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Dear Forum,

After reading the new I articulate of Ruminaja, I returned to find to an "old love" that always are present in my hear and the his offsprings and grandsons that Thanks to the beautiful Lenita Perroy we enjoyed in my country.

The beautiful Ali Jamaal, always dream with visiting it in his home in Brazil, to be able to see its extreme essence and to complete that great love that I feel by him. But so far that dream this very far from being fulfilled.

I have some data and some photos, but desire to know if somebody can share with me some more data and some photos of some magazine or book.
I have looked for information in Internet, but there is no much.

Thank you very much!

my e-mail is

Best Regards,

Marianella smile.gif

Photographer: Sparagowski
Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Not another Ali Jamaal thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blink.gif
QUOTE (Guest @ May 21 2003, 02:17 AM)
Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Not another Ali Jamaal thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  blink.gif

Dear Guest,

Thanks for your commentary. But the next time, please tell me your name to know to that I´m writing to him. cool.gif

Best Regards,

Marianella and *Ali Jamaal smile.gif
I love Ali Jamaal! He´s the best Ruminaja´s son.
I have two daughters of "Ali".

Regards, Eduards and Ali´s daughters!!
paola marinangeli
Dear Marianella,

Ali Jamal is indeed a wonderful representative of the Arabian Horse breed. During
this week we had an International Show in Rome, and the Best in Show and
Champion Stallion was a grandson of Ali Jamal, that you probably know as he
came back to Italy from USA, some months ago. QR EXCEL by Magic Dream
and I can tell you that he has the same charisma and beauty of Ali Jammal -
A very impressibe stallion, very elegant and at the same time, with a powerful
construction but absolutely not heavy....a wonderful bay colour - He made a
SUPER show, and when he moved around the ring, full of energy and ''power''
believe me......all the audience were ....breathless. You know that my love and
preference is for Egyptians and in particular for.... certain Egyptians from....Egypt
so we are comparing and talking about Arabian horses having some differences
in ''type'' and ''style'' (this what my ''artist'' eyes can capture comparing for example,
Farid Albadeia and in this case, Excel), but both are beautiful example of the
Arabian horse beauty. As you have started this threat about Ali Jamal I wanted
to let you know that Ali Jamal blood is very well represented in my Country I will
try to post some photos, but I am very very bad with this kind of ''technical'' matters.
Have a wonderful day

Why is it that he is stood on a hill???
That's the usual position in the US to make the topline appearing flat. But Ali Jamaal's topline IS excellent even without a hill.
Liz Salmon
I had a very close look at him one year in Scottsdale. He's a lovely horse and pretty correct too. The cross of his bloodlines and Padron's Psyche seems to be a particularly good one. Liz Salmon
I have seen Ali Jamaal when he was US National Champion 1991 and at home in Brazil,he has the most amazing flat hip you could wish for and it is past to his foals time and time again...... gbfahne.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Is he a nasty tempered stallion? Is that the tuth or a lie?
Whoever told you that was never ever near him.
By any means this stallion hasn't a nasty temperament.
QUOTE (Liz Salmon @ May 21 2003, 04:49 AM)
I had a very close look at him one year in Scottsdale. He's a lovely horse and pretty correct too. The cross of his bloodlines and Padron's Psyche seems to be a particularly good one. Liz Salmon

Hi Liz,

I was just curious on your thought of *Ali Jamaal and the Bey Shah lines. They seem to be very nice crosses, in my opinion. The crosses with the Padrons Psyche horses sound like they would be nice.
There are many nice foals from *Ali Jamaal. He has contributed greatly to our breed. Off the top of my head I can think of *Magic Dream, *Parys El Jamaal, *Ludjin El Jamaal, *Dakar El Jamaal, and Maya El Jamaal. Even though they are all different, they also are distinctively *Ali Jamaal offspring. You can spot a *Ali Jamaal bred horse immediately. They have their own look!!
Liz Salmon
Journey, I'm afraid that I'm not a fan of Bey Shah at all. The severe leg problems can skip a generation too. I much prefer the Ali Jamaal/Padrons Psyche cross for many reasons. Liz Salmon
DinFayez 7
Jamaal is a very sensitive stallion, as was his sire Ali and his brother Ali El Din and His Uncle Fayez. The Ali line likes to bond usually with one person. Those stallions were never mean! When Jamaal was born he was so pretty and refined! We thought that Heritage Memory finally produced a filly for us! (LOL) Jamaal had a incredible showy attitude when he was a baby! Jamaal would kind of tease you in the fact that we would put on a show with his tail over his back & prance around, get your attention then run away from you! (LOL) In the showring in those early years when we owned Jamaal, Jamaal would stand out in a crowd with that rich bay color, long neck, freaky head and perfect star! People really didn't know what they were looking at! (LOL) I bet allot of you don't know why he was named Ali Jamaal? Ali Jamaal was named after my Uncle's favorite Basketball player, Jamaal Wilkes, who played for the L.A. Lakers. Just a little trivia for you Jamaal fans out there!! (LOL)

Matt Bergren
Hi Liz,

Thanks for your input on the Bey Shah and Ali Jamaal cross. I haven't seen an Ali Jamaal and Padrons Psyche cross yet (that I can remember smile.gif ) but will keep my eyes peeled.


thanks for that little trivia. Just a couple days ago I was talking about Ali Jamaal with my mother, and we both were thinking I wonder where his name came from. Now I can tell her!! lol
Thanks to all to participate in this topic. biggrin.gif

The grandson of Ali Jamaal of Uruguay, Ajwad El Jamaal that I know more, has much of his grandfather. His maternal great-grandfather is SX. Saladin. This grandson of Ali Jamaal in movement is magnify!

Ali Jamaal is charming and very is loved in Brazil and Uruguay. smile.gif

You know Ali Dancer? It has a seal that says fact in Ali Jamaal. Line does not have good top line. But he is very pleasant to see it. Her mother is daughter of Bey Shah, a beautiful mare.

I will add more names to your list , Journey, to other sons like:

Lethyf El Jamaal, Ryad El Jamaal, Jahd El Jamaal, Soho Carol, Dream Quest, Somente El Jamaal, Renaissance, Arkane El Jamaal, Tamaal FA, Balih El Jamaal, Gran Ali Jamaal, Gris El Jamaal, Jary El Jamaal (Full brother of Jahd), Ludjin El Jamaal, Thay El Jamaal, Rio El Jamaal ( Full Brother of Ryad), Shiraz El Jamaal, Halim El Jamaal, Brioni Carol, etc.

In this photo uncle (*Ali Dancer) and nephew (*Lark by Ryad El Jamaal)

Photographer: Java

Best Regards,

Can you tell me where I might be able to get a look at (either through pictures or visiting a farm) Ali Jamaal/Padrons Psyche horses? I have not personally seen any so far-at least I don't think I have! smile.gif

QUOTE (StarVision @ May 22 2003, 04:30 PM)

Can you tell me where I might be able to get a look at (either through pictures or visiting a farm) Ali Jamaal/Padrons Psyche horses? I have not personally seen any so far-at least I don't think I have! smile.gif


Hi Natalie,

Ali Jamaal lives in Sao Pablo, Brazil, his owner is Lenita Perroy.

Padrons Psyche, returned to their home in North Arabians, with their charming Dixie owner.
It can visit the Web Padrons Psyche and contact to Dixie, to visit his farm.

Best Regards,

Thank you for adding to my list of names. I couldn't think that day very well wink.gif

Dream Quest is about 30 minutes from where I live and I do plan on visiting him. I really think he is a beautiful horse and is siring some lovely foals.

I only saw Lethyf El Jamaal by pictures. sad.gif Anyone have pictures of him by the way, recent ones? Where is he now?

Soho Carol is a nice stallion too. His sons and daughters are starting to shine.

Oh I could go on and on about some of those horses you listed. Tamaal is suppose to have one of the best temperments. Everyone tells me that. Arkane El Jamaal I have on ly seen by photos. Anyone know how he moves?

I better let someone else write now because I'll just keep going on more of those names biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Hi Journey,

Lethyf El Jamaal
He lives in Brazil, his owner is Mr. BENEDITO MORATO DO AMARAL.
He this very beautiful!

Best Regards,

BST Feevr by Ali Jamaal

He has a look like his father. Somebody has seen it in person?
They say that he has a great temperament.

and his full brother BST Dajamaal

Best Regards,

Liz Salmon
The Magic Dream foals out of Psyche mares works extremely well. I have just sold one to the UK who was Champion at her first show. It also works with Magic Dream mares put to Psyche. The type and movement is usually superb. The Ali Jamaal bloodlines are becoming as popular as Padrons Psyche round the world, I would say at the moment. Liz Salmon
Dear Liz,

Just yesterday it remembered Magic Dream, another wonderful son of Ali Jamaal.
You have made think me about the daughters of Padrons Psyche, all almost is you magnify and good mothers.
Thus I thought about the daughters of Ali.
We always spoke of the sons, you know some daughter outstanding Ali?
I in Brazil have seen very good, but I have the slight impression that is better the sons.
What think?

Best Regards,

Marianella smile.gif
BST Dajamaal lives about 45 minutes from me, but I have never seen him. His pictures look pretty.
Ali Jamaal is truly one of the great modern-day sires of the Arabian breed. He is consistent in passing on refinement, beautiful type, correct conformation and showy presence.

While walking through the stalls at a large class-A show several years ago in Reno, Nevada, I was drawn to the most beautiful little filly who sleeply had her head hanging over the door. I walked up to her and just said Wow! She had the most exquisitely refined, delicate face with enormous black eyes and a shock of glossy, silky black mane and forelock. She was so inquisitive and eager for attention. I just stroked her and talked to her and when I found someone near her stall, I asked if she was an Ali Jamaal daughter. Yes, and she was for sale, too! If wishes were horses that day, she'd have come have with me for sure!

I think one of the true marks of a great breeding stallion is to not only complement the mare, compensating for shortcomings, etc., but to be able to stamp each foal with his immediately recognizable physical characteristics. Ali Jamaal does this in spades.

Fortunately for him, Lenita Perroy has surrounded him with some of the finest mares in the world and has bred him judiciously. By not making him available to public stud, his sons and daughters will continue to be in demand and command enviable prices.

I love his sons, Dream Quest, QR-Excel, Renaissance, and Tamaal. There are many, many others, but these boys just pop up. Alia El Jamaal, an ethereally beautiful nearly white daughter will take your breath away with her beauty! She's like an "angel" horse.


Dear Susan,

It is wonderful to see the huge offsprings that appear in the Brazilian events. Their sons and grandsons obtain first places.
Tamaal is huge!

Some you know children Lethyf El Jamaal in the USA?
Tamaal is the most Ali´s son smile.gif
Alia Jamaal is a beatiful Ali´s daughter smile.gif

Ali an IRRESISTIBLE FORCE! rolleyes.gif


my favourite Ali´s daughter is Majik Jamille.

Wowww, is wonderful!

3 decade observer
Bear with me, this doesn't start out pretty:

I have seen Ali Jamaal in the flesh try to take out two people-BEFORE Mrs. Perroy owned him and before he became national champion. I watched while two people led him roughly yanking and shanking from a hot walker to a stall and a third handler came in to help control him. A friend was with me and witnessed the whole thing and we were appalled. Another handler came in and while shoeing out everyone else out of the stall, had Ali Jamaal's lead fairly snug, chain in his mouth and Jamaal struck at him as he jumped away. Right up front I think the stallion was provoked as moments later the handler closed the door but we could hear the stallion being whipped. Moments later the handler opened the stall door so we could see Jamaal whose eyes were rolling.

I have known/met at least 1/2 dozen of the direct Ali Jamaal get and with one exception (another who I think was provoked) think they were very loving and kind. What Mr. Bergren said about being 'one man' and extremely sensitive horses makes abundant sense. I think intelligence is a big factor here. They know and will not be cowed. The fact that Ali Jamaal is a wonderful horse by ALL reports is loved, and is dearly loved in return and it shows, speaks volumes.

Why did we witness such? We showed up unannounced. No owner was around. And we began wondering unsupervised. Those encountered were the paid help-one fairly well known.

I wish people would remember these horses are incredibly intelligent and very very sensitive. If we performed on ourselves what we are planning to do to them...we might be quicker to never, ever do such again. That Mrs. Perroy's love of the stallion has been so rewarded as a result of his wonderful accomplishments as a sire is proof of the animal' s wonderful quality. The stallion was blessed in finding her. Today without hesitation I would use Ali Jamaal blood in my program and plan to in the not too distant future.
QUOTE (LENITA PERROY @ May 27 2003, 09:41 PM)


Dear Lenita,

you can make contact with me, please. rolleyes.gif
my email:


Montevideo - Uruguay
Wendy B

I love Ali Jamaal! He's tops in my book. We own two granddaughters and couldn't be more thrilled!!


Thank you Bergren family for breeding Ali Jamaal and
thank you Lenita for sharing him and his foals with the world.
Ali Jamaal and his get and grandget (and great-grandget ...)
certainly make the world more beautiful.
He is one of a kind.

I am flattered, as I am the owner of Alia Jamaal. We have many Ali Jamaal bred horses, and are very pleased with the type, personality, conformation, and ability of these horses.
We hope to have many more in the future. We have had get of Magic Dream, *Soho Carol, Ali Jamaal, MAF Bey Ali, and have one coming in a few weeks from *Dakar El Jamaal, as well as having two gorgeous foals born this year by his grandson *Besson Carol. Needless to say we are IN LOVE with the Ali Jamaal influence in our little program rolleyes.gif

Dear Ali Jamaal Fans.

Wayne Newton Aramus Arabians, Las Vegas, Nevada, had bred to Ali JAmaal fill times just after he was named Canadia National Champion. The result of this breedings are two outstanding individuals: WN Ibn Ali, out of Geogilane VC (Arn-Ett Perlane x TJS Georgi Girl by Al Marah Canadius), who stand at stud at Aramus Arabians and so far had produced great foals. The oldest one is a black stallion WN Brave Heart, and the newest one at side, a stoning black filly. The other great horse we had produce using Ali Jamaal is WN Venus N' White out of WN Angelica ( *GG Samir x Naborrs Joy by *Naborr) a multiple National champion mare. WN Ibn Ali has been an important part of our breeding program, adding type and alot motion on all of his babies. His carisma and trot kaptivated any one that come to visit us. His babies got the same carisma, and they have outstand temperament. Actually you can sleep inside WN Ibn Ali's stall and he will never crush you. He's a very sweet stallion.
Every one is welcome to visit us here in Las Vegas and can check out our horses at any time of the year.
Thak you very much to bring this topic over the Straight Egyptian again.
All the best,

Fernando Poli
Thanks Fernando!! smile.gif

Best Regards,

Marianella biggrin.gif
I just had to mention that the MARE that brought my attention to Ali Jamaal is the beautiful Bint Gypsy Rose. Before seeing images of this mare, I hadn't seen any Ali Jamaal foals. OF course this was awhile ago. smile.gif

I just wanted to say that I think Bint Gypsy Rose (ALi Jamaal x AR Gypsy Rose) is one beautiful mare that sure did capture my imagination. What a wonderful representative of the breed.

Since most stallions have been discussed, I thought mentioning a mare from Ali Jamaal would be nice. smile.gif
We had a most exquisitely beautiful filly from Ali Jamaal and Fad-Sahara (Fadjur x EW Gazella--by Fadjur). We sold Ali Fada to Costa Rica as a weanling, so we did not have the opportunity to see her grow up. I wish we could have kept that filly! She was very, very special -- type, conformation, movement, attitude.....everything in one beautiful filly. I'll try to find a photo of Ali Fada to show you.

Meanwhile, are any of you South Americans near enough to Costa Rica to know of Ali Fada and her herd-mates? They lived in the Eastern mountains of Costa Rica. Ali Fada was to be bred to a full brother to Fadjurs Prize, and I can only imagine the spectacular results...... rolleyes.gif However, I heard a couple of years ago that Costa Rica was hit with a terrible horse disease, and I hope these beautiful horses survived.

Hi Ali Jamaal Lovers,

Congratulations to Harold and Liz Green of Evergreen Arabians by the new incorporation of Ali Jamaal´s son, *Pershahn El Jamaal.
They say that *Pershahn is one of the best Ali Jamaal´s son.
He´s has a look very similar to his father.

If somebody has opportunity to see or to know *Pershahn,
please I wait for your commentary.


Best Regards,

*Pershahn El Jamaal
Perfectshahn SRA by Bey Shah

Photo by JAVAN

How is the foals of Debowiec? I is heard Juliet el Ludjin mother of Johann has good colt. Can you show picures? Thank you Lenita
I saw the video on Pershahn. First, a tid bit on his availability, he is $5000 and only open to 10 outside mares. Their plans are to use him for their Lwelyn dtrs.
He is a very good mover, good out and up motion. Very much his pedigree, no question there. Looks like he will be a very large individual. Lots of power. A pretty horse!! He is much more mature than his registered age would suggest, leading one to believe that he is not a two year old, but instead more of a three year old. huh.gif By this I mean, he is muscled, he is cresty, he is POW mature breeding stallion in looks. He bred a few mares last year as a "late yearling". But being bred in Brazil, I have learned they have a habit of playing with foaling dates to be able to breed year around? ph34r.gif There are quite a few things that I don't personally like, but not every horse is suited for everyone. I had a great discussion with "THE" top breeder in the country about him, as she had seen him in person. We did agree on a few things, that his maturity level at such a young age would worry me about being a thick individual as a fully mature adult, his eye was a bit small, and a few other various things. The photo on this site is a nice photo...but I found it hard to see this image/horse in the video supplied to me? All in all I think you should see the video, or see him in person...we all have so many different tastes. Good luck! wink.gif Have fun! biggrin.gif laugh.gif cool.gif JMO
This is for me one of the nicest and most natural headshots I have seen of Ali Jamaal, it's also a picture that is completely different from most of Grasso's shoots.
I adore Ali Jamaal and his get, etc. I am really surprised at how much I have taken to his bloodline!
I do have a question, some of you may have noticed is moon shaped conchos on his show halter...where do they make conchos like this? Its fabulous!!

I would imagine Ms. Perroy had the crescent shaped conchos made, since they are in her farm logo and are very much associated with Ali Jamaal. Just a guess.

Jim Robbins
ahhhhhh that's too bad...for me that is! Have a friend who just bought a mini mare to show for her young son and he will dress up as a cowboy to show her, I thought star shaped conchos would be cute, like a sherifs badge wink.gif
[I]ah, another ali jamaal thread (And that's a Good thing!! *heehee*) tongue.gif

I first saw a picture of Ali J. (nickname b/c I'm tired) in...must have been 97. He was what drew me to the Ali-bred horses, and to talking to the very nice and helpful Matt Bergern. Ali just gave me shivers b/c compared to the other horses in the magazine, he was type personified in every way.

i have seen numerous Ali-bred horses (mostly pictures...pfft, can't afford to travel) and as said before, you can almost always tell it is an Ali Jamaal bred horse. And as Liz has said, the Psyche/Jamaal cross is doing wonders, I like it very much, prefer it to the Bey Shah cross (like Liz I'm iffy about the leg situation), also because I love Padron Psyche's sire, *Padron and his ability to sire remarkable horses. My favs amongst the Ali-bred horses has to be Dakar El Jamaal (yeah yeah, changing my tune, he grew on me), and Magic Dream. (of course, Ali Jamaal's full brother, Ali El din is gorgeous biggrin.gif )

Matt, as usual, I love your stories about your horses and your experiences. Our one colt pulls the same thing as Ali J. did, with the little teasing, beautiful dance and then the "scoot and run"

God forbid I breed my mare to an Ali-bred horse (concerning the one man horse concept). That horse would be glue to their owner laugh.gif
Wouldn't that be great ? wink.gif

Here is a Tamaal filly out of our SX Saladin mare. By the way the mares dam line is Egyptian though Ibn Hafisa...The Tamaal temperment is so true. This is 1 out of 3 Tamaal foals we own and everyone of them will sleep with you if you let them..
Also a Tamaal colt of ours (now gelding) out of a Brumarba bred mare by Opalo (spainish) out of a Simon Shai daughter..
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