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The situation:

40 Purebred Arabian horses

25 stallions
1 gelding
14 mares

A stack of registration papers.
Absolutely no one who can tell us which horse is which. Obviously I can separate them to gender and color groups, but where to go from there? Does anyone have any idea of the fee for DNA matching?

further complications: a gate was left open and 10 of the mares have checked in foal----25 possible sires.

I am somewhat overwhelmed with this, and at a loss of where to begin. your help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Do the papers for these horses not give accurate drawings or descriptions of any white markings or whorls, hoof color that would help you identify the individuals?
It may work out more expensive now but it may be in your interest to have them all DNA then once the foals arrive you can paper them and sell them making your money back?

The marking descriptions have helped to a small degree. This herd is so closely related that many have similar stars, snips , and other markings. The descriptions are not as accurate as one would wish. The only easy part so far was matching up the gelding.


My dearest hope is to be able to match these horses with their papers and to place them withbreeding programs or people who appreciate their lines and can use them.

Hi Forrest,

You may just want to contact the Registry, as most times they are happy to see new registrations come in. Looks like you will have 10 new registrations if you are able to match the stallions and mares to the papers based on the DNA.

Maybe if you tell them your goal is to register all 10 of these foals, if they can match the papers to some DNA samples you send in, they will help you.

At least worth a try, and a good place to start.
Keep us posted.
Would Coggins papers help at all?
Hello Gump!I admire you for taking on this task.I assume there is no way the former owners can,or will help,correct?
One thing that helped me before was finding people that had worked with the horses(like stable hands or even kids that had cleaned the stalls) or had bought horses from the previous owners,especially if some of the horses purchased were offspring of those individuals you have now.This may only work if the horses have been properly transfered to the new owners,or even previous owners can help if you can take photos of the horses and send this group of photos of those you suspect might have been their horse,to those that once had them.I also found even neighbors can help,especially if they were friends of the owners and spent any time around the horses.Even a classifed ad in the local newspaper can maybe help bring in a person or two that might know at least some of the horses.A vet in the area may be able to help if they worked on any of the horses along with farriers that may have been hired to trim thier feet....
I know this isn't much,but I hope it might give you a few more ideas...
I wish I could help more... sad.gif
Thank you all for your input. The Registry will most likely be able to help.

Just for general info, the owner is unable to help (not unwilling). I dearly wish these horses had been tatooed, freeze branded, chipped, whatever .

The idea of neighbors and former employees is great. Hopefully I can find former employees.
wow-what a task! Bless you for your effort--May Great blessings from above riegn down upon you for your work...
Where are the horses located? Will they be auctioned?
Thank you guest. Due to the delicacy of the situation, I am not comfortable disclosing the location of the herd at this time. There is no auction planned--we are still trying to figure out who is who. These horses stand a better chance at an appropriate home if they have the proper ID.
Hi Gump!
I hope the Registry can help.I have had many dealings with them in the past and I usually had to provide most everything needed,but this may be a special case.They can only go off the markings drawn,such as you are trying to do and I expect it to be a somewhat costly situation for you trying to DNA and/or bloodtype the horses to try to indentify them.I really think if you can find a farrier,vet,or another family member that may have had contact with the animals,they could possibly help with at least some of the identities.I wish I could do more to help you,but I know that I am grateful to you for taking on this task to try and save some of our precious horses... smile.gif
Bless you... smile.gif
Hi Gump

You have taken on a mammoth chore, hope you get it sorted. Were these horses bred where they are now? If not, would posting photos and descriptions (especially any scars etc) here help as there may be people on the forum who would recognise some of them. A rescue horse in England has just been positively identified from posts and a photo on another website.

Good luck.

i know how it feels not to have someone coopertae with you about something liek that. My mare has just had her foal and i canot regsiter her as the previous please will not co operate at all
Thank you for the input everyone. I've approached this with a cooler head today (and a truckload of cattle panels to make temporary stalls for sorting).

The sorting has made everything seem more hopeful, not quite so daunting. If they come close to the description on the papers I place them in a particular pen. I've managed to find a former barn manager who can hopefully pinpoint a few individuals.
QUOTE (Gump @ Jun 27 2005, 02:34 AM)
Thank you for the input everyone.  I've approached this with a cooler head today (and a truckload of cattle panels to make temporary stalls for sorting).

The sorting has made everything seem more hopeful, not quite so daunting.  If they come close to the description on the papers I place them in a particular pen.  I've managed to find a former barn manager who can  hopefully  pinpoint a few individuals.

Good for you! at least you didn't "RUN Forrest, RUN!!!' when you were presented with this task. Many people would-the opposite direction! blink.gif

When and if you get to the point you can disclose more about these horses-let us know. I know of a couple of 4-H youngsters that I would dearly love to help them obtain an arabian-we have found them free grade horses, ponies and quarterhorses-but they all seem to love my arabs, and I feel if we can expose them young-they will be arab lovers for life-(at least less likely to believe it when they hear that all arabs are crazy!) We have started the kids on fund raising projects so they will have the funds to care for and purchase horses/tack etc in the future..

Other suggestions on trying to sort the horses that haven't been discussed-is one that we used with mustangs and also large herds of free range horses in the past...
Spend some time observing the herds-you will be able to see which colts/fillies were from which mare, just by the interactions..even at 2-3yrs of age, they still will look out for them, protect them, and even tolerate from them sharing grain, etc-that any other horse wouldn't get away with----it is a stretch, but with the other help you got-this may help with the youngsters that haven't been ID'd yet...
good luck!
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