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Jane Kadri
If you feel /think /believe that you have Crabbet -bred horses, please email me with your address and telephone numbers, web site addresses, or email contacts on .

I will put the list together within 30 days and post the list if this is ok with Oliver and Alexi.

Once posted, It wiill then be up to you to contact the studs/farms for further information.
Dear Jane,

From Belgium.
With a girlfriend of mine and our husbands happily supporting us we breed Pure bred Arabs.
I personnaly have A CRABBET/OLD ENGLISH mare.

Her name is : ZINA she is by Racinda (full brother to the great PADRON 's grand mother SERINDA the dam of ODESSA)

She is typically Crabbet with a blaze and 3 white stockings and one small sock. Bright chesnut. Wonderfull neck 15 HH
flaxen mane and the sweetest temperament you can find. At the moment she's due to foal from a Salaa Al Dine's son (so a half brother to Crusader and Safir). She is 17 years and belong to my little daughter of 13 whow whorships her more than




I also own a Padron's Kadar son out of a predominantly Crabbet mare; THAMARA by WARANDES PLAKAT out of a pure Crabbet mare. THAMARA looks exactly like a straight crabbet and so does my stallion (look like PADRON his grand father)

I am planning to produce a pure Crabbet from my dear Zina but haven't found yet which sire to use.

Chemin de la BruyŤre, 4
1473 GLABAIS (Genappe)

My Tel 0032/(0)67 79 10 77
My Mobile 0032(0)496 21 81 43

My mail
My webbsite
(only 2 pages)

I send attached a "bad picture" of my Zina

wink.gif Muriel

PS I am also the breeder of the young stallion AL SHARIFF who beat PSYTADEL and SANDHIRAN at the Belgian Stallion Licensing last week (I was very lucky )This colt is half brother to Christine Jamar's well known VANGELIS (out of the dam GALIFA belonging to me)
Hello, Me again from Belgium.

The pedigree of my dear Zina didn't look very obvious.

She is by RACINDA himself by SERADIN out of CINDERS
out of MADHENA herself by RADFAN by INDIAN KING and YASIMET(I think)

i could load the pict. i try again.

Hello Jane.

Do you place 100% crabbet horses on the list or also crabbet related horses.

Greetings Emma Stuive
Hi Jane. Long time no see!We have lots of part crabbet bred horses and a couple of older crabbet horses too,if that's of any interest ,best wishes, Alia
Jane Kadri
Princess Alia, good morning,

Yes, it is a long time but I hope you have at least have a minute when you are judging in Dubai - I can speak to you as I have no horses being exhibited! The Dubai show promises to be a great event and trust you will enjoy it as much as the spectators will.

In a short time, I've had an amazing number of replies to my post as it seems that people do not know what Crabbet horses there are in their own countries ohmy.gif . Due to the interest, I have had a re-think and have now decided to start making an on-line database according to countries - of course it will be ongoing work.

I have no intention of setting myself up as judge or jury as to what is Crabbet or not Crabbet and actually prefer the term GSB (horses listed that trace to registration in the General Stud Book that include full brothers and sisters to those used at Crabbet Stud) which is un-arguable. There will also be a part-GSB or GSB influenced section under each country with a minimum of 50% GSB blood.

I have been very concerned for some years that the pool of such horses is becoming increasingly smaller every year though they are in the background of most pedigrees, and a valuable source of blood.

When I have the database set up, I will be contacting everyone who emailed for details of their horses.

If you have any further thoughts or even if you think I am re-creating the wheel, please do not hesitate to email me at biggrin.gif . Any comments from anyone are welcome.

With my best regards,

Hi Jane

We have three 100% Crabbet and four with not less than 94% Crabbet blood.

Caroline Sussex has had the same concerns as you for some time and maybe you should be contacting her. The Crabbet Organisation has it's own website - and I know that she has been compiling lists.

We would like to try to get more 100% Crabbet blood - Australia has many excellent horses and they really value their Crabbets.

Dear Jane, great, look forward to seeing you in Dubai InShaAllah. I think the show starts quite late so perhaps we can get together some time during one of the days. I don't think you are reinventing the wheel, it's true that there are less Crabbet/old English (for want of a better word-you put it well, as Courthouse was another important establishment)- horses fashionable thses days `but they are very evident in most of the Russian pedigrees, as well as the spanish, Egyptian (ok not the "straight" ones but there was Lady Anne's Stud there which was very important and indeed SHE documented the horses of Ali Pasha Sherif) etc etc. They have undeniable qualities and it was nice to see one win in Dubai at the endurance Championships this year.Best wishes, Alia
Alexia Ross
Hi all, Just thought you might all want to know (if you do not already) that Caroline Sussex maintains a directory of all Arabians in the UK of GSB bloodlines (this includes the vast majority of Crabbet lines too) plus a stud directory of breeders with lists of their Arabians that are of all Crabbet /GSB /Old English bloodlines. The stud directory relies on breeders putting their horses in it but the GSB Reference Directory was started by Rosemary Archer and is taken from the stud records - what it lacks, of course, is current locations.

The UK Crabbet Organisation is certainly aimed at including, involving and helping to maintain all Arabians of predominantly Crabbet heritage and this has always included non-Crabbet GSB and Old English lines. Indeed there are important Crabbet lines that survive in these groups that have long vanished from the Pure Crabbet gene pool. Indeed all events and awards include all Arabians of 75% or more Crabbet bloodlines including some post Old English imports (post the second world war) as many were blended into the existing riding type Arabian population.

Hope this helps.
Alexia Ross
Researcher, UK Crabbet Organisation
Back in November 2004 I posted about the mare that I adopted from a rescue, Budjar El Sharifa. I asked the question here about her pedigree beacause even though her name sounded egyptian there were many in her pedigree that I was unfamiliar with.

This is was BobEdna were kind enough to post about her pedigree.

Hi Danielle,

First and foremost may I add my regards to you, for your wonderful gesture to this most wonderful Arabian mare?

Budjar el Sharifa carries the blood of so many famous horses, on her damís side, it is true to say that she is Crabbet, she is more than that she is also G.S.B.

On the Top line (Sire) it may surprise you to know she also carries the blood of Crabbet Park and is also G.S.B, this time through the blood of Kokab.

One horse stands out in this glittering show of fantastic Arabian blood. The name of this horse is. MESAOUD, itís all over her pedigree, from top to bottom, sadly too many famous names to print here, finally you say she is not Egyptian, that may be, but most of her blood goes straight back to the desert.

She is a pure princess and now she has found her PALACE.

God will bless you for this.


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