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Oh... to add to my previous post - it is interesting for me to see what can result by combining the other bloodlines you have in this mare with the Alaa El Din, Moniet El Nefous... Thanks Judi!


I don't have any good photos of my new mare to show her hind quarter and confirmation yet. She isn't going to be arriving here until October. But I do have another photo of her beautiful head...

In Germany, the proof is still in the performance. And the latest winning Arab in Germany has a great hind quarter. (You ought to see his daddy, Fa Asar, who is still in the States).

For those who don't read German (I can stumble through a bit), there is a thread on this forum regarding the recently completed stallion licensing test at Marbach. This is a 70-day program; all breeds. The results show 15 horses completed the program with a passing grade.

The top 9 were warmbloods. Number 10 is a straight Egyptian stallion, Manara Faaris.
He is 90% Babson and 10% Sirecho, making him all "old" Egyptian. Among the next five finishers were two Shagyas and an Anglo (plus 2 more warmbloods). There is a not-too-great picture of him on the thread (look for the words Babson and Marbach in the thread name).

Hurrah for the SE in Europe!!

Hi Sheila,

Who is this lovely black/bay mare that will not be arriving until October... she looks lovely. smile.gif


N.B. We have quite a few with crosses to Alaa El Din and of course Anter.
Hi Judi!

She is the same mare! Bachir had suggested I post more photo's of her to illustrate her hind quarter, but I don't have anymore and she isn't arriving home until October. I am so excited about her because of her many physical attributes, including a pretty head, her wonderful "mind", and, though I do not seek out color, she is black which is just icing on the cake! I am planning on showing her in Western Pleasure next year, and perhaps doing some team penning too.

When I saw her in the flesh, as I said earlier, I "drooled". That was a little over three years ago, and I kept inquiring about her.

"Cally Rose" is by Shamruk (Ibn Hafiza x Bint Maisa El Saghira) out of Egypts Vanessa (Rasmoniet RSI (Rashad Ibn Nazeer x Bint Moniet El Nefous) x Egyptian Dream)). Her bloodlines are "old", and I seem to be fortunate to attain SE's with the "older" blood for my foundation.

Here are the only photo's I have of her again. I can't wait to get her home! I feel like a proud new mama! laugh.gif

Anitae, thanks for the Info.! I will try and get it!

Sheila Bautz
And her head shot again... Trail classes are another area she would do well in...

With her, my little band of mares is complete, at least for a while. (7 SE mares of breeding age, most started under saddle) But, you know how that goes, you never know what will come your way that you just can't pass up! laugh.gif

Now, I need to get another SE stallion to compliment my herd. And, we are planning on promoting these horses under saddle in many ways, so this forum has given me great ideas and helped inspire me to show what our breed can do!

With Friendship,
laugh.gif laugh.gif


Duh... I should have looked at the very first post before asking my question!!! Indeed she is lovely and such wonderful "old" proven bloodlines. Send me your private e-mail address and maybe I can temp you with photos of some of the big rear ends on this farm wink.gif

Warm regards,

Judi smile.gif

This is Raja Asmara (Ansata Raja Halim x *Lancers Asmara) showing off her very smooth body. Raja Asmara is the maternal half-sister to Halim's Asmara the dam of the beautiful GR Amaretto. Raja wanted me to ask everyone if this picture made her butt look too fat??? tongue.gif
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