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Dear Friends

Already you see the wonderful news under Ansata Sinan, a great inspiration.

Now please let us hear from all others.

I just got an e-mail from a young Colleen Sobanski in Texas, stating that her gelding Serenity Shahr (1998) (AK Shah Munifeh ex Serenity Sharaa) (full brother to Lutz Petersen's, Germany Serenity Shaha, endurance race Winner)
won three out of 5 classes in dressage etc. She said, the judge liked the horse so much, she wanted to buy him, but he is not for sale.

He also got a "75" in the sportshorse in hand class, the highest score of that day.
I am so proud of young Colleen, again an incentive to everyone out there. If she can do it, Arkansa has, SO CAN YOU ALL!.
PLEASE LETS GO FOR IT, THE RUN FOR THE ROSES. Those "SEs" wont let you down, I know.

Hansi biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Hi Hansi,

My friend and neighbour, Jennifer Sewell (Lillian Mantei's granddaughter) has a lovely SE mare, Lika Fawn (Shamruk++ x Black Velvett) 1996 Bay, who she trained herself and won Reserve Champion in Western Pleasure AO at the Region 17 Championships in 2004. There were 18 in the class. I was so proud of Jennifer and Lika Fawn!

I own a straight egyptian stallion named Shy Gayfeen+++/ (Safeen x Gayleen RCA) he has numerous halter and performance titles including 2003 Region 17 Champion stallion, 2003 Egyptian Event Champion World Class stallions 4&5 yr olds, 2004 Region 5 Champion Hunter Pleasure Open, Region 5 Res. Champion Ladies Side saddle english, Canadian National Top Ten hunter pleasure Open, countless class A championships in halter/hunter pleasure and sidesaddle as well as several canadian breeder's championships. Shy Gayfeen+++/ also achieved his legion of supreme honor and legion of supreme merit last year at the tender age of 6. He'll be heading to Canadian and US nationals this year for Open Hunter Pleasure and Ladies side saddle english.
Nancy P

The show that Colleen's horse did so well in dressage at was the Arkansas Victory Challenge that I've been telling you about! biggrin.gif I didn't get to see the dressage classes, but I'm happy for Colleen - especially since she took a nasty spill in one of the hunter classes Saturday night! Glad she was able to get back in the saddle and do so well in dressage on Sunday! That is another awesome SE performance horse!

Best regards,

Nancy P.
Hi from germany !

I´d like to mention the SE stallion Authentic El Malakuti (Maysoun x Mosa El Nile).
He was sent to us for dressage training by his owner Rosi Kolster, after he had won a white ribbon at the german stallion-licensing show in Aachen.
He was very talented, had enormous gait´s, so went we sent him after a 1/2 year training to his first performance test for ridden horses.(FN Materialprüfung)
He won his class with a dream note of 9,1.
He also started in the netherlands with the result of a second and a third place in a higher performance class.
He is now off for a breeding season, and leased to a stud in germany.
Security first, I was over the time limit !

The post was written by me, and here a picture of Authentic El Malakuti.

ciao roland palm
Good morning to all of you

Dear Cori
that is an absolutely oustanding performance record of your excellent and ebautiful Shy Gayfee+++/. And he is a "Hadban Enzahi" too. thank you for posting the photo, and thank you for sharing your success with all of us.

Der Nancy

Yes, Coleen told me that Serenity Shahr spooked a bit, she caught unaware,and fell off, but was okay. Can happen to the best of us, I guess. Also he is a "Hadbah Enzahi".
and his dam and sire are still alive here and doeing fine. This entire line is very beautiful and very athletic, tall, elegant and typy.
this must have been a great show, and I truly wished I had been there. May be next time, eh?

Your horses always do so well and you are such an embassador for the SE breed. I read with such pleasure all those great accomplishments.


You all make us elders so very proud, and I pray that you will continue and enduce others to join and have fun too. It always WAS and always WILL BE MOST DIFFICULT TO DEFEAT a GOOD STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN HORSE,
because THEY CAN DO IT ALL, I KNOW!!!!

So please, all you wonderful owner/riders out there, let us hear from you, tell us about your horse and yourself,
Even if you just started yourself, or your horse, anything will do.thanks so very much.

your greatful friend
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Dear Aimbri

Thanks so much for your post, this is so wonderful. Tell your little friend to continue and tell us more. I wish her only the best of luck and more success.

Hansi biggrin.gif

This is SBF Knight Majiic a PVA Karrim son at his first show in Hunter Pl. He placed in several classes and also won the Sporthorse In-hand stallion class. He had the highest score of all the purebreds.

DEar Danny

He is GEORGEOUS and you look real good too. Congrats to the sucess. Keep on going, try for the stars and you reach at least the moon.

thanks again for the beautiful photo and good luck and best wishes

Hansi biggrin.gif
Sernity Arabian Farms
I am going to try to post a photo, though I have not done this before, so it may not work. This is Susar Monsada (Masada El Rabdan x AK Maslaha) a 1993 SE Hadban Enzahi mare. Wartie as she is known to her friends is winning blues in dressage, and was 2004 Region 9 Champion Sporthorse in Hand Mare both Amature and Open. Wartie also loves to jump.

All Susar horses are home bred, raised, trained and shown using only dressage and classical training techniques.

Dear Susan
Congrats, that is great

I have Susar Monsada listed with parents (Masada El Rabdan x J Jodena (1988), the latter a daughter of AK Maslaha (1980).

did I make a mistake?

Warm regards
Hansi biggrin.gif
Liebe Herr Palm,

Can you please contact me privately? I don't know if this allows to show my email address ( I sold a 3-year old colt who will be coming to Germany this summer. His owner is a good horsewoman, but not of the skill to do the full training for this colt. He has good possibilities -- an asil horse but not SE, as he has a lot of our "Davenport" blood with Alaa El Din and other Egyptian blood too. I am hoping to help her find a good trainer for when he is ready to go into real work and be prepared for testing. For now he will be at Gut Sonnenhausen in Bayern. The owner will be living only 15 minutes away at the south edge of Munich. I know this is not an area with a lot of asil or SE horses or trainers. Thanks for your help.

I would like to take Majiic to the US Nationals next year for Hunter Pl. Open. He is a real quality animal regaurdless of bloodlines.
Paelmchen- Roland

Dear roland
I think anita means you. I met her in Phoenix a month ago.

If you mean roland, you made an excellent choice.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Performance SEs..... Hmmm... well it just so happens that I spent the weeked at Aimee Foster's Training Barn in Buckner , MO and had a great time photographing and riding some really beautiful SE's. They were both beautiful to look at, and beautiful under saddle.

One of the real standouts was FDA Badmoonrising. "Beau" is by Akid Kasim out of Bukhayt by *Zaghloul and is proudly owned by Susquehanna Egyptian Arabians in Shawville, Pennsylvania. He has a great show record in both halter and performance including:

Top Ten Stallions - 2002 Egyptian Event
2003 Reserve Park Champion - GKCAHA show
2004 Egyptian Event Champion Native Costume
2004 Native Costume Champion - Katy Christmas Show
2004 UPHA Champion English Pleasure

and much more.... Beau is truly a tribute to our SE community... Here is Beau's photo with Aimee Foster up...

Here is a photo of our Performance SE - Makhnifique KA (aka "Nikki"). She is a 4 year old mare by Makhnificent KA out of KA Sultan Raqwa. Nikki has garnered numerous wins in halter both in the open circuit and at the EE in 2003 and 2004

Our girl is now making her performance debut in Hunter Pleasure at this year's EE showing in the novice class (with me up) , and in the open hunter pleasure class with Aimee Foster up. Nikki shows a lot of promise from what we have seen so far just 60 days under saddle and we are hoping she will follow in the footsteps of her brother KA First Knight and cousin Prima Bella KA... Wish us luck!!!

Here is her photo taken yesterday....

Carol, what is hunter pleasure? Is it a kind of jumping class, like Show Hunter? Love your mare, by the way, very elegant with beautiful eyes. smile.gif
Carol's visit this weekend was a BLAST! She was great to work with and really fun to be around. We got a SUPER shot of every single horse that we photographed this weekend. I was thrilled with her work.

Carol, thanks for your kind comments about Beau. He is a ton of fun to be with. I'd love to see one of the bareback photos that we took of him too, if you wouldn't mind posting one please. I am just hopeless with the computer. LOL

I am very happy with how Nikki is coming along under saddle. She is the first KA bred horse that I have had the pleasure of working with under saddle and I am impressed with how athletic she is!

Hoogie, in answer to your question, this is paraphrasing USEF Rule 1629:

It is imperitive that the horse give the distinct appearance of being a pleasure to ride with a relaxed attitude. The neck should be carried lower and the head in a more relaxed manner with less bend at the poll than that of the EP, CEP, or Show Hack horse. The horse should also show a longer frame than horses of the other English divisions. High headed horses or horses that are behind the vertical are to be penelized. The class is shown on the flat only at the walk, trot, canter, and hand gallop.

Hope this helps.
Heirloom Arabian Stud
Hello everyone,
The white/grey park stallion above is beautiful,,love that action!!!

because you asked my friend,
here is my Se stallion Mon Amir BWA ,, last fall,, condictioning for a upcoming 50 mile race, he also is doing some dressage work and does some reining,

Here he is again with my 11 yr old son riding and enjoying him!
{and they say arabs are crazy!!}


Heirloom Arabian Stud
One more and ill be quiet, Some of us cant afford to show and promote our Se,s in the show ring, never the less, many of us have hidden treasures that we do ride,,enjoy and test,
I think the ultimate test for a Se is to be intellegent and understanding, I think it actually seperates them from other breeds!
here is a picture of the same stallion above,,Mon Amir BWA, showing that understanding and intellegence, He is pictured with his son, the smaller of a set of twins, about the time about 25 inches tall and all the other horses here would try and actually kill him,, but,,but but,, not this Stallion, he understood, and taught this twin to eat grass,, and hay and drink from a bucket,


Carol Maginn
Here is a liberty shot of FDA Badmoonrising - this boy can really get that performance engine revved up!!! Aimee - I will look for that bareback shot for you...

Carol Maginn
Here is the Bareback Rider Extraordinaire - Aimee Foster riding her "Wild Straight Egyptian Stallion" around bareback in his halter and leadline - he is not keeping up his "Wild" arabian reputation!!!

Thanks for posting those Carol. I can't wait for your next visit.

Heirloom Arabian Stud, thanks for your kind mention of Beau (the white/grey stallion). He is really a cool horse. The Nelson's of Susquehanna Egyptian Arabians have entrusted him to me and I really enjoy having him at the barn.
Carol Maginn
Heirloom Arabian Stud,

It is so wonderful to see you having fun with your family and your beautiful horses who will happily walk through streams, through trails and happily carry your children. If it weren't for my mother's love of the Arabian horse, and for her getting our first Arabian (not even a registered Arabian) none of this (Arabian Horse Addiction) would have ever happened for us. So I believe the future is in our youth, and if we want to promote this breed I believe that the most important thing we can do is cultivate the love of the breed to our young and young at heart as you are doing...

Mette H Pedersen
Absolutely wonderfull pictures...

The thingh about arabians that caought my attantion years ago was the fact that they are outstanding both the liberty way and under saddle (- or wothout saddle biggrin.gif ).

Thank you for posting theese wonderfull pictures - my, I miss my that horse I just sold...

Yours sincerely

DEr Mike

This is just an adorable picture of the twin baby. I know, not all can afford to show, just the same what you all are doing is possibly even more valuable.

And to all others, thanks for those photos and records, it truly is outstanding. Keep on going and continue to report those wonderful things here over the internet. I am making notes, so if anybody askes me, I can refer to it for you all. If you can, put your farm name under your signature, this way people can contact you directly, if they like.

By the way, all your horses have a beautiful pedigree as well and make it proud.!

you see, this is what the rest of the world should know, find out,
so that the straight Egyptian horse is still a formidle competitor in all divisions. so let's have photos, records, anything.

thanks again and have a grand day , you all made mine!
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Goodmorning dear Nancy

It is so nice for me to see that again Ansata and Serenity horses competed together at a show. It does not happen often.

Young Colleen had lost her beloved mare last year and aquired Serenity Shahr and I understand that she won 5 events out of 6 (she fell in that one class and lost the class) at the Arkansa show including sporthorse in hand class with the highest score of the show with "75". (correct me if I misunderstood please). I did not even know that it was the same show you mentioned, because Colleen did not give me the name of the show. Some people are sometimes too humble.

I understand that you did not watch the classes and therefore could not mentioned the young lady and her horses names. therefore, please you and others dont misunderstand the above. I simply like to give credit to anybody who does well.

May be the were others, who also did well at the show and have not been mentioned?

Have a grand day
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
You certainly didn't~ It is a senior thing! I have all three mares, and both Maslaha and Jodena have daughters I show. I just made a mistake!

Mose Arabians
We used to compete regularly with Hehtif (*Hatef x *Schahara [x Malik]) - he has a number of foals out there competing in both Arabian and open competition successfully. I am thinking of bringing Hehtif back out into competition again this year, he so loves being in limelight and looks great at 18! Here is a pic of him at a stallion expo some years ago... and followed by a pic of his son Sura Azaq (out of *UP Marfa [Farag x Marah]) competing in statewide competition and winning in barrel racing (reserve champion ).

and here in costume

and here is Sura Azaq with Heather Frusti up.

and here in hunt and western tack

Dear Sheri

I was waiting and hoping that also you come forward and report the wonderful things your SE Arabians did and do under saddle.

If only I could get back in the saddle again, I be right in there with you and the others, using even our oldtimers.

Good luck with Hehtif and best wishes
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Nancy Pierce
Dear Hansi,

I just read the official posted results yesterday, and YES, Colleen did win a number of classes with her Serenity horse, and she, in fact, did have the highest scores of any of the sport horse classes - 4 points higher than any other horse - that deserves considerable congratulations! smile.gif

And you're right, the only class I saw Colleen compete in was the one in which she took the spill, and I didn't even realize that the horse she was riding there was Serenity Shahr. I sat with Colleen's mom and Nancy Gates for much of the performance classes - both very nice ladies. smile.gif

For anyone who is keeping records:

Serenity Shahr competed in
161 ARABIAN SPORT HORSE IN HAND GELDINGS 3 YEARS OLDS & OVER - 1st with the show high score of 75!! biggrin.gif
209 ARABIAN HUNTER PLEASURE AATR CHAMPIONSHIP - 4th (first place went to a multi-champion hunter horse bred by Sheila Varian)

Ansata Nile Comet competed in (and won the Show's High-Point Award) -
047 ARABIAN COUNTRY ENGLISH PLEASURE JUNIOR HORSE - 2nd (1st was a mare by many times U.S. National Champion Park horse, Apollapalooza, and out of a Mi Tosk daughter)
137 ARABIAN HUNTER PLEASURE JUNIOR HORSE - 2nd (beaten by a multi-champion Varian-bred hunter horse)
207 ARABIAN HUNTER PLEASURE JUNIOR HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP - 2nd (again 2nd to the Varian bred hunter champion)
221 ARABIAN COUNTRY ENGLISH PLEASURE JUNIOR HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP - 2nd again to Mi Palooza by U.S. National Ch. Park horse, Apollapalooza

Both very nice geldings!

Another nice SE gelding competed in what I believe was his first show as well (forgive me if I'm repeating myself - I know I posted this somewhere else!).

Bataal RMA, owned by Gene and Laura Graves, did as follows:


We were proud of ALL of our straight Egyptians! smile.gif

Best regards,

Nancy Pierce
Dear Nancy

Please let us not go this road. All I said was, that it was nice that again a Serenity Horse competed in a show or class Ansata horses were entered in. If they competed in the same classes, I dont know. but it is so good to hear, that both did their best and well.
Thanks for the reports but you did not mention Colleens three wins in the dressage classes.

And that dear Nancy, is exactly what I am driving at, THE MAJOR BREEDERS having their breeding COMPETE, ANd possibly against the best in the world. IT IS SUCH BREEDING PROGRAMS, WHICH can be a guideline, give information and should be followed. These are NOT the only Serenity Horses, nor, I feel certain, the ONLY Ansata horses which have or are doing well. Just the same, when ever they show up in competition, they are FORMIDABLE ONES. and I like to think with regard to 'DOING HORSES", who can also hold their own in halter classes.

It is the "Straight Egyptian Arabian" regardlss who bred or owned them, which must be given credit, their accomplishment brought forward and those major breeders, who feel they live on another plant, not TO have to show their horses under saddle, PUT to

Anyway, it's just my opinion

Take care
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms

Important is, that anybody, any SE horse, bred or owned by whoever, should be given credit.
Nancy P

I assure you, you are looking for trouble where there is none. I was just elaborating on the point you made - I agree with you wholeheartedly that it is wonderful to see SEs competing in performance and doing so well. I have tried to speak up for and cheer on all the Egyptian horses that competed at that show - and I love it that our Egyptians successfully competed in all manner of performance classes, including sport horse, country English pleasure, show hack, native costume, dressage, hunter pleasure, and even working cow horse!

I didn't mention Colleen's 3 placements in dressage because, according to the show secretary's records, (and I have just looked through every single one of them again) Colleen and her horse didn't compete in any of the dressage classes.

Maybe you are thinking of another show?

Colleen and her gelding did compete in several sport horse classes, and they did very well - as I DID make sure to point out.

Oddly enough, though the Ansata horse and the Serenity horse competed in quite a few classes at this show, they never once competed against each other - and THAT I think is actually a beautiful thing. They competed TOGETHER to show everyone watching that Straight Egyptian horses are much more than just crazy lawn ornaments. Isn't that the better way to look at this picture?

Best regards,

Nancy Pierce
No, dear Nancy, I am never looking for trouble.

Colleen never did mention to me in which show she won 5 of the six classes she entered, out of six. In any case, it does not matter anymore. I am just so happy that the Straight Egyptians did so well, that is important.

Thanks again and have a nice evening
Hansi biggrin.gif
Bump for Craig and Sherry Nelson
Just love seeing this thread. biggrin.gif Now the best Performance for us is our mare Persiaa. She is our first Arabian we bought (for my daugther). They have been together for 18 years now. Competing in the Special Olympics every year in Western, English, and Trail. They have won 20 Golds, 18 Slivers, and 3 Bronze. They are now training for Driving. Now that is PERFORMANCE and why we got into Arabians.
Then Persiaa comes homes.and the kids ride and learn.
Persiaa smile.gif
AHA# 0272628 1983 14.3
Egyptian Bred. American Foundation Bred at 25%.
Sire Line: Saklawi I (Egypt)
Tail Female: Rodania (England)
Family Strain: Kehilan Ajuz of Ibn Rodan
Her sire, Ramses Pharoah, was exported to Germany. He is a paternal brother to US National Champion Stallion Amurath Bandolero+, US National Champion Fillies Amurath Balz & Amurath Beguzie.
Also Persiaa is the only double *FOL YASMEEN mare today in the US and breeding.
Can someone help me send a PIC of Persiaa. I tried but it keeps saying Can't load this type of file.
I have in jpg. at 72, What am I doing wrong??? blink.gif
Dear Shannon

this is remarkable and my congratulationss. No wonder, the mare has a super pedigree too.

Have a grand day
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
She does not have a real sport record (yet) but it's worth mentioning:

Manara Samira completed a 25kms tough course in the Ardennes (mountains, mountains, and lots of rocks) in 2003 with Yvonne van der Velde, an international top level competitor in endurance. Then Samira needed more time to mature. Now she is trained for a charity project: we're riding the horse trails here with children that live in children's shelters. Samira will be perfect for this since she has the famous Babson disposition.

Yvonne trains her again for conditiion and trail experience at 25kms routes near her stable Dutch Joy (Gouvy, Ardennes, Belgium) and she reports that Samira does it really well. Samira has solid black hooves which are of excellent horn quality, the rocks and many many stones over there do not cause her pain at all because of this solid quality.

Manara Samira was bred by Manara Classic Arabians, Ireland who have a herd of such pretty and sweet, reliable riding horses.

Manara Samira is sired by Masada Massoud (Fa Asar x Masada Adiva) and out of the late Matara Saafana (KH Seral Sireff x Masada Jasada) making her a Babson/Sirecho/Halima Sheykh Obeyd straight Egyptian.

She was born in 1998 and we sent her to Dutch Joy to get strong and pretty because the mare pasture is so large and has a big, steep hill in it (and a rocky soil of course).

We can't wait to bring her home and let the kids here ride on her. We also will continue to compete her limited distance. You can see her pictures here at the photo and pedigree section, at at and in our book Impressions which will be released at April, 30th.
Our new SBE stallion Mah SAbbah Bedu (Ibn Sabbah Bedu x Bint Roulette) has just turned four. He has only been shown in four classes (in hand) and has won first in all four. At the recent Cowtown Classic show he won both Amature and Open Sporthorse stallions and was the high scoring purbred of the show.

J. Jodena shown by Elizabeth Powell won year end High Point Awards (Open Shows) in 2004 and won a yearly trophy for high scoring in trail classes. This is a perpetual trophy that has been given every year for twenty six years.

Susar Sareela was Reserve Sporthorse Mare Amature and Top five Sport Horse Mare Open at the Region 9 show with her amature owner Keith Kosel showing her. Corky (pet name) is getting ready to compete in Sporthorse under saddle and in dressage with Keith.

Susar El Khamore (Masada El Rabdan x Om Khamsa) won firsts and seconds at class A shows in Region 9 in Sporthorse in Hand and dressage (Training and First Level).

Susan Masladan (Masada El Rabdan x AL Maslaha) is winning class A blues in Sporthorse in hand (both amature and open) for his amature owner. He is going to be competing in his first endurance ride this summer. His owner Mary FIelds has another Susar bred gelding (Christiansen) Nite Haawk x Zadarra (98% Egyptian) who has been in the top ten nationally in endurance for the past several years. Pippy has successfully completed the Tevis and represented the US at the Pan AM games in Canada.

Keith Kosel has shown his gelding Susar J'El Rabdan successfully in Open shows winning year end high point awards that include performances in Western, English, Trail, Jumping and halter. Keith and Jedi also show in the A shows successfully.

Susan Mayo
Susar Farm
Dear Susanm

thank you for this incredible report. It is just super and so outstanding.
Most of all you must be saluted for enducing your clients to work with their horses and that you teach so well your students too.

If everybody would do this, heaven help other non-SEs.

I am so proud to know you Susan.

Have a grand day
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
My 5 year old SE mare just completed her 4th organized pleasure ride yesterday! That was after we rode for over 2 and half hours marking trails the day before. She marked trails for the first time with plastic ribbons hitting her in the face and she didn't even flinch. She can go alone or in company on the trail and doesn't mind horses pulling away from her. She doesn't speed up coming home either. We crossed three bridges and numerous streams and she was so brave! Plus, it was "Earth Day Ride" so we had to pick up trash as we went along the trail. She had two big plastic bags tied to either side of the saddle filled with cans, bottles, etc and was so ho-hum about it! I plan on competing her in competitive trail and endurance.

In terms of showing, she is a Region Reserve Champion Sport Horse In-Hand Mare ATH, a class A Purebred Champion Sport Horse with a high score of 88% (competed against all ages and genders), and has won multiple class A sport Horse classes (no championships offered).

Lastly, last winter we achieved our Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level One certification and she had only been under saddle six months!

I would also like to mention she has never worn shoes or boots and does everything barefoot (including riding on our rocky/ledge/gravel trails here in New England! biggrin.gif
Dear Sara

Congratuilatins this is outstanding.

But my dear young friend, what is this excellent mares's

NAME????? We all like to honor her.

Have a nice day
Hansi biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Nancy P
ShannonC, I would be happy to post your photo for you. Just email it to me at, and I'll get it right up. I would love to see Persiaa - she sounds like a wonderful mare. smile.gif

In the meantime, here are a couple more straight Egyptians with recent accomplishments we can all be proud of:

Double Deuce (Ansata Shah Zahir X AJ Raquimona by Raquin RA ) is a 1992 straight Egyptian gelding bred by Hope Farm and owned by the Chapmans in Kansas. Double Deuce received his 1000 mile certificate last fall and has a very long endurance record on the Arabdatasource. He has logged 1320 miles so far! His races are all on the datasource, so they are easy to look up.

Also, the straight Egyptian mare HF Aset (Ansata Shah Zahir x Bint Bint Pasha by Moniet El Sharaf), is the reigning Israili triple crown race champion (in addition to being a halter champion there as well).

Seems to me that there is PLENTY of evidence right here on this thread to show that SEs are extremely capable athletes - even today! biggrin.gif

Congratulations to all of you who are out there making us proud!

Best regards,

Nancy P.
Nancy P
Here is ShannonC's very sweet mare, Persiaa, along with Shannon's two cousins, Keith and Nathan, ages 2 and 3. biggrin.gif These boys are on their first ride by themselves! What a sweet mare!

Nancy P.
Thank you Hansi!!

I am quite proud of her!!

Her name is VAF Maar Halima (Ibn Alih x MFA Hali). She was bred by Sandy Fedora of Al Zafar Arabians and was in-utero when her dam was purchased. I foaled her out and have done all of the training myself (I'm an amateur).

Her dam, MFA Hali (El Halimaar x MFA Alaanta) has also produced a Region TT Yearling Sweepstakes Gelding (Top 5 on 2 out of 3 cards and shown by a local trainer against the big guns!) who was also a class A Junior Champion Colt (gelded him right after his win!) and a class A Reserve Champion Gelding to a mature competitor. He will be shown sport horse this year and aimed toward National competition. She is agreat mare and is about 28% Babson. Every mare in her tail female line for four generations has produced a Regional or National winner!

They can all be viewed on my website at

I am starting Reining lessons with VAF Maar Halima soon! I'll keep you posted!!! laugh.gif
I forgot to add that she has also won two additional Class A Sport Horse In-Hand classes that will not be listed on her show record. These two classes are not "accepted" by AHA because they were Sport Horse In-Hand ATH (all ages and genders). She beat all comers but AHA said that because the genders competed against each other they will not count the classes on her official show record. I guess the only classes they count that are mixed gender are the Most Classic ones. The same thing happened when she was named AHCC Purebred Sport Horse Champion. She beat out over 16 other competitors (all ages and genders) for the high score but it is not counted by AHA. They said if it was a Mares only class it would count. Doesn't make sense because she beat the mares AND the geldings AND the stallions! You would think that would mean more but I guess not! wink.gif

Hi Hansi and all,
I am very glad, today our mare Serenity Bint Lazan finished a very good and fast race over the distance of 120 km in a speed of 17,48 km/h, that means 3,43 min per Kilometer. It was already her 2. race over that distance in this year. In each stop she had a very short recovery time. When she came in, we always could go to the vet immediately and she had a heart rate of 60 or 64.
Lutz Petersen
Dear Lutz

thanks for the report, and congratulations, this is wonderful and no suprise. May be ready for Dubai, when it comes up again?

Warm regards
Hansi biggrin.gif
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