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Sabrina & Karsten Scherling
Photo © by Nicole Sachs 2005 / "Open Day" Dr. Nagel
Hallo Karsten und Sabrina,

na, das ist doch wirklich nett mit den Fotos und wen man da so wieder erkennt. Ich habe naemlich am Wochenende in Baden Baden bewundert festgestellt, wie gut "erzogen" ein Herr seine Liebste aufs Beste und regelmaessig versorgt hat, mit Nudeln, Kaffe, Getraenken, so dass sie die Tribuene nicht verlassen und den Blick von den Pferden nehmen musste wink.gif Und siehe da, jetzt weiss ich auch, dass Ihr das wart tongue.gif

Viele Gruesse

Aber wer ist Heike??? sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
Astrid Schmid
Hello everybody,

it's a funny thread with really nice pictures. I knew some faces but now I know their names, thank you.

Here two of me with my dearest horsepowers smile.gif

with Ansata Nile Pasha and in Marseille with my second passion.

Best regards

You are so pretty, one of the most beautiful woman in this thread.
Sorry for also "forgetting" Davidoff in the Arabian Jumper discussion. He looks very, very good.

Astrid Schmid
Ohhh Ralph, thank you so much, you are so good to me wub.gif but you are not bad either. wink.gif

Which discussion you meant, I can't remember biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

The faces to ujw-arabians 1994:
and the ujw-family 2005: copyright by
Hallo Sabrina,

ich habe leider keinen Scanner, deswegen auch kein Bild von mir und meiner Suessen sad.gif

Aber auch das kommt vielleicht noch smile.gif

Viele Gruesse

New Photo

Oli with the 22 years old EH Assam (Gharib x Aminah)
Lovely pic Oli.....But are you wearing a shirt?..... You promissed no shirt if i remember right.
Nicole WL
Nice topic!

This is me with a little, cute calf I met in the streets of the Stockyards in Oklahoma, Texas.

"What is this? Can i drink that? NO, I don't like coffee...."

"... i want MILK!!!..."
Na Nicky, da fällt mir doch glatt was ein biggrin.gif

This is Angela "The Sheep Whisperer"... (I'm the one on the right wink.gif )

Pic© Nicole WL, "The Calf Lady" cool.gif

Then I swapped the sheep for a bigger model (can't make wooly socks out of this one, unfortunately biggrin.gif wink.gif )
Nicole WL

Na, Angela, das paßt ja super unter mein Kuh-Foto.

Poste doch mal die "anderen" Fotos von Ludwig und Dir!!!!!! *grins*

QUOTE (Nicole WL @ Aug 14 2005, 11:40 AM)
Poste doch mal die "anderen" Fotos von Ludwig und Dir!!!!!! *grins*

Psssssssttt!!!! Sei bloss still!!!
Nicole WL
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif rolleyes.gif
Wow - this gallery is growing and growing!
Nice thread! smile.gif

Well - I am officially the most un-photogenic person in the world ph34r.gif and I don't have a horse of my own,
but this is me with 30-year-old Magda (Hadban Enzahi/Molawa).

QUOTE (Oliver @ Aug 15 2005, 11:40 AM)
Wow - this gallery is growing and growing!

Yes Oliver

Remeber it was my idea from the Beginning smile.gif smile.gif

Mohamed Awad Khaled
Tim Feurig
Betty Finke and Magda. Two lovely and well-known German ladies in one picture!
Not to mention both a bit grey around the edges - laugh.gif
Wow - this gallery is growing and growing!

does this mean that you will be putting up a picture of you with no shirt Oliver
with all of your muscels rippling
you sexy Mr. Fitness
Rakis Mom
Hi All!
Here is a picture of Jusst In Time (Ansata Nile Bay x Kirmali by Imperial Imdal) and me rolleyes.gif
Linda Thorburn
Rakis Arabians
wow!!! am loving this post especially the posts from a certain person....not hard to guess who i mean!!! biggrin.gif anyway this a picture of me and my anglo arab - he's a diamond;

grrr can't add that type of attatchment, this is the link......
I am not very familiar with Anglo-Arabs, but he's gorgeous. I love his eyes!!!!

Aline, thankyou i love him too!! biggrin.gif here is another picture of him...
He's dark chestnut, isn't he? I love this color (esp. with less white like your horse).
yer he is dark!!! what horses do you have? biggrin.gif
@frankie: I don't own a horse. Can't afford a horse. It's an expensive and time-consuming hobby.
i agree its very expensive and time consuming! i am very fortuanate to have 12 and a mum!!! some are owners horses however but they are very hard work, the horses are my mums full time job!!!! are you in the UK?
QUOTE (frankie @ Aug 23 2005, 04:00 PM)
are you in the UK?

I am in Germany (Stuttgart).
wadi el hana

these are my wife Ingrid, our oldest mare Ya Sahara (Moniet El Sharaf x Masria EG), and me, Benoit
I can't believe that I am just getting to this post after so much time. It's really a fantastic idea, as I have spent hours scrolling through every photo! Admittedly, I am amazed at how many of you are so young and beautiful, both male and female!

Dean, your "bald" photograph reminded me of a couple of photo's I took of my dear friend, Marty Garrett. This was taken on the Red Sea, near Hurghada, with his wonderful driver, Ramy.

And another I snapped a couple of years later in Petra

I had GREAT fun going through my own photographs, and have some great ones - just not much time to scan them sad.gif
Now for me.......... many years ago before a became a willing slave to Arabian horses!

As time goes on! That's me on the Red Sea.

And me, a few years ago, with Ansata El Shahraf, right after I got him. I think this may be the last photograph taken of me! See what time can do! <_<

Still a Beauty!!! rolleyes.gif

Beautiful photo's! Great idea to show photo's from the past to the present!

I am going to try to post a few .............

I am the little one in the middle................Age 3 with friends of our family in the Middle East, before I knew I didn't have talent for singing!
Majid at 5............ now in the West!
Age 30 back in the Middle East...............On the right without a gutra!
A few weeks ago on our farm ............. Majid and a gelding...... Sayyes.
really nice pic Mr.Majid smile.gif

Here's me last week - I made this into a present for my grans birthday, just the piccy not the rest...... biggrin.gif
Gabriele Schweiher
That´s me with Scott Allman at the Egyptian Event Europe with my Reserve Winning Colt Muhajjal ibn Aalin, and I am very proud of my little guy, he do it very well. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Arabian Stud Europe

Nice tongue.gif
Tim Feurig
Dear Majid,
your gelding looks very beautiful and I wonder if you could reveal his pedigree. I like him a lot.

P.S. The hormones begin to fly again.... biggrin.gif
Hi Tim,

I appreciate your interest. The gelding is: FA Say Yes.

He is by Say Amen ( Thee Desperado X Alta-Merietaten) out of a Polish mare ..........

Beat Street ( Back Street X SH Drummer ........ a Druch daughter)

Here is another photo of Sayyes being ridden.

Both you and your gelding are very handsome men. Thank you for sharing your pictures.
QUOTE (Amal-Chariklia @ Aug 30 2005, 08:41 PM)

Nice  tongue.gif

Who is this????? mmmmmmmmm
It´s Oliver, the Sire of this website! wink.gif
Guten Morgen an Alle,
also mir hat Oliver mit dunkleren und längeren Haaren viiiel besser gefallen!
Aber das wird ihm ja wohl ziemlich wurst sein, gell?!
Schönen Tag
We appreciate all the many posts in this ever-growing gallery.
Howeeeever, though it is funny it should not become a "who's hot and who is hotter" section biggrin.gif
See, it's more important to have some nice faces behind the written words - that's the true sense of
this section (hopefully). To vote for "Miss Wet T-Shirt" or "Mr. Muscle" click to another site. laugh.gif tongue.gif
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