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Ok, so what did everyone get for Christmas?

I got:
An engagement ring from my Husband! When we got married 6 years ago I never got an engagment ring. I just had a teeny tiny diamond that was a promise ring from two years earlier. I never had a wedding either so....needless to say I can get rather "sour" when discussing the topic. SUPRISE! I have a 3/4 karret diamond with amazing clarity and sparkle! I guess this means I need to start wearing rings again! wink.gif I also got a cd I wanted. This was WAYYYYYYYY over our agreed budget!!!!!!!! tongue.gif
OK, I am NOT complaining!! laugh.gif
I also got a new pair of Dr. Martins (shoes) from my grandparents, money, a shirt, and candies from my parents. Bath stuff, a gift cert. and new pots from my mother in law.
My husband got a new pair of Dr. Martins and gift certs to Dunkin Donuts from me (boy don't I feel like a schmuck!), money, a shirt, and candies from my parents, gift cert, ski stuff, police stuff from his mother/brother.

Of course the dogs and cats got their stockings filled! And all of the horses/ponies had nice crisp apples!

Lets here from YOU! cool.gif

Ya know yer getting old when.....

ya get a rocking chair and a heating pad from is just what you wanted. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Actually the greatest gift that I got was not for Christmas but is in my barn. She is the lovely Tahara El Risaana. To me, a treasure and everyday is like Christmas when I go to tend to her or just to spend time. I have Lisa Busch of Eclipse Arabians to thank for this great gift. Thank You Lisa!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and that Santa was good to you. smile.gif

smile.gif our new house plans are finally in with council (after a 2yr wait) with a promise of "around Christmas start" so this coming year we'll have our new home "soon"!! smile.gif future years will see the up grading of barns etc!

Personally - some very thoughtful gifts from family and friends including a lovely English leather double bridle smile.gif Farad's and my ride on Christmas morning was wonderful trying it out smile.gif

wishing all well during the festive season biggrin.gif and many thanks for the lovely greeting from Aleksi and Oliver - it was lovely smile.gif
Zajaddi Egyptians
I got a tack room that I have been wanting for 4 years! It will really come in handy! The trip to Paris to watch the Salon De Chaval was also part of my Christmas present - I think I will ask for that again in '05!
Thanks Santa!!!
Happy Holidays!
For christmas we mainly got clothes & things that the whole family can use. Coffee pot ,dvd player ,electric blanket, electric skillet & etc.
Danny & I must have been really bad this past year we both came down with a nasty case of Strep Throat

unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif
Well I got the normal sweater, horse stuff and now baby stuff but the thing I liked most was my insulated rubber boots! lol You know your a horse person

I also got the Reference Book of Egypts SE Arabians that I am poring over all the time and it's one of my favorites as well! Thanks Lisa! tongue.gif If I lived over there, boy would I be hounding alot of breeders for foals and such!

Merry Christmas!
Mine hasn 't come yet sad.gif but it is supposed to be this:
I got 14 Lefton Poodle Figurines, expanding my growing collection, nicely!! Also a new TV for my bedroom, clothes, soft navajo blanket, Ariat Boots( from a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND!!!), fragrances, wall plaque, mask, and best of all; A NEW GRANDDAUGHTER!!!

Please welcome Diana Mae Gray( Chris and Debbie Gray) of Michael Byatt Arabians. biggrin.gif

Darcy Gray

PS... Gorgeous, Gari!!!
I received my Christmas present a little early this November. And she is the kindest, most loving present I could have ever received. Her name is "Janey" and she is a 2 year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. smile.gif
I got hot rollers, for those days when I feel like looking like a girl (lol) and some nice Lucky jeans. I also got a new brush set, a longe whip (which really looked funny under the tree), and a copy of the new "A Comprehensive Study of the Horse's Gaits in Motion" which I can't wait to read!!

BTW mckulley, a horse ate the diamond out of my engagement ring when I was helping the vet float his teeth. So BE CAREFUL with your new ring! I still haven't gotten mine replaced!

Thanks! When do we get to see picts of the new Granddaughter??? Can't wait to see.!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

i got love from my dear best friends. and i´m happy with my friends.
what do you want more? what do you want with all these commercial things, when there are so much cries in this world?
Such a thought....

Thank you for the advice on the ring! I can't stop looking at it...but I have to put it away! I wore it to work today and that will be that because of my profession (vet tech) I will end up hurting it....
Another guest
QUOTE (guestGuest @ Dec 27 2004, 10:45 PM)
i got love from my dear best friends. and i´m happy with my friends.
what do you want more? what do you want with all these commercial things, when there are so much cries in this world?

Dear Guest guest,

Who are you to judge? Most of the people posting here devote themselves to many causes that ensures better lives for both people and animals, if not environment -giving not just time but a lot of money too. That they have received gifts may be, in some measure, thank you's for their support. Maybe you don't deserve any and that is why you have such a sour attitude? Ever read, "....he who is without sin-cast the first stone."? Why not simply share the joy?

Another guest
Gari, Chris and Debbie swear they will be in the mail asap!! biggrin.gif (They just moved to Michaels last Sunday!! They might be a little busy with the unpacking!!)
Carol Maginn
I received the gift of being contacted by a new customer outside the US to do a photo shoot for an amazing stallion for use in some of the European Arabian magazines. I feel amazingly blessed.

My wonderful husband also got me some new training equipment from Schneiders - neck sweats, sheets, bridal bags, tail bags, and a saddle bag!!!

Ya Hooo!!!! Thank you God!

Sounds great! Really looking forward to seeing her. When do you get to see your Christmas present in the flesh?
For once, i kept in touch with people!

The majority of Christmas gifts I ever get are usually horse-related but this year it was for my schooling. A friend gave me Studio MX for webdesign (priceless), and I received several calligraphy sets. Wonderful. Books galore (read-a-holic). Gifts I needed.

Lots of kisses and hugs for Skye girl though. She's been giving me this smug look that I'm somewhat worried about. Just when is my next unscheduled dismount, I wonder...either that or she's been mooching treats from her admirers at the barn. What is it about Arabians that draw people in for treats? rolleyes.gif

And then Amanda, of course, gave me a Christmas tease. I almost want to hurt you, has been bothering me in concern to this new stallion! tongue.gif
Got a top of the line 19-inch Sony flat panel monitor for my home computer at a steal of a price! Sure can't do anything smaller and better than that! biggrin.gif

Plus, Gari, the Anne Coulter book, "How to talk to a Liberal"! It's supposed to be hilarious but a bit on the sarcastic side!

The best XMAS gift for me this year is to spend time with family.
QUOTE (Gari @ Dec 28 2004, 04:46 AM)

Sounds great! Really looking forward to seeing her.  When do you get to see  your Christmas present in the flesh?

Gari, Hopefully in March, after Scottsdale, I can spend a long weekend..... smile.gif

I got a present on Christmas eve, it was a filly!!!!!!!!!!
She is By Ansata Selman Out of Imperial Madanah By Imperial Madheen Out of Imperial Naffata, She was born on The 24th December at 23.15pm, at Al Nasser Stud, Qatar.
Could I ever have wished for anything else?!

Congratulations!!! Can you share pictures? smile.gif
guest Elsbetha
My son gave me a big, glossy book called "Horses" printed by Thames and Hudson.

The text is by a so called equine expert, Jean-Louis Gourand.

In the section about purebred arabians he writes about arabian horses from the USA
"they are often maladjusted temperamentally and quite useless as saddle horses".

I'm not from USA but I've already mailed the publisher and told them what I think about that!
Please post to whome we should be writing to! That is absolutely slanderous!
In the section about purebred arabians he writes about arabian horses from the USA
"they are often maladjusted temperamentally and quite useless as saddle horses".

And unfortunately, quite often true. Especially the latter comment.

I better go tell the Arabs at my barn and the surrounding area to start acting horrible and rude, and better yet, I better tell their owners to stop jumping/reining/cutting them

An upcoming 30-minute TV show might be able to change the opinion of this book arthur, giving kudos to Gold Creek Arabians farm. Several TV stations will air a 30-minute show sometime in March with the reach of about 22 million viewings, about the versatile Arabian horses of Gold Creek Arabians, located in Hamilton, Montana. These horses will be seen working cattle and training with the Parelli's National Horsemanship methods. These versatile Arabian horses are TC Moniet’s Legacy and many of his offspring.
Guest, I think you are more than a little confused or just gravely mistaken. Maybe you've visited the wrong farms or the wrong shows and have seen the worst of the worst. Perhaps you should visit the average Arabian owned by an average household who is handled and ridden daily by beginners, children, women, men, guests, less than show--polished owners, and as lesson horses in small programs across the country. Two out of three of my straight Egyptians at home right now (inlcuding a stallion), are wonderful trail horses and can be comfortably ridden by average riders. One of the two is also a champion halter mare who qualitifed for both the Nationals and the Sport Horse Nationals this year.

In addition to these wonderful, kind-hearted se Arabs, I have owned numerous American-bred Arabians who were fabulous riding horses and cherished family members. My last stallion, an Azraff son, was not only a U.S. Top Ten Informal Combination Champion, he was the most incredibly awesome trail horse for more than a decade (in to his twenties) after retiring from the show ring. He never failed to impress the many endurance and cross-country riders we met on the logging trails, most of whom never guessed he was a stallion.

Unless you have visited the "back roads" of the U.S., I sincerely doubt that you (or the original author quoted) are in a position to make such broad statements about the Arabian horses of the U.S. In addition, hiding behind the guest moniker prevents you from even stating by what qualitifications you pass judgement on thousands of wonderful Arabian horses you have never met.
The best using Arabians are not necessarily or only found in the show ring or on the biggest farms. You might seriously consider educating yourself fully before making unfounded statements in the public realm. Conversely, if that poor-type Arab described is the only type you've ever met, perhaps we should offer you condolences on your limited opportunities.
Carol Maginn
About that book comment - it is so ridiculas that it is actually funny to me!!!!!!!!!! I am now totally inspired as I see that obviously anyone with a pen can write a book and get it published!!!! Think I will write one myself full of photos of all the beautiful arabians I have photographed both at liberty and under saddle!!! I seriously would love to do that... Wonder what it would cost to produce and who I could get to publish it. Nancy Pierce has even agreed to collaborate with me on it which means the pedigree research will be fantastic!
guest Elsbetha
Rylolin, read my post again!

It's not my opinion- its what I read in a so called "expert" book I was given for Christmas.

I've had arabhorses for 30 years so I know what their temperaments are like.

I've already contacted the publishers and told them that what their "expert" has written is complete and utter nonsense!

Good idea Carol.

The pictures in this book are peculiar to say the least even though taken by a famous photographer Yann Arthus- Bertrand. The pictures of young arabhorses are grotesque.
Yann Arthus-Bertrand is famous for a book and exhibition called (I think) the World from Above. Perhaps youv'e seen it. In my opinion he should have stayed above and not tried his hand at horse photography!
QUOTE (Gari @ Dec 27 2004, 11:18 AM)
Mine hasn 't come yet sad.gif but it is supposed to be this:

Wow! Gari--

Thems mighty fancy manure kickers! Gosh! I think I saw a pair just like these in the latest issue of Cowboys and Indians magazine.

It just kills me that I can't wear boots like this anymore! They are really fab!!!

Enjoy them when they arrive!!

--Susan biggrin.gif
Darn, Spiker!

I'd love to see this program. I keep meaning to call Suzy Foss and congratulate her on her intestinal fortitude in expressing the truth in her letter to Arabian Horse World, published in the November issue. Boy! Did she ever hit the nail on the head!

--Susan wink.gif
To book lovers...

Barnes and Noble offers a truly fabulous "feast for the eyes" coffee table book at a bargain basement price. It's called "Majestic Horses" and is a photographic marvel by Gabrielle Boiselle. There's a whole section devoted to SE's. Beeeauuuutifulllll!
The cover is a shows a Friesian.

Gorgeous book for a small price!

--Susan wink.gif
Carol, That is terrific news about the photo assignment! What a lovely Christmas! Yea! to echo Darcy...can you share?

Maria, WoWWW! A filly! Well done!

Darcy, can't wait to see!

Spiker-when you are finished with it send it this direction please...sounds hysterical.

Susan! You got it. That is exactly where they were first seen....and if they ever arrive, I'm never taking them off again! know what I mean.
Carol Maginn

I will ask the client if it is okay for me share the news... I will keep you posted!!!

Thanks for the well wishes!


Hello Elisabetha,

Sorry - what I said was directed at the guest who came after you and said:

"RE: What Did You Get For Christmas?
In the section about purebred arabians he writes about arabian horses from the USA
"they are often maladjusted temperamentally and quite useless as saddle horses".

"And unfortunately, quite often true. Especially the latter comment."

The last line above was the other guest's quote. I am in agreement with you and admire that you wrote to the publisher. I was not at all criticizing you. The other guest was agreeing with the author's quote. I'm glad that the book had value to you otherwise for your Christmas pleasure!

I apologize that my comment seemed to be for you....

Have a wonderful New Years!

Eden Arabians
Our gift to ourselves was a beautiful Magnum Psyche colt biggrin.gif We would not normally buy such an expensive present for ourselves but he is sooooo handsome it was really hard not to resist. Those great big doe eyes just said "take me home " and so we did !! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2005 be a happy, healthy and successful one for us all.

Caroline biggrin.gif gbfahne.gif biggrin.gif
Carol Maginn

Awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!! I LOVE to hear people treat themselves to things they love- that is fantastic!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hello my fellow forum members!I have missed you all very much and although I cannot stay on long,I would like to thank both of my friends, Cindy MacDonald and my Dara McAdams for their lovely thanks to me-you both are some of the finest people I have ever met and am blessed to call you my friends!!! smile.gif
I really wanted to express that for Christmas,all I wanted was to help make a difference in a few people's lives and help them acheive a few dreams that they may have and to give them some happiness-I knew Cindy would be a wonderful owner for Tia (Tahara El Risaana) and I knew Dara would love her book,so I know I got what I wanted-lots of love and joy that hopefully will spill over to 2005.As many of you know,2004 was a tough year for me,but I must always look towards the future,as it holds the key to continued happiness and to dreams being fulfilled!
I had to share this picture of Tia that Cindy sent me over the weekend-I think you will all agree that this lovely mare holds the promise to bring her new owner a wonderful future!BTW,Oliver told me when we first aquired Tia that her first colt,that was sold and exported to Morocco,had been shown at the Worlds in Paris and took a 3rd place-I was so pleased!
I hope this finds you all healthy and happy and I look forward to being able to participate more on my favorite forum,now that the holidays are over-I have missed everyone greatly and have felt a bit out of touch not being able to spend time with you all! smile.gif
Hey Lisa,

Good to see ya back on the forum!

As for Tia...well she is a treasure! I will be thanking you forever for this lovely old girl.
I hope you have a wonderful 2005 and that all good things happen your way. You deserve it!!!!

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