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Nancy P
Just an update on my colt, Makhiavelli, who is about to be a yearling.

Here he is as a baby (2 months).

A bad video still by me.

and at 4 months

Photo by Don Stine

at almost 5 months

Photo by Lisa Brady

and after 5 weeks of conditioning as a yearling - getting ready for his first show and the Event (yeah, yeah, he's not there yet, and he's a little high in the butt tongue.gif).

Photo by Susie Adams

This will be the first SE I've ever shown - Makhey will "get his feet wet" at the Arkansas Victory Challenge show in April - I'm getting excited! Makhiavelli is by Makhnificent KA and out of KA Sultan Kasmira. Wish us luck!

Nancy Pierce

What a gorgeous colt! You should be VERY proud of him. Good luck at the event! biggrin.gif
marcie Partlow
How exciting!!!!!!! I'll make sure and look for him at the Event this year. What classes will he be showing in? He is just gorgeous. Nancy, you must be so proud and should be.

Marcie wink.gif
He's a beautiful boy Nancy! wub.gif wub.gif

Michelle Fitz-GeraldGuest
good luck with your colt, he looks amazing!
Babette as guest
Hi Nancy,

he is indeed a very nice guy ! He has tons of type and it look like he has good gaits too.

I wish you luck too and much fun on this first event !

Nancy Pierce
Thank you, Ladies. smile.gif He does look Arabian, doesn't he? I am anxious to see how he shapes up between now and show time.

Best regards,

Nancy P.
He does look Arabian, doesn't he?

Yes, he does! He's a lovely colt! Really turning into a nice young boy. I wish you best of luck! biggrin.gif
Carol Maginn
Is this not just the prettiest colt ever!!!! WOW... So Nancy - do you think you will be taking him off the market now? Ha Ha Ha... He certainly is a gorgeous boy!!! What am amazing outcross he would be for so many breeders - especially those trying to add motion, improve the neck and hip in their herd... I wonder what the future is going to hold for Makhey!!!
Nancy P all are too nice! I do love Makhiavelli - he's smart and willing and loves to put on a show in addition to being a really nice moving colt. biggrin.gif

I dream often of how I can keep him and use him - but I guess everyone does that. lol

Thanks for your kind comments!

Nancy P.
DinFayez 7
He is looking really good Nancy! Good luck with him!

Best Wishes
You should do very well with him, Nancy...he's quite handsome! Looks like he might even forego the homely stage!

Makhiavelli is a beautiful colt! I look forward to seeing him at the Event!

Nancy P
Thanks BettyK, Matt, and Majid! I'm pretty excited that at least maybe Makhey will be somewhat competitive - should be a lot of fun to show! I LOVE to see him MOVE!

But Betty, he has ALREADY gone through his "homely" stage - oh my - 3 months ago, I was feeling a little sick! Never what you would call ugly, but he was VERY plain - completely different from the way he looked as a young foal. Now, he's finally getting back to the exotic look he had as a baby - whew! Of course, who knows - we may see a completely different stage as a 2 year old.

Can't wait to see all of you at the Event!! Of course, right now, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Lori Mangan will like him at least a little bit at our April show here in Arkansas FIRST!

Nancy P.
Growing into a beautiful stamp of a horse and from the looks of it he has fabulous movement. You must be so proud of him.
Nancy P
Thank you, tkr9. Makhey really does have wonderful freedom of shoulder movement. I know he will be fun to ride someday. smile.gif

Nancy P.
Nancy Pierce
And Marcie, I meant to tell you - Makhey is scheduled to be in World Class Colts (2004), Futurity Colts (2004), and Amateur to Handle with yours truly (if I'm sound!), and we're hoping that he will be part of a Get of Sire class for Makhnificent KA - not sure about that yet though. smile.gif

Thanks for asking, and I hope to see you there! Are you bringing horses?

Best regards,

Nancy P.
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