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What happened to this Imperial Madheen son? Is he still in Qatar? I haven't heard from him for a long time.
Look in the new Qatar Feature! biggrin.gif Obviously he is still alive and well.
Yupp! He was shown at the open house at Nasser Stud.
His photo is in the Qatar report.

Is the Qatar report on this website featuring a photo of Imperial Mahzeer? Please kindly direct me to the spot! I would love to see an updated photo of Mahzeer . . . just bought Imperial Maatalah (Imperial Mahzeer x Imperial Nadrah) and I absolutely love her!

I think this is the picture of Imperial Mahzeer everyone is talking about smile.gif

Thank you Guest!

More! More! Where is the information on the show located please???

Sumerlan, just click "International"!!
Thank you Paivi for guiding Sumerlan into the right direction.
Yes, it's in the INTERNATIONAL section, the first show report.
But it's the only photo of him, sorry. sad.gif
Why is the area above the Eyes shaved out and black make-up put on? Is tHis to try to make aN eye look larger? If so, this is total deceit and VERY, VERY UGLY!!! who ever started this nonsense? I condem it.

Hansi mad.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Yes, it's heavy make-up but he surely doesn't need it.
His eyes are large enough anyway.

Look at this picrure of him...

© Rik van Lent Jr.
This is your problem if you dont like it that eyes are shaved etc.
But please stop by always say such studpid comment! YOU can anyway not do anything about this!

Instead of using always this mad.gif stupid smiley use for once a biggrin.gif happy smile!
Be for once positive instead of being always so negative about everything.
Dr Daniel Wigger
QUOTE (HLM @ Apr 14 2005, 02:40 PM)
Why is the area above the Eyes shaved out and black make-up put on?

I can't change such nonsense but everybody should know that I don't like it either. How is it done? With a razor-blade near the eyes? Can't imagine that this is possible without sedation - please enlighten me!
Eagleridge Arabian Farm

The area is clipped with a clipper blades usual no 40, then baby oil or alto light etc is rubbed on, There is no use of black makeup as the skin is dark the oil accentuates the eye......I personally do not like it either, but it does not hurt the horses and there is no need to sedate them either.

I believe that in some countries if you clip to close to the skin above the eye, they can be disqualified from showing, but not so here in Australia.........but nothing to stop people doing it for photo shoots.

Here's a recent photo of Imperial Mahzeer...

Thank you for the recent photo of Imperial Mahzeer! Imperial Maatalah (Imperial Mahzeer x Imperial Nadra) is a kind, lovely mare who is a treasure at our farm. With her pedigree, Imperial Mahzeer (Imperial Madheen x Maar Bilahh) out of Imperial Nadra (Moniet El Nafis x *Fawkia), we are very excited to have this treasure on our farm. As Imperial Mahzeer was exported early in his life, finding recent photos has been a challenge and I thank you! She possesses an incredibly chiseled head, huge eyes, deep dish and well defined jaw line . . .we look forward to her future foals.

Dear Sumerlan,

Good luck with your mare! She indeed has an interesting pedigree. To who did you breed her to?

Our Imperial Mahzeer daughter "Mezna Al Rayyan" has the same qualities you're explaining about your mare. I believe Mahzeer is an outstanding producer and I hope to breed to him next year.

For more information regarding Imperial Mahzeer, you can contact Maria or Hendrik, they also regularly visit this site.

Best regards,

P.S. If you like I can send some more recent photo's I took of Mahzeer to your e-mail address.

Thanks once again! Would love additional photos of Mahzeer! Maatalah was in very poor condition when I found her and I am being patient while she gains condition this spring. Would love to keep in touch to trade information and photos back and forth to you. You may email to . . . will capture the essence of this mare for you in return.

Kindest regards,
Hansi I agree.
I hate that stupid shaving above the eye! It doesn't make the eye look bigger, It makes it look smaller, unless you have bad eyesight or are very far away and dont know how a horses eye should be shaped! Personally I don't like the shaving around the nose either. WHY must they do that? Why can't they just be natural. They are beautifulul already, They don't need any silly human enhancements! I want to see what they look like NATURALLY without all that shaving.

Laura H.M.

P.S. When and if I ever get around to buyiing my 1st horse (which I hope will be an Arabian) I want to see it in its natural state 1st and that is how I will keep it.
Glenn and Oliver:

Thought I would post a photo of Imperial Maatalah taken yesterday enjoying her new life at my farm in Magnolia! Haven't got the photo posting thing down yet . . . hope it works!

Lucky you!!!!!!!

Congratulations on bringing Maatalah to your farm! Good luck with her, she looks like a really special mare!


Lucky you! She is a very beautiful mare!! wub.gif
Thank you Oliver, Glenn, Majid and Helga! Would greatly appreciate additional photos of Imperial Mahzeer for reference. Please personally email to me at Here is another shot taken Sunday . . .

Dear Sumerlan,

as a little surprise for you Beverly Sziraky of Imperial Egyptian Stud
sent me this photo of a two-year-old Imperial Mahzeer when he was
still in the US.
Guess who's this little lady?
Yessssss, it's your Maatalah as a yearling...
I hope we surprised you!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Many thanks to Beverly who took the time
to search for the old pictures in her archive!!!!
Oliver and Beverly:

Surprise me???? Oh my gosh I am actually crying as I write this email! Not only did I get the "chillies" all over, but I was laughing and crying at the same time! What a thoughtful testimony for the pair of you to share your compassionate gift of time, effort and love for our beloved Arabians with me. Thank you both so very much! I am absolutely thrilled to have Imperial Maatalah! I believe she knows that she is home and is loved.

Little did I know that in 1997 when I took the time to visit the Cabreah sale in Tomball, Texas to help a friend select fillies for purchase that I would be "chosen" by MB Maymaara who was 17 months old at the time. As a mere human, I think would love and save them all if I could . . . turns out that my Egyptians have all loved and saved me. Thank you both very much!

A young Mahzeer! smile.gif


What a lovely colt photo of Mahzeer! Now I really can't wait for Maatalah's foals . . . thank you very much!

What a lovely photo of Mahzeer as a baby, thanks Oliver.
Looking at him today and handling him you would hardly believe he was ever a baby, we love him very much here at Al Nasser stud.

Liz Salmon
Sumerlan—with the two lovely mares you have—Maatalah and MB Maymaara, I guarantee that you will be breeding top International show quality foals. MB Maymaara's colt by Simeon Sachi is a perfect example, as he is a stunning colt. As I've said to you before it's about time you came to Aachen or Paris to meet some of these great people who post on this site !!
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