunned to hear this news and my thoughts are with the both of you and your family. Alexis, you are showing an incredible deal of courage and strength just by staying with us all. Keep it up girl, we need you and Barbara with us to share all your love and experience for the breed we share our lives with.

Big hugs and kisses from Belgium and keep that smile up girls.


ps: keep us updated please
Sweet girl, you'll make it. I'll keep you in my prayers and send you a big vitual hug.
Das ist ganz schrecklich zu hören. Mein Englisch ist leider sehr schlecht aber meine Gedanken werden ihr hoffentlich auch so helfen. Ich denke ganz fest an Alexis.

Hi Alexis,
all best wishes for a quick and complete recoverg, a big hugs to you from Germany

Keep confidence, she'll pull through! Certainly withh all the good thoughts of this forum to support her.
Jonas S.
Best wishes also from me and I will also pray for her!!!!!!!!
Helga M.
To Alexis and Barbara
All my best wishes - I'm praying for you - fight little girl

You are both in my prayers!! God Bless you.
Dear Barbara

I am so sorry to hear about Alexi's accident and pray that she will recover soon and completely.
I never met the little lady, but you told me lots about her and your great love for her. I feel she will receive the best of care
and ask you to give her my love and big hugs from me.

Warm regards
Hansi biggrin.gif
paola marinangeli
Through this forum I would like to tell Barbara and the little, nice, Alexis that we are very close to you both, with our prayers and wishes that very very soon Alexis will be fully recovered with no big damages and healthier, happier and nicer than before.
I met Alexis last year in Paris, she was with us enjoing the Show, and sharing our joy for
Gelgelah victory, she is such a cute little lady, such in love with ''her'' horses, with all the horses in the world, and such a pleasure to stay in her company.
God bless you both, Alexis and Barbara, our love is with you,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you,

Our thoughts and prayers are with Alexis, Barbara and Tyrone. May Alexis have a rapid and full recovery.

Al Fawara
Dear Alexis, Barbara and Tyrone,
In this time of trouble I want to let you know you are in our prayers and we wish you all the best for the coming time. Get well soon! There is candle burning here for you permanently,
An American Breeder
A young lady of immense courage and with the aid of youth, may she make a complete recovery. Do keep people here posted on her progress.
If any of you would like to send an encouraging card or letter to Alexis.

The address is:

Alexis Lewis c/o Barbara Lewis
5223 Hwy. 71 South
Cove, AR 71937
Sémillah Arabians
Dear Barbara

I am very saddened by this bad news for your dear Alexis
I think much to you and sends much light of God to Alexis.
Much good thing to both
Kind regards
Sémillah arabians
Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a complete and speedy recovery, Alexis, may God bless you and keep you safe during your ordeal.

I have just read this tragic news.
I know the entire Egyptian Arabian community will support Barbara and Alexis with their many prayers.
Alexis is such a sweet, intelligent and loving child. She has always been such a fine young lady at The Egyptian Events where I got to know her.
Alexis and Barbara, our prayers are with you.
Alexis, Heather sends her love and prayers.
I know you will come through this.
Karen Henwood
Ron Shimer
idan atiq
Dear Barbara,
Warmest greetings from Israel. You and Alexis are in our thoughts and prayers and we will send healing vibrations in your direction to hasten Alexis's complete recovery.
Your friends,
Tzviah Idan and Kuti Aharon
Idan Atiq Arabian Farm
Dear Barbara,

I am so sorry to hear about the terrible accident. Please accept my concern and heartfelt prayers for Alexis' complete recovery.

Regardless of one's faith, we all feel the need to connect to a "higher" power. I believe that prayer is the most powerful force in the universe and whenever two or more are gathered together in prayer, marvelous miracles occur.

Dear God, Your ways are not our ways. We cannot fathom Your m ind, but we humble ourselves before You and trust Your infinite love.

Father, we ask You to hear our prayers for little Alexis--what a brave little girl! Please just speak the word, Dear Father, and heal her. Bring comfort and a sense of peace to her family.

All over our world, Father, we are connected through our love of your beautiful creation--the Arabian horse. In his spirit we give thanks to You for every good and perfect gift, and ask You to heal little Alexis.

Thank you God!


smile.gif smile.gif
Dear Barbara,

My prayers will be with you and Alexis. May Alexis have a rapid and full recovery.
I'll keep my fingers cross for both of you,

i hope you recover quickly, Alexis. Good luck.
Alexis you are a special young lady and very brave .Our prayers and love are with you .
Love Nick and Mair
I so very sorry to hear about your young lady's accident. She sounds like a wonderful young girl. Please know that the same deep bond that makes you feel the pain of her condition will also provide you with the strength to fight and come through this. My thoughts and cares are with you, as are all the others in this community. I wish you and Alexis all the best and a quick recovery. smile.gif smile.gif

al buraaq
Barbara and Alexis two very special people both making a great impression on those that they touch.
May they take comfort in knowing that so many care and wish for a speedy recovery.

Barbara and Alexis our thoughts are with you.

Pam and Mike
Our thoughts are with you Barbara. I will hold a prayer circle in the barn for Alexis with my own daughter and our other friends. We'll send all our love and energy to you and Alexis.

With Love,
Wahaja Arabians
Adding you to my prayer list for today! May God bless you!
Many hugs and much love to you, Alexis and Barbara. You are such a special girl, Alexis, I am keeping you close in thoughts and prayers.
Dear Barbara,

Alexis sounds like a fantastic girl and you as a fantastic mother to her, as well as a wonderful person.
I pray that this brave little girl will fully recover really soon.

Warm regards,
Helga Madsen,
Justin K. Rogers
Maybe I am the only one who isn’t worried. Any young lady who can go through that type of trauma and still be able to talk on the phone… she’ll be just fine! She’s even tough enough for a real life boyfriend. wink.gif

If you read this Mrs. Lewis, I hope the boyfriend comment took your mind from today and placed it in the future and brought a smile to your face. Your baby will do just fine. She seems to have the will power of 1,000 not to mention she is at Children’s. She’ll be home soon enough. I have no doubts. God looks down in favor upon those who ride the gray Arabian.

My prayers are with you and my hope for Alexis' swift recovery is also yours. May God bless and keep you, may his face shine upon you and grant you peace.
Copying this from the pyramid arabians site - it is a note from Barbara.

Thank you all so much for your kind words. We've been blessed with phone calls, etc. from all corners of the world. How wonderful to have such great friends that the Arabian horse has brought to us. People don't realize how much those contacts mean to the patients and caretakers, until they are on the receiving end. It has made me ashamed of myself when I have failed with others.

I'm so encouraged at the progress that has been made here. the many prayers are being answered. Alexis had horrible pain that has disappeared. She couldn't move her legs, and now she is walking a little. She is off pain medication - which is amazing in itself. All her therapist are amazed at her progress, and trust me there are more therapist than I knew existed! This is truly a great place to be when you are in this situation.

We may possibly be able to go home early next week.... inshallah, and take up her physical therapy there. It is already set up for a teacher to come to our home so that her education can continue.

I'll keep you posted..... and thank you all for your concern.

Much love,
many good wishes to the Lewis family
Pat M.
So sorry to hear this news, but so glad that Alexis is on the mend! Trust those Doc's and follow those orders. All that will help to heal the physical, and the Prayers and good thoughts coming from all around the world will help to heal the spirit....and we will add a few more to the list...Prayers and Blessings from our family to yours.
Pat M.
Nicole WL
Hello Barbara!

GOOD news! I'm so happy about that.

Since i wrote this topic, i couldn't get it out of my head. As a mother of two i can imagine what it means when a child has such an horrible accident.

Please, tell your girl that we all think of her! Here in Munich, Germany, I send my thoughts to her out in the snowy sky, I'm sure they will reach Alexis!

Alexis, i look forward to read a posting here, written from yourself. Keep strong!

All the best,

Dear Barbara:

As a father of two girls and a boy, this thread hit very close to home. The most powerful present that I can offer you is a prayer. Alexis will not receive anything greater than that. I am sorry to hear the bad news and will continue in my prayers for Alexis' recovery.

Ralph Suarez
Barbara LewisGuest
There are just no words that can come close to describing what these wonderful messages from across the world mean to me and to Alexis. I only wish I could reach out and embrace each and every one of you.

Miracles can happen. Although we may call him by different names, I feel that we all worship a common God and that he does and has, heard all our prayers. How could he ignore such an out pour of love and concern for one small girl? He couldn't, and hasn't. He has answered our prayers.

As I said in my other note, everyone here is amazed at the strength that has been shown, and recovery that has taken place here with Alexis. Her physical condition has advanced at a very rapid rate. She can now get out of bed unaided, walk all the way to her therapy room (guarded), laughs, and feeds herself. Alexis is on 5 different intravenious (IV) antibiotics, which alternate 24 hours a day, as they are most fearful of any chance of infection. She cannot open her left eye, other than that, she is doing so well that when this part of her treatment is over, we will be able to take her home. Until we can get that eye open, we have no way of knowing it's condition. It just simply won't open, although the swelling has gone down dramatically. Could be muscle or nerve damage... but lets hope not. On the lighter side, she gets a little embarrassed when I constantly refer to her IV's and AI's.....HA!

On Saturday, when she asked to go out riding alone, I debated as I always do as to the wisdom of this. When I was a girl, I rode any horse I could get on for miles and miles into the woods, country side, rough back roads, with no care, no helmet, just the horse and me. All of you know what a great experience this is.

As I have grown older and has many different experiences, I have focused on the dangers more than the pleasures, especially for the children. I told myself that I was just too overly protective, and gave in. It was only a few minutes until I had received that frantic call from her. No one, not me, not her doctors, no one can understand how she was able to do this.

We will never be sure what happened. Alexis was getting off her horse to open a gate. Something spooked the horse before she was fully dismounted, and she thinks he bucked and turned to run. I assume that during the buck he must have kicked out and hit her, or she fell under him. We will never know. Later we found a dead deer right near where she had fell. The horse probably got a fresh scent of death and a wild animal, which frightened him. Cayote's have been at the deer also, so perhaps they were in the edge of the woods when this happened.

Yes Daniel, this was Alexis and her gelding on the tape. You can see what a great bond the two had, so I know this wasn't intentional on his part.

In closing, please accept our heartfelt thanks for all your words and deep concern. I have no doubt that you will see Alexis again by my side, be it at the Event, or elsewhere. She love the Arabian breed and travel as much as I do, and always will. I'll keep you posted. Thanks to you, Oliver, especially, and of course tp you Nasr, for the beautiful words from my beautiful friend.

With love to all of you,
Debra NowakGuest
Barbara & Alexis,

Our prayers and wishes are with you for a speedy recovery.
God Bless,
Debbie Nowak
Nancy Pierce
Dear Barbara,

There is, indeed, much love and there are many prayers flowing to Alexis and to you. What a gift our children are - I know Alexis will recover to ride again. If there is anything you need, anything at all, an errand run, some other menial task that you aren't able to attend to right now - I hope you won't hesitate to ask. Remember that I am not far away. smile.gif

Keeping you and Alexis in my thoughts and prayers. My daughter Fallon says to tell you she is doing the same. smile.gif

Best regards,

Nancy P.
Praying for her full and swift recovery. God Bless, Alia
Barbara LewisGuest
Again, I send my deepest thanks to each and every one of you who has been so kind, both here, in private emails, and by phoning.

Good news to report this morning. Once this course of antibiotics are completed (this afternoon) we are free to go home!!! The follow up work, therapy, rehab, doctor visits, etc. are numerous, but at least we will be back where we belong. Alexis is very anxious to see her beloved Chihuahua......... but not too keen on rushing out to her gelding yet smile.gif. I think he is in the dog house right now.

We are so optimistic about her recovery, as, with the prayers of all of you, we are rushing toward the finish line.

My God bless all of you. Barbara
That is WONDERFUL news!! We will keep the prayers coming for her continued healing.
Yes, wonderful.
Alexis, here is a little Chihuahua we found in the internet.
He wants to say: "SPEEDY RECOVERY!"
Nicole WL

Hy Alexis!

This little guys are ready and dressed for your WELCOME HOME PARTY!

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Speedy recovery, and don't jump around in your bed, okay? wink.gif
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