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Happy New Year

I wondered what impressions those of you who have attended the Egyptian Event over the past couple of years had of the stallion Presumido Feisal and if anyone had copied down his 'marks' from 2003 and/or 2004? Does anyone have any experience breeding his female line through Latifa Ladad and *Olaya by Shaarawi? Are there any pictures available of *Olaya? This doesn't seem to be a very popular female line.

I had been thinking about this cross for my Dharib-Sehnab mare as Feisal phenotypically seems to have the combination of shorter back and archy neck that she requires, but it is quite a radical outcross. I would appreciate any thoughts.
Do you mean Presumido Feisul ?? wink.gif
Yes, please excuse the spelling error.
I think he is a nice stallion, one of the few black stallions I agree should be breeding. He is a great outcross stallion with an unusal pedigree full of notable horses. He also had a great personality and is very laid back and easy to get along with while being sure of his worth. I would love to see some pics of his foals. I know he has done well at the Event the last couple of years and think if he was shown by a good trainer and shown to his full ability he could do even better.
Here is a pic I took of Presumido from the Event this year - not the best but it does show he has a nice body.

He is a pretty horse. Top side kinda not well known, dam' side is but the mare has awful awful legs. I would want to see his ability to NOT sire the same.
Sorry this first pic is so large - I resized it smaller, but could not delete or edit the 1st post.

WOW he is beautiful

I saw him back at the stalls a couple of years ago and I liked him a great deal. (I'm a huge Mareekh fan.) Everyone was walking around during the barn parties and a group of people just sort of clustered around his stall, so the owner took him out and showed him off. I believe he had a leg injury when young, so he has not been shown as much as he might otherwise have (please correct me if I'm wrong, it's early in the morning!) I thought he was a very lovely horse and his owner was very friendly.
An American Breeder
The lady that owns this horse is Julie Teutsch of Michigan. She has one SE mare and a couple of Straight Spanish mares. Her website has not been updated since late 2003; it lists two mares in foal to him so perhaps if you contact her she could email photos of the foals by him. One mare is a double Halima mare and the other is a Norus by Gharib daughter.

I hope the url is okay to post -- if not, then Oliver, please delete.
Boy, I sure seem to be posting a lot today, after not posting for MONTHS, lol.

This is a lovely stallion. He is nicely balanced, and has a VERY pretty face. He is standing about 7 miles from me at Twin Creeks, with Theresa Rorbaugh in Morely, MI.
The times I have been there he also seemed to have a nice attitude and temperament.
I heard a RUMOR there was some interest from overseas to possibly purchase him, but I am NOT sure of that.
I'd like to bump this thread up as I'm considering this young stallion for my mare.

Has been a year now; any more thoughts? Foals are available for viewing on his website as well. I've now seen his video and do think he is a very nice mover and looks to have a wonderful temperment.

Please tell me about his bloodlines? I am looking to add type and strengthen topline; are his lines capable? His dam was mentioned as having poor legs; in which way?

Thank you
This is the mare OLAYA.
Hope it helps. smile.gif
I live very close to Twin Creek farms, and have seen Presumido Feisul in person as well as on video. He is a gentle stallion, and I found him to be overall pleasing to look at. He has a wonderful back, long hip, good arch to the neck, and his legs I would rate as good (but not perfect). The only faults that I would nick pick at is that he is not very dry in the head, doesn't have tremendous hock action or stretch, and doesn't have the presence that I would like to see in a stallion. His offspring are very nice, though, and I am waiting to see more of them before I decide to breed to him myself. He has thrown 1 black, 2 greys, two bays, and a chesnut. You can see more of him and his offspring on Twin Creek Farm's website at: . As far as pedigree goes, his dam contains *EL MAREEKH, SHAARAWI, and TUHOTMOS. All of whom are very famous and good sires. The main dam line has been known for throwing legs that are not of the best quality, so I would be careful when breeding any mare to Presumido Feisul who is not sound in the legs herself. Feisul's grandsire Rahima is out of the famous Imperial Imdal and the gorgeous mare APPLE HILL AGIBA (who is a FULL sibling to Apple Hill El Nisr I think). Rahima is the full brother to VA Lalique, a true 16 hand mare who won the Region 11 championship unanimously a few years ago and the Boggs were heard to say "Where did they get that Bey Shah daughter?lol! I will post a very old picture of Rahima for all to see. By the way, here is the story of Rahima told by his owner Pete Hiatt:
"Rahima had a tough beginning. He was his mother's first foal and she did not accept him. He was Vallee Arabians first Straight Egyptian foal out of their foundation SE mare, Apple Hill Agiba (Imperial Imdal x Apple Hill Agiba). They gave him goat milk and formula and he collicked and had collick surgery his first day of life. He got an e-coli infection from the surgery and it eventually went into the bone. It would seem to be under control until the bone grew and reinfected him. 2 1/2 years at the New Boltin Center in Pa with much of that time in intensive care. Three times his death rattles were heard and they went into his stall for the killer shot only to have him rise as if to say "Not yet!" They had an IV in him for months. They devised a way to keep it in him for up to six weeks at a time. I cannot even find a vein on his left side. When he was finally cured ($100,000. later), he could not be shown in halter as the ecoli had glassed over one eye. He was put with a "performance trainer" who unbeknownst to the Vallees, believed that the best way to train a horse was to beat it every day. Six weeks later, the Vallees found out. Paul Zigo never could break Rahima's will, but he did find the only way to have him lose his trust of humans. It has been many years to gain that trust back. The video of his get is extremely impressive. He has the best neck of any Imdal son."
smile.gif My mare is now in foal to Presumido for a 2007 foal.Presumido has the Risala mare family on bottom, and the awesome Malaka family on top, I'm still deciding on whether to breed my other 2 mares to him in 2007, he has no yrling or 2 yr old pics of his foals for me to evaluate.I do know he's got an awesome,"puppy dog" temperment.I'll see what my mare in foal to him throws this yr,she's a black bay mare gdaughter of Simeon Shai both sides...
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