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I am new to breeding straight Egyptians and enjoy learning from all of you on this forum. Could you please tell me what breeding program used the RSI suffix. Its probably obvious but i can't recall reading it anywhere. I would also appreciate any comments you might like to offer about the program. Thanks!
Hi Mike smile.gif RSI stands for Rancho San Ignacio, the breeding program of Richard Pritzlaff. If you use the search engine on this website and plug in "Pritzlaff", "Rashad Ibn Nazeer", "Bint Moniet El Nefous", "Bint El Bataa", "Rabanna", "Bint Dahma", "Yashmak", "Rasmoniet".

Also, check both the "international" and "background" sections of this website, there is a series of articles on the Nazeer sons in America. One of the articles is about Rashad Ibn Nazeer.

Finally, using Google, search for Richard Pritzlaff, which hopefully will get you to the archives of a publication called Arabian Visions. Within the archives are some really great articles about Richard Pritzlaff and Rancho San Ignacio.

Good luck,

P.S. to Ralph's excellent posted info:

Richard died a number of years ago and his horses were dispersed. Most (not all) of the horses he bred had the abbreviation RSI at the end of the name. Some of these are still alive.There are several breeders who still breed predominantly from the horses he bred: The Johnson's in Michigan, Sheila Harmon in Idaho, Crockett and Sharon Dumas in Utah, Jan Ferraro in Idaho, Helen McCloskey in California, and a couple of folks in the New Mexico area. All of them are quite knowledgeable and willing to share info if you contact them.

Thank you Ralph and anitae I will look into other information on this site.
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