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Hi All..
I have received what I consider formidable advice to help me with my breeding decision, thanks to this forum. Now if I can find an Arabian Minded Mate, I'd have it all.....
Good Luck! biggrin.gif
Try there are a few Arabian singles on there but you have to look.
I think arabian minded men are harder to find. Actually horse minded men are just hard to find period! laugh.gif

My hubby and his friends think all horses are donkeys sad.gif Thats ok though! My next hubby will love horses! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Acorn Arabians
I agree horse minded men are a very rare commodity indeed. One that likes arabs now that is some ask!
If theres any spare then do share the information wink.gif
Helen gbfahne.gif
Sorry to disappoint ladies, but this arab minded man has just become engaged, so is unavailable.
Grin, maybe men just no longer wanna mock the stables of their woman's ever growing herd of horses - we have a life too you know laugh.gif
Met my husband through horses! They Do exist! biggrin.gif Alia
Eric, please tell us that your fiance is a horse lover! One Arabian horse adoringgentleman I know, married a beautiful younger woman. She'd rather he spend his money on other things (Fendi, Chanel, Hummers, etc.). It makes it really, really hard to have such different interest.
As Princess Alia said, we do exist!

I have had a passion for Arabian horses my whole life. I can't imagine life without horses!

Although, I must confess that my wife does not share my passion. She enjoys looking at the horses from afar, but she does not have the "genetic" attraction to horses. She cannot understand the joy I get from staying up all night waiting for a mare to foal, or even the joy I get from grooming a horse, or cleaning out the stables! Now isn't that strange?!

Our friends say that she provides a healthy counter weight to my obsession with horses.

My 16 year old daughter, does seem to have some attraction toward horses, and I am hoping it increases over time. I was delighted with how much she enjoyed the trip to the Salon du Cheval this year! There is still hope!

Us men that love Arabian horses may not be numerous, but there are a few out there!

Actually my fiancee is not a horse lover, but she's supportive of my addiction and I'm confident I can bring her around. She already understands that we can't get married in june as it would conflict with the Egyptian Event, and I have agreed to skip the European Event in order to have a horse free honeymoon. Quite generous of me don't you agree ???
What makes a person into a horse or dog or cat or animal lover or hater or indifferent??? I've loved horses ever since I knew what one was but I wasn't brought up with nearest horsey connection is my great grandad who was a cavalry officer WW1...I like dogs too...cats, well they're OK but I wouldn't want one. Any theories?????
unsure.gif gbfahne.gif unsure.gif gbfahne.gif unsure.gif gbfahne.gif
Yep. I would suggest you take her to the Event with you as a true test! If that doesn't bring her around, nothing probably will! BTW, Congratulations!
Some of us feel more attraction to certain animals-birds-fish whatever than others but it`s my experience that barring phobias and antipathies resulting from bad experiences,most of us change preconceived dislikes or prejudices towards abnimals when we have actually spent time any member Of that species and got to `know`, it. Often the same as with people I guess! biggrin.gif Alia
Actually, I was told by one woman (who honestly believed what she was saying) that now that I had a horse my "availability pool" of guys decreased drastically .............. rolleyes.gif

At the Egyptian Event this year I picked up a bumper sticker (to put on a car) that made me smile. It said "Honk if you're cute and love horses". biggrin.gif

With me it's definitely a case of "love me, at least put up with my horse" because we come as a package deal..................... tongue.gif

Deb Charnuski
Before I'd even Think about the other gender again, they'd have to own at least two Arabian horses, prefeably SE, sit in the saddle and ride at least three hours with out complaining, be able to saddle own horse.Be able to sit at horse shows. And never add up my horse expenses! I'll stick with horses never had a Husband as long as I've keep horses! biggrin.gif
I love " Guests " response! laugh.gif Mine helped muck out stalls until we got married and then things sure changed! <_<
Mine (liked horses till we got married) <_<
I'am single and will probably stay that way unless I can find a guy that loves horses (Arabians) as much as I do............or at least likes horses!!!

Because, they are apart of me! tongue.gif

i think toure all lucky not to have a horsey partner cool.gif mine is more horsey than me!! he competes in endurance, dressage, and is into showing arabs rolleyes.gif all we argue about is whos horse is whos!! we own 5 arabs which types of mares we cover with our stallion which bloodlines are best! and worst of all!! who is the better rider?? unsure.gif i have to say he is ohmy.gif (hope he doesnt read this i will never hear the end of it!!) amanda.
Cyglenda Miller

My first date with my husband was to the boarding stable to see his Arabian colt that he had just purchased. smile.gif Didn't even know he had a horse until he said we were stopping at the stable. Being someone that had wanted horses her whole life, it was a dream come true. We've been married 23 years next month on Valentine's Day.

Cyglenda smile.gif
Do what I did convert one,lol. My hubby was a QH/APHA man-reining and cutting trainer when we meet-I was that crazy lady down the road that boards stallions and oh my goodness she has those Crazy Ayrabs too!!! Well he never left, sold his other breeds-now shows halter and rides WP,lol.
I am also one of the lucky ones that found an arabian horse loving male, and he is arabic himself, coming from Jordan, and living in the US (but we might be moving back to Qatar this year, as he liked his work there much more) rolleyes.gif we are planning to buy our first straight egyptian, and he isnt even complaining about the prices on the horses I showed him, and agreed with me that it has to be one of the best we can afford biggrin.gif I am satisfied, and dont have anything to complain about...
Hi Gang!

Though I've been single all my life, I've had a couple casual relationships with men who've loved horses, especially Arabians. Neither of the two were men I would have wanted to marry, although both remain friends to this day.

There is a wonderful website sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States that is geared to introduce people who love animals to one another. It's called "Animal Attraction".

I've been an animal lover all my life and have always adored Arabian horses in particular. Now I'm a hopeless feline aficionado--currently share my life with 11! As soon as I can figure out how to post a "decent" picture of myself on their website, I hope to meet some new men who love animals and would like to strike up a new relationship with a woman who shares their enthusiasm for fur kids. One thing to consider about people who love animals--it's so easy to lure a person into the world of Arabians. They sell themselves!

Good luck to you all!

--Susan (still "single" in Sacramento--Ha! Ha!) wink.gif
Helga M.
QUOTE (aliaalhussein @ Jan 9 2005, 06:59 PM)
They Do exist! biggrin.gif Alia

WHERE ARE THEY ph34r.gif biggrin.gif
Last year I was in Middle East and Egypt and I believe that there are more horse loving men in these countries than in Europe or in America - why ?? unsure.gif
I had a very interesting discussion with a man in Egypt to this effect, but we found no explanation <_<

Greetings from another single

Sorry, but I know - my English is not the best smile.gif
Almase Arabians
Hey, maybe we guys can make some money out of this! How about a male version of (just read an article about it in "new business franchise) laugh.gif
Aren't you afraid of being mistaken for a boy-toy? or a gigolo? *sigh* .... ph34r.gif
I would sent out others and limit myself of taking your bookings (and collect the fees) wacko.gif
Almase ArabiansGuest
(Considering the troubles with women with horses, the rates would of course be higher than on the site of reference)
A perfect guy that loves Arabian Horses would be great...... BUT... I think you might have more luck just looking for one that supports your expensive habit :-) Good luck!
Zajaddi EgyptiansGuest
Amen to that Allison! My hubby says the horses are therpy for him, especially when he's had a hectic day in the office. He goes out in the pastures or up the barn and feeds, cleans stalls (only sometimes) and maintains everything. He even had a tack room built for me for my Christmas present.
I wish all the "lookers" out there good luck!

By the way, I have a cute picture of you and Mario from Paris - I'll have to email it to you. Can you send me your email address?
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