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Just wondering, are there any asil Marbach horses left going back to the old Weil bloodlines? Names? I know most of them were already crossed to Polish stallions and only a few were left to be bred to asil stallions like Hadban Enzahi and Ghazal?
I own a mare and her breeding includes Hadban Enzahi and Ghazal, her tail female line goes back to Murana 1, I believe this could be the old Marbach bloodline, am I right?

Sam biggrin.gif gbfahne.gif
She's only asil if her pedigree is free of the Polish stallions used at Marbach mainy Wind (Wyrdibab), Witez II, Karmin and Halef if I'm not mistaken
QUOTE (Guest @ Jun 3 2005, 11:28 PM)
She's only asil if her pedigree is free of the Polish stallions used at Marbach mainy Wind (Wyrdibab), Witez II, Karmin and Halef if I'm not mistaken

Couldn't be *Witez II as he was imported by Patton to US after WWII.
I think Guest 1 is talking about the line of SAHMET (Hadban Enzahi x Jatta), who had only one asil daughter, SANDARA (by Gharib).

SANDARA had five asil fillies: SADANA and SARIN by Saher, SALUA II and SAFINEZ by Nasrodin and SUHAILA by Motassem.

SADANA had three asil fillies: SACHIDA by Nasrodin, SAHIRA and SOUHA by Nami

SARIN has a daughter called SHEKARI by Sheik el Nile

SALUA II, SAFINEZ and SUHAILA have no asil female offspring

In the next Generation only SACHIDA bred on and she has four asil fillies:
SARINA and SAADAWI by Nami, SABITA by Serenity Habib and SAHALINA by Neshan

SARINA and SAADAWI were bred only to non-asil stallions and for tha other two mares I cannot find any more offspring records. So maybe the asil line of Jatta breaks at this point. It is reported that the recognition of Jatta by the Asil Club had thrown up some discussion some 30 years ago.

As far as I know the tail female line of Murana I did not produce any asil offspring and I even don't know if Murana I herself would have been recognized as asil. Maybe Hansi Heck-Melnyk can help here.

dear sabine and all

i have watched some marbach se's enter at the kauberplatte show years ago and other events. they seldom won, although they should have. marbach eventually gave up.

i am so impressed with their breeding methods, their production and their excellent training under saddle of their horses. they have super horsemen/woman, many trained by them and i wish this would be done at other particular large breeding establishments..

i saw some super horses at marbach, of various breeds too, these horses just screamed" i am an athlete". they were build for endurance and any type of stress performance.

i am so sad to see that so many se's are simply wasted, when they could compete so well and win so much, as done in the past.

often i hear remarks such as, o the marbach horses have not type etc. well it comes out of the mouth of the ignorant. i saw many type arabs there, unmistakenly "arabian horses". most of all, they are doing horses and nobody, uncluding marbach can afford to breed garden ornaments for very long.

when i read posts, this or that stallion is a super producer, and when i check it out, wonder what exactly the production is, when none are under saddle or tested, and what those super horses are and represent.

folks, many have to take those sunglasses off, and continue what was done in the past, which is our guidance for today and tomorrow.

have a grand day
hansi rolleyes.gif
Angel Arabians
Stutenfamilie Murana I Weil 1808
Foto Oktober 1991: Ilse Klauenberg

Dagi, Dschadaah, Dschihan, Dschala, Shahra, Sandara, Sadana, Samia


Hi Hansi and all,

Marbach as I see it and I have visited it even 30 years ago as a child, is a studfarm whose owner is the Bundesland Baden Württemberg. They have the order to produce horses for the Bundesland, working horses in former times (they still have those Schwarzwälder Füchse), riding horses nowadays. So of course their horses, and this is mainly the standardbred "Württemberger", are selected for their athleticism and performance abilities under saddle. The arabians have been something special for the studfarm of a Bundesland, of course their selection is influenced by the goal of Marbach, but in former times, times when stallions like Hadban Enzahi and Ghazal produced foals of outstanding type, Marbach sold arabians for a lot of money all over the world... well, as we all know the arabian market broke down. Marbach imported the black Gharib, a perfect performance horse, but part of the special Marbach-arabian type, the type of Hadban Enzahi, was lost - and is was lost for generations. I wonder if Marbach would win in shows if they had followed their own special type instead of trying to make the arabian perform like a Württemberger?!

All of this is far off topic to the original question: Are there any asil horses left which are from the old Weil bloodlines? As far as the photos posted by Jeanine van Oosterwijk are titled correctly, the tail female line of Jatta IS the line of Murana I ??
I think the question is, if there are left any asil horses with old "Weil"-bloodlines in Marbach directly. I believe that there are asil horses which go back to Marbach - Weil in Germany but are there any in Marbach itself?

I think at Ismer's - the Madkour I offspring, wasn't Madkour I even SE?
I've read, that Masahib, the endurance Stallion with more than 6000 km is asil and Weil/Marbach Bloodlines?
Could you please tell me is Shari I Asil? Only her tail female line is Murana I and her breeding is Hadban Enzahi and Haita?

I am very interested in this discussion, as my Mare has Shari I on both sides of her pedigree.


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Frank Werfel
Dear Sam
No, Shari I isn't asil. She has some Polish ancestors and do not qualify for the Asil Club.
@ Barbara: Madkour I is of course asil, but Masahib is not. His father is, but not his mother.
Dear Frank,

Thankyou very much for your answer, I am learning a lot from this site. I enjoy researching the pedigrees as although I have had horses all my life, Arabs are relatively new to me and I have found myself well and truly hooked by Arabitus!


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I have a mare who's dam was direct from Marbach. No polish lines and she is Asil. Her dam is Nafei.
Sired by Gharib out of Hadban Enzahi daughter. She is very powerful mover (at least in her younger years) and she is built to the max. She has a pretty head, but not extreme. Has a very high set neck huge dark eyes great legs and level topline. Her name is Dhariba. Sired by Dalul. Sadly we are unable to get her to conceive natural cover so now we try Embryo Trans. on her.

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