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Dear Friends

"Rhumors" have created more damage, than imaginable.
Some people love indulging in dirt, anmd even ad to it.

Here is my advice:

1) Ignore them

2) Go right to the source- the party the rhumor is all about
if you have the courage- and are interested, to find out the
truth. Either call them or visit them and speak to them face to face!!!

3) do never further a rhumor, unless you can not obey
(1 & 2) above

What is all your opinion please?

Hansi biggrin.gif
Respectfully, Hansi, I feel that even discussing the rumors that abound within our breed allows people the opportunity to shovel even more of them around. Rumors, IMHO, are the cowardly way of trying to hurt someone without going directly to the source to find out the truth of the matter. In the end, no one knows what one person does/thinks/feels without asking that one person. Rumors and that type of thing abound about any trainer/owner/rider that experience any type of success in the ring. I think that if more people had the cojones to go straight to the source the Arabian horse world would be a better place for all. In the end, it is the small minded, cowardly, and insecure person who chooses to voice their opinions about anyone to others rather than having the backbone to go directly to that individual. Confrontation is not comfortable, but being ringed as a rumor monger is much less so. Believe me, no one says well "somebody" said whatever about someone. Names are usually named about who spread the rumor and then the rumor spreader is the one who ends up with the bad reputation in the end.
Dear Alf

I am delighted to hear your analization. this is exactly how I feel.

I have/am hearing many Rumors, and each time advise such party to "research" it DIRECTLY from the HORSE'S MOUTH.

I have read many post on this wonderful forum, and many lead me to believe that they arrived through "rumors".!

Any person, with dignity, human decency in their bones WILL NOT
further them, but go directly to the CAUSE, OR TELL THE RUMOR
furthereers, to go FLY A KYTE.

You have no idea how many e-mails I am getting, some people literally in tears, telling me things. Many of these "rumors" are based on illeterate research, fabrications, and downright dishonest inventions. But this also goes for those who post here under "Guest" with no signature, and such posts we also should take under "rumors". Also these people in my eyes are "cowards"!!!

If we want to succeeed, help each other, and with it ALL ARABIAN HORSES, then we must curb such dishonourable conduct. We can always agree to disagree, but please let it be in dignity and style. And let us stop listening to rumors and making personal attaks!

this is my sincere opinion, by it I lived all my live, and I enjoy continuing it until I go to greener pastures!

Have a grand day and God bless!

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
I was one who e-mailed you with a rumor I heard and took your advice and have kept it to my self since. Even if I found it to be true it would not be for me to disclose, Good advise Heidi
One justly pales at perfection...............................

Thank god I am not perfect...just human.
Hi Hansi and all, - Very well said ALF...

Well, I was taught by my father a few things I'll share that relates to this topic...

"Sweep your own front step before you look at anothers." which co-incided with, "Never mind another person's dirty "closet", pay attention to your own!"

One of his favorite country songs also had a saying he repeated over and over, "You have to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything. You have to be your own (wo)man, not a puppet on a string..." - which also means don't believe everything you hear or anything said about others - go see or hear for yourself - AND have the courage to go against the grain...

He also taught me to stand up and confront injustice when I saw it, and not worry about being "liked" or "accepted" (he called it having a backbone) as I am the one who has to live with myself and my decisions at the end of the day and pay the "dues". That stuck. Although he said to not worry about what my "neighbor" was doing, he encouraged me to take a stand if what they were doing was directly affecting me or endangering others - then he encouraged me to have the convictions to make it my business...

My Baba taught me to "mind my own business and not judge, because you never know when you may find yourself in that same position."

Rumors are rumors. Sometimes, rumors (or trying to discredit people) are started about others in order to try and take their "power" away. They're not true so don't lose any sleep over it and I agree with Hansi's advice. smile.gif Confrontations are required at times...

AND I agree: no one is perfect. smile.gif

Sheila Bautz

OH - PS, Good point Hansi: If we want to succeeed, help each other, and with it ALL ARABIAN HORSES, then we must curb such dishonourable conduct. We can always agree to disagree, but please let it be in dignity and style.
Guest_Al Moussami_*
Hi Sheila
Your BABA was a very wiseman...I am glad that you will always respect what he taught you..

Nice topic and I hope your advice will be followed and elimanate few misunderstanding..

I have always wondered if our beloved Arabian horses could talk and ask of us one favor what it will be ????

"Maybe to return to their beloved desert as these problems never existed until they were offered to the outside world"

Sorry I am still listed as Guest but my name will always follow my entries..
Bachi/Al Moussami
Nadj al Nur
Sheila.......I think I like your Dad !!!!
You and Hansi are both RIGHT ON !!!
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