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HarmonY ArabianS
Muliva Florent / France / HarmonY ArabianS

Hello everybody;

Just a word, to speak about a small mare straight egyptian which participates in the official competitions of what today what one call in France; the T.R.E.C. (Technique of trek of Competition. And who is in full progress in these official tests of the championship of France.

Note: a competition of TREC consists of 3 parts:
- The P.O.R. (Course of Orientation) which consists in following exactly the compulsory plan of a card; a course which varies between 25 and 50 km and which is to punctuate by controls and average speeds imposed on various sections (between 7 and 15 kph).

- The mastery of the speeds; test consisting in executing the fastest step and the slowest galop on a given distance.
- The PTV (Cross on Varied Ground) which is a course consisted of obstacles and tests to be crossed(exceeded) (For example: Open/Close a gate(portal) on horseback; crossed a bridge; execute a slalom; cross(exceed) hedges, trunk of tree, against height, against bottom; crossed a guÍt; Make the horse rise in a Van; ascending and downward plans; test of the montoir, test of the immobility, etc.)
Now you can doubtless say to me the name of the equivalent of these competitions in the USA and in the world.

The history of Saghira:

/ Kaisoon / Nazeer
Sire: Moneer ---------------------------------------- -----
/ \ Moneera / Alaa El Din
Saghira ---------------------------------------------------------------
\ / Nizam / Shaarawi
Dam: El Thay Lateefa -----------------------------------
\ Haseeba / Mashhour

Born in 1992, Saghira was a excellent mare to has her last foal in February, 2002. Falakee Ibn Saghira is a very tall foal and who tired a lot Saghira; then I decided of not not in the reproduction this year there. I then took advantage of this occasion to open her, and which surprise!! Saghira is an exceptional mare under the saddle. And the confidence that we have the one for the other one allowed her to develop its sports capacities in a fast way. I worked this mare following sweet methods based on the ethology.
Saghira is a mare with exceptional mental, and a good harmonious conformation.
Some months after our first works in saddle, She participated in small competitions of show jumpings (1m in 1m20), who confirms her capacities of clearing and courage; but her means are limited. Then I began to make TREC, and I discovered that this very general-purpose discipline was perfectly convenient for her and allowed her to advance all its qualities which her confidence absolved to her rider) at the highest level!.
Today, Saghira imposes slowly in a difficult discipline ( the TREC) upon high level. I have a lot of hope on this mare, and I hope that she will succeed in being classified in the best at the national level; and why not, a day at the international level (Olympic Games and World championship of TREC.
Naturally, a day will sound the time of the end of competition (at about 18 years); and she can again offer me some foal, who I hope will have all her qualities decorated with most than a good father.

If her history pleased you, know that I look for correspondents in the world which participates in sports tests with their Arabians horses straight egyptian, where more simply persons who lived extraordinary histories with their horses.
I also look for correspondents to share my knowledge in work of horses; as well for the gone(taken) up work as for the difficult profession of handler.
I am also at arrangement of all the owners of Arabians horses straight egyptian to help them to work / to communicate with their horses, and to help them to resolve problems following sweet and successful methods.

Best regards

Florent Muliva
HarmonY ArabianS
Other Photo of SAGHIRA
HarmonY ArabianS
Other photo of Saghira
she's lovely! good job on her training and versatility.
HarmonY ArabianS
One last photo of Saghira
HarmonY ArabianS
Thank you,

And you, If you have horses; What do you with them make?

my horses are mostly hunter/jumpers. i have an up and coming reining horse and two, possibly three that will go dressage. for fun, we ride the trails.
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