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We showed at an Open Show this weekend and Keith Kosel won the halter class with Mah Sabbah B edu (SBE) Ibn SWabbah Bedu x Bint Roulette.

Keith also showed his SBE mare Nefrett who he is learning to train himself to blues in Western Pleasure and Trail.

The Desert Arabian (Egyptian/Desert) Fad Mahruss carried a beginner rider (Diane Huey) to ribbons in several classes at the show. This was Diane's first show, and Moosie guided her through it beautifully.

Congratulations to Frisia Farms, Texas- Tineke Talsma

We are proud to report that at the last Mayfest Show, Fort Worth, Texas this weekend Tineke Talsma, 15 years old-

won with:

Frisia Armani (2002) (Serenity Aristu x Serenity Marufa)
Champion Stallion Open and Champion AO Sporthorse -all Arabian-

(he was an orphan foal, his dam died at his birth and grew into a 16,2 hand SE, like his brother Serenity Aruf). His dam is by Serenity Mamlouk out of our super producer Serenity BtOsiris)

Serenity Arufa (2000) (Serenity Aristu x Serenity Marufa)
Champion Mare Open and Champion AO-Sportshorse-all Arabian

Both are full brother/sister to Champion Serenity Aruf
owned by Lee and Dennis Ackerman,Monument Arbaians,Co.

This is their first time out. Strain" Hadban Enzahi"
I am very proud that an inexperienced 15 year old amateur can defeat horses shown by professional trainers. This should be an insentive to everyone of you "young ones". Go for it.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arbian Farms
Great going Hansi. I know Wilma is proud! Those are some really nice performing horses.

A friend of mine has 2 SE geldings that compete in endurance, usually at a slower pace than most.

Mutsu is by an El Hilal son and out of a Maalik daughter, who's out of a Zaghloul daughter. He has almost 1500 miles logged, a few Top 10s, and a Best Condition. He has completed Tevis once.

Aomori is by the same El Hilal son and out of a half sister to Mutsu's dam, who's also out of the Zaghloul daughter. He has almost 4000 miles logged (some under Amori). He has 2 Top 10s (one on a 100), several multiday completions, and 2 Tevis completions.

These boys are very sweet.

My ER gelding is from the same breeder. I use him for endurance as well.

Dear Suzy

Congratulations, this is wonderful, is incredible. May be someone gelded the wrong horses? These accomplishedments again show
what Straight Egyptians are cabpable of doing.

To other readers, both were bred by K M Yamada or Isamu Yamada, Loomis, Ca, USA and are of the Dahman Shahwan strain. this Dahman strain comes through the "Babson" foundation Import "Bint Bint Sabbah (1930). the female tail line is heavy Babson blood, and real good one too.

More good luck and best wishes
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serneity Arabian Farms
Liz Salmon
At the same Mayfest show in Texas, my daughter Clare Morrow showed the SE Makhsous son FA Orion to Champion gelding and won the open Purebred Sport Horse under Saddle class. The other Makhsous son KA First Knight won both the Amateur Sport Horse under Saddle and Show Hack, as well as winning Second Level test 1 with his 19 year old amateur owner. Here is a photo of FA Orion.
Carol Maginn
YAY liz!!!! Congratulations to Clare and FA Orion and KA First Knight!!!! That is just fantastic!!!! Gosh those Makhsous babies are really superstars!!! Give KA First Knight a kiss for Raqwa! She is very proud of him!!!
Hi Liz

Congrats to Clare, that is wonderful. winning at sporthorse classes is in my opinion a great accomplishment, because the competition is tough. Is that not beautiful? Love tough competition.
What an incentive again for our young ones. Keep on going,going,going!!

Warm regards
Hansi biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Hi Nancy

I buy the boys and take the mare along. Would be a georgeous THREE IN ONE PACKAGE:P

Best regards
hansi biggrin.gif
My mare, VAF Mar Halima, and I just did our first hunter pace this sunday! She was awesome! I used a heart rate monitor so I wouldn't push her to hard but her recoveries were super and her heart rate hovered in the 70-90 range. We ended up going over 20 minues faster than our division champion (oops) and she never even broke a sweat. I found a different gear for her trot too that I never knew she had. The horse we were riding with had to do a strong canter to keep up while she trotted!! Boy , can she cover ground! *grin*

We even took the jumps and she had never seen a jump before. I wanted to see what she would do and she popped over them. Well, actually, she stepped over the first, skyed the second, and jumped easily over the last two fences. Not bad for her first time jumping. Now, I am thinking of adding working hunter to our list!!

Again, she did the whole ride barefoot and at a good clip of speed. We had to ride over sheared rock and huge pieces of asphalty stone. She never took a bad step!

Boy, do I love my Arabian! biggrin.gif
Awesome, Sara! Did anyone get any photos?
Thanks, Alf!

No, there was supposed to be a photographer but she canceled due to the rain. However, she let the club hosting the event give out gift certificates for a free photo shoot to the winners of each division which I thought was nice. Unfortunately, we didn't win one as I should have entered her in the middle speed division instead of the slow one! laugh.gif

Our first Class A show is next week so I am trying to get her ready. She is the defending Region Reserve Champion Sport Horse Mare ATH so I want to have her looking good and fit!! This is a big year for us because we plan on doing two things that are quite important:

1) complete our first endurance ride

2) compete at Sport Horse Nationals

I want her to go Top 5 or better again in her sport horse class at Regionals and I will bring her to Nationals. Her younger brother is also making the transition over to sport horse too. He is a Region TT yearling (top 5 on 2/3 cards) and a class A Junior Champion. If he goes Top 5 or better I will bring him to Nationals too! Should be a fun year! The qualifications to SHN are pretty easy so I want my two to at least Top 5 at Regionals to proove their quality before I ship them all the way to Nationals. The show is quite competitive and the classes there are HUGE compared to regular US Nationals. Wish us luck!!! :-)
Der Sarah

thank you for the wonderful report.I know exactly how you feel, and is it not a wonderful feeling?

Again it shows, what the arabs can do. Hopefully more owners find out what they really own.

Lots of luck and wins
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
I hope your dreams come true this year Sara! Please keep us posted on your progress and GOOD LUCK!!
Thanks guys!
Good evening,
Yesterday our mare Serenity Shaha was running the first time a 80 km race, and she won. Her son Ameen Laheeb was second after her. So it was a very good weekend for us.
Serenity Shaha is under saddle since last year, she already won her first race over 50km and over 60 km and in this year over the distance of 80 km, a really very good mare.
Lutz Petersen
Hi Lutz

Congratulations. this is wonderful. Yes, she is a good mare, and starting under saddle and winning, after having 6 foals, is
excellent. It is nice to hear that also her son Ameen Laheeb is doing so well.I guess genes dont lie.

All the best for the future and warm regards

Hansi biggrin.gif
Congratulations to you Lutz and Hansi. You both must be very proud, and deservedly so. Go the Straight Egyptians!
This was the thread I was looking for! Thank you Jeanette!
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