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I have wanted to get my arab freeze marked by Fram Key.

They can do the normal freeze mark on the back or shoulder and you can have your own personal one or you can have her mirco chopped and then have her branded with the miroc chip sign somewhere.

What i wondered is becasue i have a bay arab is it normal to have them freeze marked or what do people do? and if so where
hi ,
i had farm key freeze mark my arab mare on saddle area,i had my initals,her inital,and her age,as its 3 letters and a number ,on a personalized one,i wish i had done it under the mane now but thats the choice you need to decide before its done,my gelding has been freeze marked and micro chipped farm key done his freeze brand on his back in the saddle area and my vet done the micro chip in the crest area of the mane,i choose both as one is visual as a deterant,the other is there incase the freeze mark gets tampered with.
you do need to sit down and try to change each letter or number and choose the ones you cant change so easy.this is why i have personalized ones done.
they dont feel it ,neither of mien messed around which surprised me as thought it would hurt,but no they were good.
i was more worried in case it looked taky really, as she is bay so it will really show up.

i like the idea of having it done under her mane though
i think it does look a bit tacky ,i would prefer to have done under the mane next time but they are a detterent,visual,so if under a long mane they wont be seen which defeats the whole point i suppose ,not sure if it will affect judgeing in the show ring it shouldnt do but that is worth checking,if done under the mane it wont show as much and the thiefs would see it ,but pherhaps
after they have stole him / her.
karen wink.gif
yeah, i will be having her microchipped though and most auctions ect do scan them now so maybe that will help and i will have her done under the mane.

Does it lower insurance?

I really dont like the look of it but i suppose i could have my initails or something on her back and then when shown under saddle i can have it hidden. I dont really do in hand on her as she doesn't enjoy t and has her ears back most of the way round the ring.

Ok i have decided
im hoping to have


that stands for my full name and my first mare, hope they let me have that!
i think some insurance do take a percentage off or £5-00 ,i had kwa7,which is my initals , horse inital and age (horses),god what would it be like to be 7 years old again,lovely ,
my other horse i had cny1,which is short for cheyney ,his name and 1 as you need a number, i like your law1.
when are you having it done,if you dont show i would have it on the back,as its only my mare i wish i had done on her neck as i may show her.

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