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Hi all,

There's a powerful bay Ibn Mourad daughter for sale here in Holland. I do not know anything about this stallion so I need your help. Please send me info and/or photos. She's a very nice mare, 9 yrs old, apprrox. 1.60m/16 hh tall, strong body, a nice, not very deep, dish, good disposition excepts she hates man, she prefers women! She breeds gorgeous foals with Ansata blood (Ibn Halim Shah) and she is ridden, not at advanced level but ridden by a 8 yrs old girl which also says something about her disposition.

Please give me also a price indication, what's a fair price for this mare so I know when it's a fairy tale price.

best wishes,

Nasheeta Arabians
Ibn Mourad was imported to Belgium by Pascal Lavreau, presented a couple times at shows and if I recall well, always ending up at the end of the class. Licensed with 3rd premium (= white ribbon in Germany).

A liver chestnut without blaze (only small star if I'm not mistaken), I don't remember him as a stallion with exceptional movements and maybe a bit long.

But he was a stallion I liked very much, very classic in type.

Lavreau didn't own him for a very long time, maybe a year, max two years and was sold again approximately at the time he had imported Ibn Barrada from Egypt. He was recuperated by Lavreau many years later due to unpleasant circumstances of the previous owners - if I remember well "divorce" was again the excuse used for not feeding horses - anyway, Pascal tried to bring him back into condition but don't know if he succeeded. Either he didn't or he was sold when he liquidated most of the stud to start breeding those sheit obeyds.

If still alive he must be well in his twenties by now.

Wouldn't surprise me if has a few exceptional products around but don't even recall having seen offspring. There was a Dutchman, don't recall his name immediately, but living not far from Smarius who has used him a few times (mostly on Smarius bloodlines).
Ibn Mourad was born the 1st of march 1980. Bred at El Zahraa, he was exported to Germany as a weanling and imported by Paul Lavreau in 1990 to Belgium. Ibn Mourad has known various owners, as there are : J. Bruyneel (Belgium) and lateron Van Son-D'Hondt of Koheilan Arabians, Zandhoven (Belgium).

As Patrick already pointed out, he was not the best stallion to be found around, but he had charisma, and a rather beautiful head.

He wasn't used often. He has offspring in Germany, Holland, France and Belgium, mostly straight egyptians. He stood at stud in 1996 in Belgium for 15.000 bfr (makes a good 371 € nowadays).

Ibn Mourad was also used by Arabian Sun Horses, and bred several times to their Mansour Al Bedeia daughter Ferdous Albadeia.

I have some pictures of him lying around. If interested, I'll scan them in. Van Lent once made a fotosession of him... so you could try asking Van Lent to search in his archives

wadi el hana

Ibn Mourad's mother is Set el Wadi,an El Sareei doughter
Ibn mourad is still alive, and owned by our veterinian Bart Vandevyvere who lives close to Tielt in Belgium. We have bred him two times to our Ibn Barrada doughter,Ibtegha, which gave us two filly's who are now 2 & 3 years old,Bahia & Shams.
We see him regulary the last years and Sigrid and Pat are right to say that maybe he is a bit long but I think its difficult to tell something about confirmation of a horse who never had a desent pasture or paddock for 15 years or more. Also the fact that I'm not a speciallist, makes that I don't think I'm able to post a credible statement about confirmation.What I can tell is that the two filly's are different in type and that one of them is maybe a bit long to.But if I remember well I think that confirmation is different for show-people than for people who ride their horses and if we look in the past ,we can observe that the classic se was longer than they do now,avarage.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that Ibn Mourad is alive and became yesterday father of a filly at his 23rd.
If somebody is interested I can take some photos and try to post them,I also can post or send by e-mail the adress or telnr of the actuel owner.
Best regards,
Hi !

I own a Ibn Mourad son : C.D. Ben Mourad. He is a 2000 colt. Ben was chosen in Belgium by my care then he was only 6 months old to become a stallion. Ben has not finished yet growing but it will have a modest size (less 1m45), which makes of him a ideal cross for the ponies. Nevertheless, it is already well made for its age with a carrying back and members and could start has a working horse soon. The most remarkable feature about Ben is his softness. It is extremly trustful with people and very nice with its congeneres. I think I'll become a good stallion used on ponies.

His pedigree runs like :
Father: Ibn Mourad EAO by Mourad (Gassir & Mabrouka by Sid Abouhom) and out of Set El Wadi (El Sareei & Mamlouka by Nazeer)
Mother: C.D. Mouna by Ibn Barrada EAO (Gad Allah & Barrada by Ikhnatoon) and out of C.D.Adeena (Maddah EAO & Adored by Mowaffac EAO)

The father of Ibn Mourad is Mourad EAO, a remarkable stallion, which directed the Egyptian national stud farms during all its career of producer. He is in particular repute to pass on to his descendants his athletic body and an admirable character. As for Set El Wadi, her lines combines the two best Egyptian stallions of the 21st century: El Sareei and famous Nazeer.
The mother of Ben is C.D. Mouna, an extraordinary beautiful mare. She looks exactly like her father Ibn Barrada EAO. Ibn Barrada EAO, in my opinion the best stallion exported from Egypt during these last 10 years, is an international multichampion in show. Moreover, he is the son of Gad Allah, one of the actual head stallion in Egypt.

Ben is tail female is Saklawi Jidran Ibn Sudan going back to the mare Moniet EL Nefous, the queen of the Nile!!! And thanks to him being an Ibn Mourad son, he has much blood of Mabrouka EAO (Sid Abouhom and Moniet el Nefous) and of El Sareei (Shahloul and Zareefa), very close !!! So he's very Saklawi in type.

Here are photos of Ben as a 2 year old (by me) and of Ibn Mourad and Mourad (by Van Lent).

Amelie Blackwell
Inchallah Arabians
Ben again
Ben too
Ibn Mourad by Van Lent
wink.gif Ohhh ! It looks like I can't upload the second Ibn Mourad picture and the Mourad picture ! blink.gif

ohmy.gif Well, everybody who'd to have a look at it'll have to e-mail me :
Look at our new installed "PEDIGREE" section; there is another photo of Ibn Mourad.
jörgen preuss
Von Ibn Mourad aus der Bint Manaya (EAO) haben wir eine Fuchsstute "Maresha"
die Moniet el Nefous zum Verwechseln ähnlich sieht.

jörgen preuss
jörgen preuss
rolleyes.gif Von Ibn Mourad aus der Bint Manaya (EAO) haben wir eine Fuchsstute "Maresha"
die Moniet el Nefous zum Verwechseln ähnlich sieht.

jörgen preuss
Tous crins
Here is another Mourad grand-son

Zohar Z 2002 stallion by
*ZAYDOON AHR*244130 14 Apr 1978 Chestnut Stallion
Sired By: MOURAD EAO*551

out of
CA GRAYCENA AHR*298283 28 Apr 1983 Grey Mare
Out Of: DAL SAREEI AHR*162402 by DALUL AHR*49035
Sired By: *MOSSUL AHR*145865

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