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Sasha Melia/Silhouette Arabians

I wondered if you could advise me as to what is the best european arabian horse magazine that has articles written in English? I get Arabian Horse World but it doesn't massively cover what's going on in europe in every issue.

Also if there is a good one could you please tell me how to get hold of it?

Many thanks

nasheeta2, brandnew en covering everything that's going on in Europe!

also araber journal, bilangual. it has been there for decades with good, original articles. not every issue is very original but they keep up with real news and special bloodlines quite well. In the July issue even an article on Jezabel, a 30 yrs old str. Iranian mare completing a distance ride succesfully with a kid.
Sasha Melia/Silhouette Arabians
Thanks Nasheeta!

I already get the Arabian magazine but this is very UK orientated, I think I will try to get Araber Journal - is there a website I can go to to subscribe?

try this: English version

wink.gif Nora
Sasha Melia/Silhouette Arabians
Thankyou! biggrin.gif
You`re welcome! smile.gif
Tutto Arabi from Italy is a nice publication Sasha

biggrin.gif gbfahne.gif
Sasha Melia/Silhouette Arabians
Thanks Claire, will have to look that one up, I have never seen it before. blink.gif
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