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Arabian Mare
hi there i am the arabian mare(Rose) :

i wish that this topic we like u all why not every one write a letter to his arabian horse and if he hadn't an arabian one than write to the one he will have one day

i'll start with my letter

dear my mare :

u are my own arabian horse ur the one who can put a smile on my face every day and can make me glad every moment u are around u fit me in every thing and u returen my call every time i call ur name and ask u to come closer and give me a big hug

who am i without ur moves without ur eyes and ur high tail which make me fly every time i stare at it ..
if u are not mine i wouldn't have the strengh to over come a lot of things in my life seeing u every day and we both run together so freely , i never know what is the futer but all im sure of that u are there with me and pray from god that u live ever after with me
u are the one i share my thoughts and smiles and freedom with
u are my trusted friend i feel as if we are made for each others
ur the one who i can cry with no distesnce between us , my dreams are always with you
ur my own perfect arabian mare
i hope i live u all my life i miss u every day even if i am with u
u are the best arabian mare in the whole world for me
thank you my mare for every thing ur doing and for living me and careing

this was my letter so any one have any thing to say to his arabian SE horse?
Arabian Mare
no one is intreasted to say his feelings to his arabian sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
I always make a promise to every horse that I own. My promise is as follows:
I promise that I will always love you and care for you with all of my abilities. I will always give you quality feed and water. You will always have a clean, dry stall to come in to out of the elements. Your best interest is always my top proirity, especially if it means finding a new caretaker, as I can't keep all of my babies. If at some point in time I am faced with the ultimate decision to make in regards to your future, I will make the decision that is in your best interest. My heart will be lonlier without you but I can't be selfish and make you last in this world if you are in pain and will not recover. I am prepared to make that choice for you.

I always keep these things in mind at all times. I have a mare that is a cronic colicker and I keep this in mind every time she has an episode. Her mother died of colic, her full brother died of colic. She is 12 this year and has colicked, at least once, every year since she was 4. I hope that I never have to make a decision for her but I will never let her suffer if nothing can be done for her. So far we have been very lucky, hopefully it will continue. She has had 3 foals, none to date have had colic problems.
Amy L. Cone
Arabian Mare
hi Amy:

this is a very good PROMIS for u and your horse to feel him this much and care for him or her im sorry to here about ur mare that u are afraid that she might die as her family mither and brother will i wish u that she lives without pain as much as she can and as much as it should smile.gif

thank u biggrin.gif
waiting for another postes
hi Arabian Mare this was great from u biggrin.gif

very good feelings

i love my colt too and really i would like to tell him this sweet letter

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