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Ohhh I can't forget Donatella's partner in crime Rosie (Yermeh Rozette) lol... Sandy
OK. I try it again. A pic of my SE Mare PA Shalima Al Badi and me.
Hallo @ alle!
Wir sind Kristina und Jörg Krüger aus Deutsch Evern/nord ost Niedersachsen deutschfahne.gif
Anbei ein Foto von uns und unseren Hotta's. Die da wären Nizena Boreeh vonNaborcik -von Balaton- aus Nizareeh-von Ibn Mohafeez- aus Nadiah
sowie Ahlams Delaila von U.P. Mohamed Pasha- von Sherif Pasha- aus Il bint Ahlam- von Bay Halima -aus Cleopatraa

1. Foto Jörg beim Hufe machen von Delaila
Und hier Nizena und Delaila am 13.11.05 beim Spaziergang
Anne Rapp (MissClay) and EH Bahim (Al Nowasy x Bashirah by Shawky)
well nice number in this Topic : 505

Here you have me, Bob or "Bastet " with MY Stallion Ibn El Tareef; Son of Hadaya El Tareef from Imperial Imdal and in the Dam line from AK Elzahra Moniet and Farazdac
This picture is from last weekend on a show..........
And here Ibn El Tareef in the show with Sebastiaan Volker who owns Divine Arabians and has IET in training.
(thanks Sebas and Breg)

I'm so proud of this stallion!! He's a dreamhorse in every way...

And Bob.. It's great to see you with Ibn El tareef.....not only his eyes are sparkling.. biggrin.gif
IBN EL TAREEF looks amazingly beautiful. And he seems to enjoy his work. I understand why you are so proud of him. Great guy. I wish him lots of lovely ladies in spring.

This photo isn't bad either...

Lots of "Imdal" in his face...

Great to see a picture of you on this forum, Bob !
And the pictures are even more beautifull after having read that it was his fifth time under saddle since his arrival in Holland Congratulations !
Gudrun Irtzing
Damit auch ich ein Gesicht bekomme:

Taken today me and my arabian mare Ballerina biggrin.gif


Not me, but our newest addition justin (age 8 months) "helping " me get some photos for a customer.

He is "cutting his teeth" on the Arabian Tack business biggrin.gif
awe what a cutie wink.gif BARB
Hi Usamah !

Can you please send me a mail to, it loooks like I've problems to send you a message !
warm regards,
Hello Jani,
finally I have a "face" to all the beautuful pictures and
nice postings of you. biggrin.gif

deutschfahne.gif Hallo Gudrun,
wer ist denn das schöne Pferd unterm Sattel?
Thanks Oliver biggrin.gif
Not the bedst picture, but the only one I have <_<
Haven't written here for a while, but thought I jump on now that I popped by smile.gif

Me and Xerex, my lovely 2 year-old stallion

Tone Lygren, from Norway but living in Denmark
Jutta Kools
This is me and my lease mare AS Kharima

Ulrike... I will see if I can talk my friend (who looks like you) into giving me a great picture of her barrel racing...

Gudrun IrtzingGuest
Hallo Gudrun,
wer ist denn das schöne Pferd unterm Sattel?

Hallo Oliver,
es ist Tiffany Bint Afuk.
Eine Kaisoon und Morhaf - Enkelin.
Viele Grüße
Respekt! biggrin.gif
Hi Ulriche! Here you go, this is Maureen!

And one more with her hair pinned back, racing!

Robert 1
Hello Gudrun Irtzing,

What a beautiful picture, such harmony between you and your horse, they say a picture
is worth a 1,000 words. biggrin.gif
Guess who is me?
QUOTE (Gudrun IrtzingGuest @ Dec 10 2005, 08:29 PM)
Hallo Oliver,
es ist Tiffany Bint Afuk.
Eine Kaisoon und Morhaf - Enkelin.
Viele Grüße

Meine Lieblingsstute bei Dir, Gudrun! rolleyes.gif
Tim Feurig
I guess you are the cute little thing in the front who enjoys being cuddled by a caring friend!!!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif

Awww...! Everyone here is cute!
Na dann wollen wir uns auch mal Zeigen Nicole und der june Mann da neben mir ist Malibu (NK Massimox Kuwayis)
Roland Pozniak and Manuela Pozniak-Hastreiter from Azabat-Arabians. We're living in bavaria / Germany

and our arabians
Waskan (Kauri x Wadina) and his daughter Baqi Bint Waskan (out of Maddelena Bint Masran a original Om el Arab mare)

photos by (Melanie Groger 2005)
QUOTE (Azabat @ Dec 25 2005, 11:15 AM)
Roland Pozniak and Manuela Pozniak-Hastreiter from Azabat-Arabians. We're living in bavaria / Germany

and our arabians
Waskan (Kauri x Wadina) and his daughter Baqi Bint Waskan (out of Maddelena Bint Masran a original Om el Arab mare)

photos by (Melanie Groger 2005)

what a nice couple and nice horses as well smile.gif

the bay mare look like the 2nd Hanan rolleyes.gif

Warm regards from the rainy Kuwait.

Rebecca Davis
Hello- My name is Becky and I have been following this "Show us who you are" and have seen some wonderful photos. I decided to add my own. Hope I am not intruding! My beautiful daughter, Kristen, and some equine friends, Shady the obvious Arabian, Westenfelds Mona Lisa (Morgan), and another dear friend, Miroslav from Slovakia. I can post more of Shady when I can get them, or scan them into the computer. Thanks!
Rebecca Davis
I apologize, in all my haste to post pictures, I left out where I am from! I live in New York State, USA. I am also the very, very proud "sold to USA" for Ashley Al Azhar on the Al Azhar website. I must also say that Ute Clausing is one of the most wonderful people I have had the fortune to meet. Thank you Ute for everything !!!!
Hi All
This has been such a charming topic to dip into over the past few months. Its been a pleasure to "meet" you all and your gorgeous four legged friends of all species! Hope you don't mind me joining in with my gorgeous four legged friend Molly who is having a ball with all this snow! I wish you happiness for the coming year, lets hope it brings us all closer together wherever we are in the world.
Click to view attachmentClick to view attachmentClick to view attachment
Hi Jasmin,

Molly seems to be a happy dog! Thanks for sharing the photo.

I see you are from Suffolk! We hosted a group of high school kids from Norwich here in Pennsylvania, USA, last February. They were members of an orchestra who performed at my daughter's school. We enojyed their visit very much!

I know I already added my picture to this thread, but wanted to share this one too. It was taken when I visited North Arabians this Friday...

Me and Padrons Psyche wub.gif

Click to view attachment

He is such a sweet stallion... a huge thanks to Robert and Dixie for giving me the chance to see this magnificent horse! wub.gif
Hi this is me and my mare EA Amellia just about about to be loaded on the lorry for a show smile.gif
Hi everyone. This is a great thread. It's fantastic to put faces to names!
Paul Clark with Al Adeed Al Shaqab late last year. Photo by Darryl Larson.
No pictures of me unfortunately.
Westbury Park Arabians
Perth, Western Australia
Westbury can you post that pic again?? unable to see him
gbfahne.gif I have posted a pic of some of my horses and myself previously, so thought I,d post a photo of my boy "Storm" which was taken when the weather was a bit better than it is currently here! Kind Regards, Dorothy Brandie, Templar Croft Arabians. Aberdeen. Scotland.
Dear Bianca,
Al Adeed looks absolutely adorable.
Maria Olejaz
Hello everybody,

I am new to this forum, but some of the Danish people in here may know me from the Danish Arabian forum.

Here is a picture of me and my Polish/Egyptian mare Mentha.

I have really enjoyed all of your pictures!!
Guest_Paola Marinangeli_*
Dear Dorothy,

thanks for having posted in addition to your beautiful horses...this WONDERFUL
Collie. I am particularly fond of this breed, I had a Collie, (a male dog) for 17 years
and of all the dogs I had or known in my life...he was absolutely the best from all points of view. He was a true gentlemen, knowing always and perfectly how to act and in which circumstances was better to play, or to stay quiet, with that
''class'' and elegance so typical of this breed. For a certain number of personal reasons, when I lost my ''Hegel'' (the stud name was Hegel George Fulvo dell'Ara Nova), and when I had again the chance for a new dog, I was in a way, obliged to choose a little size breed, and my choice was for another great passion of mine
the Italian Greyhound. This is the dog I have now, a wonderful , charming youg lady whose name is FARIDA in honor of the Arabian Horse breed that I love so much. But Collies are SPECIAL, and a big place in my hearth will belongs, for ever,
to the special years I have lived with my Collie. Please, if youhave other shots
of him, can you please post them here????All our forum friends are also great
DOGS lovers and I am sure they will be so please and captured by the beauty
of your Collies.

Paola and Farida
Hi Maria,

Welcome to!!!

Så fik du også fundet vej herind biggrin.gif
Dejligt at se nogle flere danskere!!

Hi, posting this picture again of Paul Clark of Westbury Park Arabians in Perth, Western Australia with Al Adeed Al Shaqab. I have reduced the file size this time.
Photo by Darryl Larson.
gbfahne.gif Many thanks Paola for your kind words. Storm is much admired and a good "guard dog" for the horses at Templar Croft Arabians. Interesting that you also had a male Rough Collie - you are right, they are very intelligent, obdient and loyal dogs. We also have a female Rough Collie called "Kara" and I'll try and post some additional photos of them both. I love the photos of your little girl Farida - please give her a hug from me, she is beautiful. Kindest Regards, Dorothy Brandie, Templar Croft Arabians, Abberdeen. Scotland.
I can't image having another dog than a Collie biggrin.gif
Have two of them... Both males. But they're really sweet and gentle dogs.
Jaro (sable) is 3,5 years old and Senna (tricolour) is 11 months but he's already bigger than Jaro. ohmy.gif
Love them both wub.gif

Hello everyody,

I don't post very often, but here's a picture of my mare Djamila (Ibn Jamil x Dacca) and myself.

Photo taken by Nicole Kumpf!

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