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MOre men, More men! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Oliver is a hottie!
Go Greg and Saf!!
These girl´s are going crazy biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

They want lifted t-shirts,dark sun-glasses etc....................

o.k. here is one for today, I was trying to get some sleep on the beach, when some girls asked me to compete at the Mr.SE.COM competition biggrin.gif wink.gif biggrin.gif

ciao roland palm
Oooh Roland you devil!:wub:

Who's next?
Roland you are hot

nina c K
...10, 11, so this is another one from me, number 12 . huh.gif
Sorry, it's a bit -well.... But I really have to do what I can about the magic 50! tongue.gif

We still need 38 pictures to get another one from Oli, so please come on, this is absolutly serious! biggrin.gif
How about some photos of the cute trainers? I guess it takes a while before the calendar is ready for us girls! Meanwhile we can watch them HERE! biggrin.gif Don't be shy boys!
Callaway Park
Well I'm definitley not a contender for your sexy survey

This is me with my part bred gelding Kubla's Kommett


Huh? Why not? I like your shy smile. biggrin.gif Still waters run deep. You are definitely worth a second look.. Umh, without a shirt next time!!! laugh.gif
Here is Manuel Esteves with my Stallion Karim Al Kidir wink.gif

© Martin Kubat
Still 36 to come:D

I agree with Marion about Kristian!
Tim Feurig
Only 35 now.
I am sure you will have the 10 girls tomorrow morning rolleyes.gif
I will be the first at Tim's house tomorrow, then I will take Oli's afterwards, when all the other girls have left biggrin.gif
Can I have Oliver then? rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
You wanna fight about him ? mad.gif <_< tongue.gif I am ready! Come on!
He is mine wub.gif
And the hormones are a-flyin!

Okay girls, one pic closer to one more of Oliver tongue.gif

This is me, unfortunately without a horse sad.gif

Roland, Oli, Greg and all you other "hotties"--have you picked which month you'd like to be on the's Boy Toys Calendar?


--Susan wink.gif
Good Day, Everyone! biggrin.gif

Okay, Ralph....

I'm making an attempt to reveal myself. I'm not sure if it will work--have patience with me huh.gif-- I'm good with words but just can't figure out the technology part! ohmy.gif

I'm attempting to link you all to my photo-album containing pictures of me with the great Khemosabi--my all-time favorite Arabian horse! They were snapped at Rancho Valle del Sol in Bonsall, California in July, 1999. Khemo passed on to that special place for all great creatures in May, 2000. These pictures are very precious to me. Khemo is a true inspirational horse. He will live forever in his offspring and the hearts of all of those who knew and loved him. What a thrill to sit astride this magnificent stallion! I was speechless and in tears!

Here goes....

Click here: ohmy.gif

If anyone knows how to "tweak" this link and simply post the pictures with my message, by all means feel free to do so. The pictures were taken by my "non-horsey" friends from San Diego so there's no need to post the photographer! They won't sue! laugh.gif

--Susan wink.gif
Drum Roll Please.....HERE'S SUSAN....taaadaaa....(this was my favorite photo of the 9) smile.gif

the only question I have is WHERE'sTHE LADY GODIVA PHOTO!!!!! ohmy.gif I was all worked up to see that! tongue.gif
Oak Lawn Arabians
This is me (Carrie Stewart), my son (Alexander) and our stallion (CT Saint Patrick) at a fun show last fall.
Arabian Stud Europe
Wow, its like paradise for me here!
I just love men with dark hair tongue.gif
Regards, Talitha
"Lady Godiva" photo...

lol Ralph.
GIRLS tongue.gif You can all take Oli smile.gif

Then I take TIM

I'll take Roland or Tim. Dark haired men are my thing! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

First I'll have to get that divorce though, working on it! <_<

Dara tongue.gif
Anyone want a half decent granny?
on the side line
Yes Please,....... tongue.gif anything to keep the photo numbers comming so we get to see Oli again laugh.gif
nina c K
The question about life, the universe and... where is Tim living?
How shall we get to their houses if no adresses are given? Did I mention that the whole thing is very serious to me?

Now it's a bit cheated, but I can add two more pics from the rest of us

Regine Kern:

Mark Kern:

How many do we still need? rolleyes.gif
Arabian Stud Europe
We can also put the boys in the auction tongue.gif
Hey, isn't there a guy about 25?????I'm 19, so you're all too old!!!!!!! ph34r.gif tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Little Bella,

Remember, "old age and treachery always triumph over youth and skill." laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

--Susan tongue.gif
OK, you got me laugh.gif But let's talk about that in about 20 years, when I' m "old" myself <_< laugh.gif laugh.gif

This is a photo of my main man "Simah" & me that was taken last summer. He is a 14 year old SE gelding.
COME ON!!! Where are the pics?

Oli & EH Assam (Gharib x Aminah)
(you know the next sharp photo without shirt after 50 pics.....) wink.gif
Arabian Stud Europe

Does this picture count for three girls? biggrin.gif
Arabian Stud Europe

Another one
Arabian Stud Europe

Robin & Shafay (abakan) again
Arabian Stud Europe

And finally a picture of me biggrin.gif
nina c KGuest
I couldn't follow the link, but Ralph said there were 9 pictures, I think we all agree that we can therefore count 9 pictures for that link.

So we still need 16! Great, that shouldn't be a problem. biggrin.gif
Ok we still need 15 cool.gif
Oli heb schon mal dein T Shirt hoch tongue.gif

This is jung guy Tim Schröer (Polar Arabians) with my lovley Miriya in 2003
now we need 14 tongue.gif

litle Girl Farina with my first foal Mahal Nazar
oh oh olli it is time cool.gif
we still need 13
this is Robert Schlereth ( Al Ousar Arabians )
12 biggrin.gif
and Volker Wettengl with Robert
11 ph34r.gif

me and Susanne Schreibvogel (Al Zamet )
10 happy.gif

Sheik Abdul Aziz Bin Khaled Al -Thani
nina c
jaaa! Super! laugh.gif
Arabian Stud Europe

Marieke and Shafay
Still 9 to go tongue.gif
If you don't want to see something really awful, look away now! biggrin.gif tongue.gif
I'm the ugly skinny one on the right! tongue.gif

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