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I've got a file of horsey poems and things I had as a kid that I'd copied down from various sources. There is only one arabian one, and I found it going through some stuff last night. I don't know who it's by, and if anyone knows do tell, but I thought it would be nice to post it up here, as I think it sums up SEs beautifully, even if the syntax and rythym are a little off... biggrin.gif

A flash of fire, a light in the darkness,
I see the wisdom of ages in one liquid amber eye,
I hear a sound,
His hoof striking the flint,
And his clarion call to the desert winds.

The desert sun rises, like blood in the heat,
And its rays catch the burnished gold of a coat,
The eyes spark with life,
And eager nostrils flare,
And with a challenge he calls to the winds.

The sky melds to blue, the desert to gold,
And his tail, a banner extended,
Flies upon the furnace of the breeze,
And his mane lifts, the tide of a bronzed dawn,
Turning he faces the winds, and calls.

He raises his hooves, they strike the heated air,
And he breaks free from the bounds of the earth,
He flies like the hawk, with his lance form extended,
And like a arrow he skims the desert sea,
And he laughs in mockery at the sloth of the wind.

Oh enviable form, to poor graceless man,
Perfection of motion and flight,
A creature born of lost desert lore,
Blessed creation of movement and light.
It gave me goosebumps. Thank you smile.gif
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