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I just heard today that *Ecaho, owned by Ferlita *Ecaho Arabians and presented by Raymond Mazzei, took GRAND CHAMPION STALLION at the AHA San Fernando Valley All Arabian Horse Show!

Lisa Brady
Congratulations!! I like this guy!!!

Wendy B
Me, too!! I think he's pretty awesome and Amanda has a gorgeous filly to prove it.

You go girl!!

Ecaho has always been up there as one of my top five favourites of all time. I go over all funny when I open Arabian Horse World and see him there. Those huge eyes!

Has he ever gone to Europe? If I ever judged at Paris I'd give him the championship. I'd only have to know he was coming and I'd send his owner the cup!

Congrats Ecaho!
Liz Salmon
Ecaho came from Poland and was bred there. I saw many of his lovely youngsters there last year.
Ecaho CAME from Europe biggrin.gif , and was the Polish National Champion stallion in 1995
AND........., he was shown in Aachen and won (got the championship or placed very high, can't remember wich) but his title was cancel as a result of a conflict of interest towards one of the judges. Had nothing to do with his quality wich was obvious for all!! Saw him in Poland the year after and he was Awesome and very commanding - A splendid son of his mother Etruria wich altso produced another extremely nice son wich I had the good fortune to know ,- Etogram. But that's another story...
Hello all,
Does anyone have pictures of his 2005 foals? I have read lots of comments, but no pictures seen. If you know
a site of someone that has An Ecaho foal would appreciate the information and seeing his foals.

Many Thanks
Jutta Kools
Hi Georgia,

take a look at this page, if you scroll down you'll see a filly and a colt by Ecaho
If you go to the Foals 2005 thread on this site above, you will see many photos of my 05 *Ecaho filly. You can also email me at for photos as well (this goes for anyone else interested in seeing too wink.gif )
Ecaho is one of my favorites. I saw him in Europe and fell for him.
He's on the cover of the AHW June issue with this magnificent picture:
HOW did you get the JUNE issue in Germany and it is only June 1????????? blink.gif It's like calling for a PIZZA...twenty minutes later and it is at your door. smile.gif That's it, I have to move to Germany. smile.gif
Might check the Arabian Horse World website. Wonder if Oliver saw the "cover" there instead?
Wait till you see the STORY. OMG!!!!!!!! FABULOUS
Yes Ralph I just saw the cover.....! Sadly. blink.gif
Here in Poland ... we are glad that he is doing so good in USA.
But sleep.gif we miss him very much.
Hear hear.

Bring Ecaho home to the old continent so I can see him. A guest appearance at Verona at the European Championships perhaps (hint hint).

Did Arabian Horse World ever have him as centrefold of the month. My friend in Cheshire frames the poster things and they look great on the wall and one of Ecaho would look great on my blank wall overlooking the dining room... Mind you, Ecaho himself standing in a yard near me would be even better.
I heard a "rumor" that *Ecaho will be shown at the 2005 US Nationals in New Mexico!!!!!!!!
YIPPPEEEE! Article on Ecaho in June Arabian Horse World! Can't wait! Nobody tell me about what it says cos I don't get my issue of the mag over here in the UK til quite late.

Mexico will be very lucky to see him if the rumours are true. Until then is there an online vid or pics for us unlucky lot in Blighty? (UK)
*Ecaho was Region 2 Grand Champion Stallion yesterday!
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