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I've yet to see many, if any of anyone's Arabians under saddle, so how bout it, let's see them smile.gif Nope, they don't need to be taken by pro's for you to post them smile.gif

I all too often just see halter poses...lets see them under saddle biggrin.gif

Here are four pictures to start......

Hi Teri!

Great suggestion!

Both of your horses are lovely. The rose grey reminds me so much of my Azclipta when he was just a young boy! He turned flea-bitten in his twilight years.

It's so nice to see people truly enjoying "riding" their horses!

--Susan biggrin.gif
biggrin.gif Thanks. I really do enjoy riding, and hadn't be able to for a while. The rose grey just finished 5 months of pro training. Far from beign erady to show, but we are getting there, maybe next year wink.gif

The flea-bitten grey gelding isn't mine anymore, that picture was taken at an open show, he got two thirds, one fourth, two fifths and one 6th place that day against 15-30 people in each class, and most were other breeds. I was real proud. The young girl was me years ago. laugh.gif

Anyways, I really look forward to seeing everyone on their horses!!! biggrin.gif
Will attempt to add some photos of our horses under saddle...the drawback being my competence-or lack of it-with the printer! We do ride all our horses, and hopefully you will see a photo of Hlayyil Ramadan under saddle soon as Erik is going to start riding him,God Willing. Alia
Hi Terri

those are really very beautiful photos and Arabians. you are right, we need to see these georgous creatures under saddle.

thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Dear Princess Alia

I am absolutely delighted to hear this, this is just wonderful.For a moment I thought I was all alone "pushing" riding and testing.

Have a nice evening
Hansi biggrin.gif .
Hi biggrin.gif
I will add a picture of my mare Bint Zafera.
She is 7 years old.
Last weekend i got a second place in LB1 dressage. smile.gif

Pernille [Denmark] rolleyes.gif Guldklumperne
another pic:
EH Hakim (Al Nowasy x Halima)

Wow! What a neat photograph! Ahhh! It's always been a dream of mine to ride a spirited Arabian across the sands near the ocean one day!

Beautiful stallion!

--Susan wink.gif
i hope pics without saddle are allowed too...

young Oli (21) biggrin.gif and old SHAWKY (26) (Morafic x Bint Mabrouka) in 1989
Hanna S

Here are a few photos of Ramzi (Ramses x Zeta Bint Zahri), chestnut gelding born 1992 and Kiss of Fire (Kismet x Orient Night), grey gelding born 1996.

Hanna, Kisse and Shaaga

Guest_Jani P
Endurance on a beach in Denmark.
All horse are arabian.

Guest_Jani P
One More i forgot tongue.gif

Guest_Jani P
Fair Qubic (CA Tornado x Bint Quahir)

Foto: Jani Pedersen
Guest_Jani P
Purebreed Arabian..

Guest_Fredenslyst Arabians
How wonderfull to see all these beautifull photos of arabian horses under saddle.

Heres a few more (taken at the national riding show for arabian horses, in Denmark 2002).

All photos are by Heidi Glisborg and Berit Nielsen

Guest_Fredenslyst Arabians


this is my two year old colt Aliyy Kamal & Jenny,
sorry- without saddle and Bridle, he is still to joung , we will start to riding him next Year.

Miri smile.gif
Michelle Salmon
WOW! she's brave!!!

Nice photo's - I miss my ridden arab!!!! sad.gif
very nice idea........
my stallion Mitch [Sahmed] by, Dakhilah x gelding since 1/2 March, hope it works....
saskia stoker.
The Netherlands.

SUPER !!!!!....that Eric Dorssers is going to ride "THE GREAT WHITE ONE" .
and one more, when we were just ready with training in the woods......
saskia stoker,
The Netherlands.
What beautiful photos! How nice to see such a lovely thread smile.gif

I think I am quite fond of the second grey (almost white) horse with the child, at the beginning. What a beautiful horse!

And the riders on the beach, what gorgeous photos and horses....everyone here who has posted should be so proud!

El Miladi
Tyler, at age 12, with the straight Egyptian gelding Shai Elation (*Simeon Shai x AK Dalulia), his best equine buddy!
Would love to send you a foto of my arabian mare working the cattle here in Argentina or playing polo - she is a great player, but she is 8 month pregnant now... and I never took a foto of her when she was "working"...

EH Assam (Gharib x Aminah) and Oli
KORDELAS (Monogramm X Kabala by Palas) ridden daily at his new home in Texas.
Guest_Fredenslyst Arabians
Mmm.....what a wonderfull photo of Kordelas.
I LOVE the colours on that photo !!! smile.gif
See now THIS is what *I* would LOVE to be seeing in all of the magazines biggrin.gif

Great photos, lovely horses, keep them coming!!! smile.gif

Teri biggrin.gif
Ah! Too Much!

You're living my dream, Oli! I'll bet your romp across the water was so exhilarating!

Assam is beautiful!

Love those "Gharib" kids!

--Susan biggrin.gif
Dick, Kordelas looks so relaxed and calm.

How's he enjoying the Texas climate?

He sure is a lovely stallion. We can't wait to see some of his offspring here, soon!

To Everyone Who Posted Photos!

Thank you all so very much! It does my heart immense good to see people riding and enjoying their horses. There are so many lovely photos of beautiful horses and happy humans!

I'm supposed to be on a diet! Too much "eye candy" here!

Seriously, as another forum member noted, Why don't we see more pictures like these in the major breed publications? Yeah, people can ooh and aah over the statue-like body shots, but the real interest springs from the horse-rider connection!

Geesh! If other people who have an interest in horses can see photos like these in magazines it's definitely going to pique their interest and excitement even more, and they'll want to have an Arabian of their very own.

Let's all write to the new Arabian Horse Association and suggest they include photos like these in every issue!

--Susan wink.gif
Hi everyone from Australia

Here is a photo of our Stallion Pearsons Shakayne (Odenuel x Pearsons Sarchi) out riding on what we call a stock route down here.
Hope the attachement works.


Djalwa el Absha & Jenny

Miri smile.gif

I would like to share these photos with you. They are taken in end of April, when we had visit of the Danish Arabian Riding Club.

They show our stallion Wisdoms Promise (Wisdom El Masran/Masran El Shaklan x Sawannah/Ibn El Mokari)

Wisdoms Promise has been ridden since the start of January this year. The photos are taken by my very good friend Marianne S. Krog.

rolleyes.gif from Lone - Karmdal
EH HAKIM (Al Nowasy x Halima)

and 3 pics for Susan....
EH ASSAM (Gharib x Aminah)

EH BAHIM (Al Nowasy x Bashirah by Shawky)
My mare WADINAH (Marbach-Egyptian). Not a perfectly sharp photo but visible: Arabs can be ridden an can move..
A young Se stallion going western
Here's a horse of a dear friend of mine - he's a gorgeous russian stallion, sired by BALATION and out of a great producing MIROK MONPELOU daughter.
He's already a regional champion and national reserve champion in REINING. Some QuarterHorse-people wish their QHs would slide like this one does !
I love this photo of the black under saddle. The horse is from Black Smoke Arabians, but I'm not sure what his name is.
Unfortunately I don't have any photos of myself riding my horses - as I'm usually the person behind the camera. However Jo Hamilton-Branigan kindly sent me this photo of her husband Marty riding my mare Desert Fox Valkyrie (Simeon Solomon x Spanish Fantasia) last year.

I am very impressed by the photos of people jumping their arabians - wow - so many people here say - oh arabians cannot jump.

The horses on the beach are my favourite shots - just beautiful.


Beautiful photo. You must have had a great time riding Assam in this picture. Lovely horse.
Thank you all for posting such beautiful photos of your horses under saddle. It is a joy to see these animals performing!! Great pictures.
My first purebred and I when he was about 4 years old (so the yr was 1991!) doing some small jumps at pony club... he hadnt been jumping long at that time and was broken in at age 3.
Hanna S

Here's one more of jumping arabian. This was taken three weeks ago at show jumping competition, I am jumping my 7-yo gelding Kiss of Fire (Kisse).

Hanna, Shaaga and Kisse
Hi all !

Nice to see so many people riding their horses !

Here I´m at our training-area at ´Christian von der Recke`s place, you can see the hurdles and the race-track in the background.
Newel (AAF Absolut x Amun Bint Kaishana)

ciao roland palm
Here we are in a FN test in show-jumping.

Quality of the photo´s is not as it should be. Try to take better one´s at the next competitions.

ciao roland palm
Great to see all these people riding their Arabians! Especially as another stupid article appeared in a German Magazine a short while ago, stating once again that most Arabians are unrideable... Perhaps the writer should take a look in this thread!

I'll add a picture of me with Davidoff (Kubinec x Nikita by Narav ibn Aswan), who has been with me for a week now, in preparation for dressage/showjumping/eventing this year. But it's still surprising how many people firmly believe that you can't ride show horses... wink.gif biggrin.gif

jahill from thee desperado out of ansata justina
and another one
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