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Patrizia Labella
What I can say is that 3 weeks ago a beautifull black foal of two month , son of Windsprees Mirage and an Alidaar daughter , died in the hospital, affected by some infection and nobody understood, why no medicine could help. Was that SCID?
It takes two to have an SCID foal. What is easier than to test the mare. If the mare is clear, no foal can die of SCID. But of course there are more immune illnesses than SCID alone, of which we perhaps do not even know. With SCID medicines do help, but as soon as you stop giving them the infections will return. 2-3 weeks seems a bit early to me for SCID, which normally hits when the foal has to start developing its own immune system with 2 -4 months, which it cannot do. With 2-3 weeks, the foals still live on the antibodies they got from mama. If the foal died in hospital, they should be able to see if SCID was the cause, but on the little info given here, I doubt it. JMO.
Hi Bterlaan

I think you misread Patrizia's post, the foal died three weeks ago at 2 months old which may fit if the foal had not received a very high level of antibodies from the mare's colostrum. Of course it may not have been SCIDs. My foal got an infection at two days old, she finishes her course of antibiotics tomorrow so fingers crossed all is well when they stop.

I don't intend to get involved in this discussion as I don't know anything about the topic, was merely correction an error. I only read the post as I thought we might have an update on Helen van Ness's condition.

I hope you are recovering well, Helen, and will soon be back to normal.


I also read the topic as I thought there was an update on Helen - hope she has made good progress.
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