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Glad to hear most are ok. Buildings can be rebuild, other things can be replaced or restored, but not humans or beloved animals.

I have just watched the news in Belgium where they announced the USA will gladly accept all aid that worldwide nations can/will provide. That says a great deal on how incredibly damaging this hurricane struck America. My thoughts are with you all.

Kind regards,
The White House just announced over 9,000 square miles has been affected by Hurricane Katrina. The scope of this devastation is unprecedented. But I want to say how very proud I am of everyone’s support, throughout the US and internationally.

My husband and I lived in New Orleans for 6 years. We just moved to Virginia 10 months ago and my husband just returned to New Orleans to teach 2 weeks ago. He now has no job and our many friends, thank God are safe, but ALL are now homeless. I am in tears as I hear the reports coming out of the city with respect to the violence and looting.

New Orleans is known as a huge tourist area, but I wonder how many people realize just how impoverished the area is? Next to great wealth are the poor, unemployed, uneducated and unfortunately, the criminals. People with low paying or no jobs at all are struggling to afford the basic necessities for survival; food, shelter, clothing, childcare and medical care; this is on a “daily” basis, not just due to Hurricane Katrina. The following information I obtained from the “Greater New Orleans Community Data Center”. Even though these statistics are from the year 2000, hopefully it will give people a better understanding of the poverty in New Orleans:

“…the median household income for Orleans Parish residents in the year 2000 was $27,133, compared to $32,566 for Louisiana residents and $41,994 for the U.S. population as a whole. The national poverty level in the United States is 12.4 percent, based on the 2000 census showing a population of 273.9 million. In Louisiana, the poverty level is 19.6 percent for the state's 4.3 million residents. In New Orleans, the poverty rate is an astounding 27.9 percent for the city's 468,453 residents...”

Yes, it is hard to understand why rescue, transport, food, and water is taking so long, why the National Guard was not mobilized earlier, why there wasn’t pre-staging areas getting ready to help folks, why city officials waited until the last minute to initiate a mandatory evacuation etc. ALL these questions WILL be answered. I also agree that Marshal Law MUST be enforced and those individuals creating fear in so many MUST be dealt with quickly. The “majority” of New Orleanians are good, good honest people suffering terribly. But sadly it’s the actions of a few (a criminal element that has been present in New Orleans for many years) that are getting the main focus and hindering the efforts of so many volunteers, and portraying the wrong image of the true “Big Easy..New Orleans”. Please, let us continue to offer our support and prayers to everyone, in all states, affected by Katrina.
My heart is broken and my prayers go out to all those suffering souls who managed to survive Katrina's fury. Now they are left with utter desolation. Natural disaster is the great equalizer--those of affluence are as bereft as those who lived pay check to pay check. The sheer poverty of this leveled city has caused me to bow my head in shame and ask forgiveness; forgiveness for complaining and griping about truly trivial and insignificant things. This morning when I went to feed my horses, I looked at the beautiful sliver of the moon and realized that others were looking skyward as well, but for different reasons. I prayed aloud, Thank You, God, for every blessing. Please help those precious people in the south. Please don't leave them comfortless. Move the hearts and minds of people everywhere to come to the aid of these suffering people.

We are all guilty of taking so very much for granted. We are all just a thin line from ruin at the hands of nature. Powerless, reduced to broken, pleading voices calling out to an indifferent selfish, greed-driven world. Yes, we are now experiencing our own tsunami and the shock and magniture of its wake are more than some of us can comprehend.

I have no relatives or family in the south, but I feel pain for all those who have lost loved ones. My heart aches too for all the animals that perished. They are helpless too. I pray that animal rescue groups will be able to find and rescue peoples' pets. For many people who survived, their pets may be all that is left to comfort and give hope to them. Oh, how my heart aches.

I pray that our people come together in an outpouring of love and generous giving that will meet every need. Let us all dig deep and contribute something and continue to keep these people in our prayers.

I just found out today that the company I work for (Pitney Bowes) has a matching policy for donations to various non-profits. Mr. Critelli - our CEO has been encouraging all the employees to make a donation to the Red Cross which PB will add 50 cents for every dollar the employees donate... It make me feel good to see everyone pulling together to make every donation go a little farther.
Sometimes when it's cold and raining again for 10 days or longer we wish we could live in Florida or somewhere else in the American south.
It's so hard to believe what we have to see on tv.
I promise, I'll never be angry with the German weather again.

I think it's time to start another "Tsunami" breeding auctions.
Hoping some normality will return to you all as soon as possible ,-although it is becoming a rare thing in the world these days- and thinking of you all. It does- or SHOULD- make us count our Blessings and give thanks for every precious moment! Alia
Have watched the news every day as if I can't believe what I've been seeing there. It looks like a flood catastrophe somewhere in India or in the Third World. It's hard to believe that this happened to the US.

The pics of playing kids between death bodies is just...I cannot find any words for this. It's just unreal!

I want to say thank you to all the people offering their help or try to improve the situation for the suffering ones. No matter if police officers, bus drivers or just the unnamed ones that have given shelter to the homeless.

We here in Germany have been affected by floods many, many years. I remember the latest Elbe's flood in 2002 or the floods near the Alps this year, but nothing had the power to destroy a big city or left such a devastating destruction! And the plundering seems to make everything worse. I understand when people despoil food and medical stuff in this stituation (I guess I'd do the same). But what the hell is a TV or notebook worth if you have no power left???? Abnormal world.... .
QUOTE (CarolCH @ Sep 1 2005, 02:18 PM)
The White House just announced over 9,000 square miles has been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

I must make a correction to my post above: 90,000...that's 90,000 square miles have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. Incredible. sad.gif

My husband finally arrived home safe and sound yesterday, although extremely tired and emotionally drained. sad.gif I thank God with my every breath that I could wrap my arms around him and hug him tight. smile.gif Sadly so many people won't be as fortunate as I...having lost everything; loved ones, homes, jobs, everything. sad.gif

"THANK YOU" also to all the states in the US that are assisting the peoples of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama; and other states affected by Hurricane Katrina. Your donations of money, housing and manpower has been tremendous. In addition, I would also like to say "THANK YOU" to every country in the world that are assisting us; pledging financial aid, manpower and most importantly prayers for those in need. God Bless you all!!! wub.gif

I am just seeing over TV that President Bush is touring the damagage in Missisippi. He mingled with the common people, hugging them and reassuring them. this is the most heartwarming pictures I have seen yet. I feel that strong action is now taken. I thank God.

Now I am wondering how the oil riggs can be build, in turmoil ocean waters, deep down, and the leevers havent been touched yet, while these are in silent water now. Just does not make sense. How can sand baggs help that situation? Where are the ingeneurs?

Hansi biggrin.gif
My heart and prayers go out to all of you suffering from this massive destruction, and those who have suffered similar events in other countries.

I can not imagine what it is like for those who are experiencing such losses, but I can relate on a deep level having experienced the death of my late husband at an early age. Material losses are tragic, but the loss of loved ones is devastating. May those individuals who have been impacted by this tragedy not be forgotten in the months ahead, when we all continue to go about our lives embraced by the ones we love. May they continue to be in our thoughts, in our prayers, and may the government(s) send aid to them not only financially, but especially in other forms, such as counselling, and other emotional support systems to ensure their healing process continues. As these individuals struggle to cope with the loss of their loved ones each and every morning they awake to their memory, may they know, no matter their belief system, that their loved ones are cradled in the arms of the Supreme Being.

Although it can be extremely difficult in a time such as this to even contemplate embracing any goodness that may result, may we also remember to focus on the wonderful people, no matter their position in society, who are doing good things, such as consoling and comforting the bereaving families, even if those people do it in their minds throughout the world...

May those affected find their inner strength and holdfast to their belief system in order to cope and heal from this disaster...

Again, I can not imagine...

With Deep Sincerity,
Sheila Bautz
Thanks to God for all of you . I truly believe that your prayers are what got us through. We are safe , no harm to animals or humans. We still have no power but do have water and generators to run the chickens houses ( when we can get diesel) We have 133,000 chickens with power and water , but now , no food can get in for them. Hopefully we will get feed sone. They eats TONS a day . Please keep us in your prayers. It is good at home compared to other places!! I am still not home and with a 5 month old and 7 year old , will not go home until I get power. I am going to my Dads Sat. He is about 45 min from our home so I can drive home ( if I could get the gas, it is VERY hard to find ANY gas at all)
Please pray for us. We live off of our chickens flocks, if we lose them, we lose everything. We have very little income other than the chickens. We have $750,000 invested in our housing etc. for our birds, Thankfully all it is insured AND it survived!!
If we can get feed we will at least be getting a check in a few months when we sell.
We are much more fortunate than most. We have home and health and our way of making a living still. Most lost EVERYTHING they owned, business and homes and loved ones.
Arabian Fancy will be back at work as soon as I get power!! Hopefully by next week!!
Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers!!
Gina, Jamie, Mandy and Justin, Dupree

Wonderful to hear that your family made it okay. Power finally restored here--huge effort by locals and crews from North Alabama. Massive damage in south Jones county, our poultry houses partially destroyed, half of the stable roof also gone. No major injuries to horses, only cuts and minor puncture wounds from shrapnel from shattered pine trees.

The forest roads and trails are a cats cradle of downed trees, impossible to navigate by motorized vehicle. I've never appreciated my Arabian more. He's hauled me, a chainsaw, and water--picking his way through miles to get to neighbors homes and farms. Never really realized how steady he is, how much heart he has. (how patient he is while I hve cried into his mane).

Thank you all for you prayers and thoughts, and please may we ask that you continue to pray for those displaced, lost, and injured.

Gina, our phone lines are working (sometimes) please let me know if we can help in any way---I've not made the run to Louin yet, but will try if we can assist your family.

QUOTE (Stephanie @ Sep 1 2005, 06:59 PM)
I have just watched the news in Belgium where they announced the USA will gladly accept all aid that worldwide nations can/will provide.

Then why was a German plane filled with tons and tons of food refused landing permission and had to turn back home (as Bterlaan posted elsewhere)? Many many countries are offering their help, yet it seems that certain politicians are too proud to accept all help. But it's obvious that people need ALL they can get!! What was the reason for this?
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