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I would like to see pictures (or names only if you have them) of famous, pure strain Hadban Enzahi mares please.
Debra Nowak
Hello Marsina,
I recently did a strain seminar and in my research for Hadban Enzahi I found this information which I felt was quite unique! I wanted to use a great example of the Hadban family: well Gelgelah Albadeia (my absolute favorite mare) is Hadban Enzahi--her mother Anhar Albadeia is "pure in the strain" Hadban Enzahi, but the unique foal is Gelgelah Albadeia's new filly by Simeon Sadik as this new filly is very "pure in the strain" Hadban Enzahi. A beautiful combination indeed but I thought "pure in the strain" too, what a treasure!!
Best Wishes
Debbie Nowak
Abraxas Arabians
Do you happen to have any pictures? I have a pure strain Hadban Enzahi mare and I would like to see some other examples smile.gif
Debra Nowak
Hi Marsina,
I do have photos, unfortunately I am not computer savy! I have a friend that helps me post the photos. I will try to get his help.
Debra Nowak
The only photos I have are of Gelgelah and her mother Anhar. I have no photos of the new filly out of Gelgelah.
Please remind me what pure in the strain means? I remember reading a dispute somewhere about the term and need a refresher biggrin.gif

27 Ibn Galal V?
Debra Nowak
Hi Tracey,

"Pure in the strain" means that both maternal tail female lines are the same strain that is the mother line of the sire and the mother line of the dam. Hope that helps.
I use magic markers to code all pedigrees.
This is quite interesting. I would like to see some picutures too.

Here your have a full mother line of Hadbah Enzahi that goes back on Venus + photo's
Hi Debbie smile.gif

There are not that many people that breed pure-in-the-strain anymore. Are there even more than a handful of people that actually believe in pure-in-the-strain breeding or even strain theory anymore? You have several generations of results in your program. You are a strong believer in this theory and I was hoping that you would share your observations and experiences, over the years, with pure-in-the-strain breeding. You have horses of different strains on your farm: Kuhaylan and you feel that the results of breeding within the strain are more consistent for one strain over another?

Hi Ralph,

Let's not forget, if a horse IS in fact "breeding true" to the tail female, then the horse should in fact look like this line.

For instance if you look at the pedigree posted with the link and go through the photos of the tail female line, are the resulting females taking on the look of their dam or the look of the sire? Who in some instances is a different strain. Are they even maintaining the coat color?

Often some think they are getting a conisistant look from the foals when doing strain breeding, BUT as a breeder you should ask yourself .... if you are actually getting a uniform look in the foals from close breeding horses who are highly related such as 1/2 sibs, etc.

I think pure in strain breeding does develope 'families' of horses, but to say it takes you back as far as to say it's " true to the strain", is speculative when breeding the same horse over and over in a pedigree. If you were to take X # of mares whose only commonality was the strain and bred them together over and over, well, then maybe....?

hi debra

the mare is not pure in the srain hadbah enzaiyah. her sire is a kuhaylan'juz rodan. her dam is 1st generation hadbah enzahiyah.

she goes back into venus, and through that line such greats as aswan, dawlat, nahlah, serenity shahra, ferazdac, etc. were produced who breed on, having produced many champions todate, halter and performance and themseles were also formidable performance horses/racers/halter champions etc. these are very type, tall and elegant with long strides, etc and sweet dispositions.

this line is perpetuated here at Serenity and top bred with kuhaylans and saqlawis or the reverse.we dont have any other strains anymore.

hansi biggrin.gif .
Could someone post the list of conformation characteristics of all the family strains. This information would be helpful!
Debra Nowak
Hello Ralph,

I am definately a strong believer in breeding within the strain families and our mare lines are very definately related to one another, through "families". I wish I could post the charts and more of the materials that explain the strain blendings. Unfortunately I must learn to post photos, I am working on learning this. I recently did a strain seminar and showed through pedigrees done in chart form(colors) and then the horses in the flesh. Abraxas Bint Abu is the most concentrated Kuhaylan bred and she reveals her Kuhaylan attributes with the added bonus of her very carefully planned pedigree of genetics and structure. This is not a subject that I can explain in a few paragraphs. I can only say it works for us and I will always breed within the strain families.

We recently had a new colt out of Patinaa who is the most concentrated inbred El Hilal daughter ever bred . She is the only daughter of the beautiful Sidra and Triple El Hilal through her top and bottom. Were we crazy to breed her to Nejd Moon who again is the same tail female of Nefisaa?? I don't think so as the results were above and beyond what I had hoped for in the mating.. He is pure in the strain Dahman and looks his Dahman family characteristics, he screams El Hilal!

One thing I feel anyone can do is to buy some magic markers and start color coding all pedigrees you see. I PROMISE you will be amazed at the blendings. If we go back in history you will see the pedigrees to be VERY much pure in the strain, Ibn Moniet El Nefous is pure in the strain very RED (Saklawi) The Egyptian Prince RED (Saklawi).....
El Hilal is pure in the strain Dahman (Black).. there are SO many you will see.. patterns!!

Hi Hansi,

The point I was trying to make about Gelgelah is her new FOAL!!! Do the pedigree in the colors you will see her foal by Simeon Sadik to be VERY pure in the strain Hadban Enzahi. It is through these type of matings that get my attention as these are matings that breed within strain families.
Best Wishes
Here's a piccie of 27 Ibn Galal V, grannie of Simeon Sadik - both her dad Ibn Galal and mum Hosna were Hadban Enzahi in strain.
Any side shots of that mare so I can get a better look at her conformation? Any other mares anyone has or can think of?
Sorry I haven't seen a side-on shot of 27 Ibn Galal V.
One of the most beautiful Hadban Enzahi mares ever imported from Egypt was the grey LOTFEIA (Alaa El Din x Bint Kamla). She went to Babolna in Hungary and later to Dr. Nagel's stud in Germany where she was mated with Salaa El Dine and got three foals: Nashwa and Nashua (both chestnuts) and the stallion Nejdy (grey, who died very young). Nashua and Nashwa in turn foaled some very good progeny. Many of them are spread around the Middle East today. Nashwa herself was exported to Kuwait to the Ajmal Stud.


Lotfeia's bay full sister Nazeema remained at El Zahraa and foaled (among others) the stallions MISK (by Wahag) - who was head sire at Shams El Assil for many years - the famous IBN NAZEEMA (by Ameer) - who was exported to England, then to Qatar and now is back in Egypt with Sheikh Bagedo - and the popular NIZAM (by Shaarawi) - a stallion that came to Germany and sired many good daughters there and then was exported to Israel to Ariela Arabians.

Photos of Misk, Ibn Nazeema and Nizam are in the pedigree database on this site.

Here is one of Nizam though:
hi debbi

thank you for the reply. i dont believe that there is any se left called pure in the strain.

i dont breed by strain only. had a kuhaylan rodan stallion, you would swear was a hadban. have a saqlawi you swear is a kuhaylan. it really depends how much of each is in the pedigree.

i guess each breeder has to decide what fits best. i go by type,conformation and all other attributes. whan i need what a kuhaylan can give, is use it, etc.etc.

i have one hadban enzahi stallion left, serenity lazan, and he is a typical hadban enzahi tall, elegant extremely smooth and a flying machine. he appears to blend with all our mares.

have a nice day and keep on breeding those good horses.

hansi biggrin.gif
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